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NWO means no way out

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posted on Oct, 20 2004 @ 12:31 AM
Nwo means no way out and unfortunately its already to late it the key factors are already there.

1) Control of the masses? control what do I mean well look at it this way your here looking at and have something to say about the NWO..

Now stop in think if you are here and talking about it and it can be monitored and chimed in on by virtually any member the you are being controlled not by me but by a NWO agency that asserts it control through propoganda so compelling your are here to discuss it, so ideally they know who you are from your profile and ISP address and they know your views and they can counter act them based on what they make of what you are saying ....this is either going to end in doing what you think should be done by winning your blind support thru the act of installing what you want into their SOPs or they could remove your credability and make laws that make your suggestions unatainable ......and their lies your being controlled

2) The NWO is a goverment without boarders and of course as we all know the NET has no boarder constraints -----enough said there self explanitory

3) A census of people actually in this borderless country more acurate than any census taken door to door if you live in this day and age you either have the net at home or you can get a library card and use the net there H*ll you walk into most resturants now days you can use the Net there or have seen advertisements to get it at home

4) uncontrolled uncensored govermental propaganda and hate building tools are free and abundant ----and believe me they are using it to its full potential if anything if the whew 10% of the worlds population here then tell them to spread the word about their good news then boom you have 35-40 % in your pocket

5) now if buisness gets slow and people start loosing attention to the words and doctrins the NWO wants you to have and follow so what you do is start the kindlings of war here on the net or on the news and so in hopes of causing a war or stand off etc which as strange as it is its true 80% of the US hit those news channels for hours on end and discussed how to solve these fabricated problems and boom they got you right where they need you again

and there are so much war so I would say here it is your already in it and it cant be stopped but you can fight it fight hard and cause as much trouble for them as you can make them have to work for it.

tell me what you think about the debate as to if the NWO is here or not now

posted on Oct, 23 2004 @ 07:45 PM
I have a suggestion in order to better esculate this theory just keep track of simple things you incounter in the net that shall aid those on the inside of the NWO circles....

1 cookies they are a tracking device with an alternative motive they can facilitate a) a census of people in the borderless country
b) plant a message that the person visits certain sites and
is more apt to respond to unsolicited sales in these areas

2 emails and address books even if a person you know has a level of security and fire walls to keep themselves from being counted a couple of things are wrong here as well
a) your emails and forwards offer a tract by with
information on the elusive parts of the masses by following
a lesser secure person
b) worm viruses and trojans are natorious in these forums
not without good reason people are so busy they are more
thru emails in such a way that they click on a topic and in
advertantly release these viruses and worms who imbed
themselves in you system so when you send an email to
one of your paranoid friends they know you and dont
necessarily check your letters for viruses and bingo
the virus or worms opens the fabeled back door that every
programmer leaves themselves with is a two way door
commonly used for updates and remote access tech

Now given these 2 well know points alone the debate of the NWO is over and already you are at their mercy an their techniques are ever changing should you not believe at this point there is no way out then nieve are you and you are a subject of that which you dread the most deny ignorance has missed you and gone on to the next person on the list

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