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I find it odd the lack of coverage on this:

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posted on Oct, 19 2004 @ 01:15 PM

US commander complained low supplies threatened combat readiness in Iraq.

If it were my country's troops that were being pounded by insurgents, I would be more than a tad upset to learn that the leader of my country has been claiming one thing while the generals in charge have been complaining of the lack of necessary supporting equipment to allow them to do the job more effectively and reduce the possibility of their deaths. Obviously what we heard about troops writing their families and requesting they send such things as boots, kevlar vests and night vision goggles, was far more pervasive than thought.

How can those who so diligently crucify and call the the anti-war crowd, anti-American or troops haters, not speak out against this? It seems to me that the men responsible for this atrocity; Bush and Rumsfeld should be tarred, feathered, quartered and then tried for treason.

The commander of US forces in Iraq complained to the US Army's brass in December that spare parts for tanks and other gear were in such low supply that it was threatening his forces ability to sustain combat operations, the army confirmed Monday...

"I cannot continue to support sustained combat operations with rates this low," Sanchez wrote...

Kerry charged yesterday that Bush told the American public the day after this letter was written, that the troops had all they needed. Not knowing the date of this letter, I cannot verify that, but considering the lies Bush is already guilty of, I would not be surprised to learn this is another.


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