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ATS vs All other conspiracy forums

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posted on Apr, 30 2003 @ 02:38 PM
Do these people that come here such as Max, think that ATS is just as gullible as 90% of the other forums out there, I was messing around on google, looking at other forums and a good deal of them have people who don't even question people who make claims like that. It's like they wanna believe, I don't deny the possibility of a lot of things but, but I am more of a skeptic when it comes to people across the internet. I am just glad ATS isn't like those other forums. *cough zetatalk cough* ATS normally has people arguing many different angles on every subject and that I like.

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posted on Apr, 30 2003 @ 02:41 PM
I agree with you, the only other one that I found to at least have some smart people was at, But ATS makes that place look like nothing. Only has a couple of members.

posted on Apr, 30 2003 @ 02:57 PM
For this same reason I was drawn to ATS some 3 years ago.

I have a long history on these topics.... being involved in MUFON in the 1980's, interviewing "abductees", researching political conspiracy, running a pretty large political conspiracy forum on CompuServe in the early 1990's, etc.

Over time, as the hysteria around many major subjects of conspiracy and aliens never gelled, I became skeptical of nearly all of it. In general, I discovered more outright lies and disinformation from those claiming to be conspiracists, than those about whom conspiracies are theorized.

I'm still very skeptical, but I know there are things classified as "conspiracies" that merit discussion and investigation. And from what I've seen, and what's available online now, ATS is by far the best place to talk about these "alternative topics".

I've also seen paranoid-types come here, spend time, talk things through, and become more critical in their thinking as a result of spending time here. In any environment where we interact with other people, we tend to absorb some of the attributes of those we interact with. It's simple human nature. Here, we take on the attributes of a generally more critical and intelligent community than anywhere else.

This is the unique feature, positive or negative, of online communities... they are like large virtual organisms, they take on a life and personality of their own. In our case, it's positive.

posted on Apr, 30 2003 @ 03:00 PM
There is not better site than ATS on the internet.
I have been a member at other sites and they just don't compare.

posted on Apr, 30 2003 @ 03:02 PM
I use to read maybe 3-4 yrs ago i think?

Just about the projects and stuff on the main page, then I checked out blackvault forums, can't say I enjoyed it then I read badastronomy some then I wanted to read more on omega agency and came back to ATS and realised they had a forum :p silly me


posted on Apr, 30 2003 @ 03:05 PM
I first visited the forums about 3 years ago back in the days of the ezboard. I was extremely naive and didn't know much about anything (I was only 15), but through the years I have come to analyze everything for what it is. I'm extremely sceptical now about everything, no matter where it comes from. ATS has made me more mature you can say.

posted on Apr, 30 2003 @ 03:41 PM
I was reading ATS for 2 years then I joined. The site caught my attention. The board had skeptics and belivers and many interesting topics.

We did not just have all skeptics or all beleivers. When I came here I was naive and believed almost everything on aliens and UFOs, while I still do believe they exist I doubt more evidence than before.

We also have one of the best communites of guy around.

posted on Apr, 30 2003 @ 03:53 PM
whoa ... let's back up a second ok?

There's OTHER concpiracy forum's out there? BS ... I don't believe it!

posted on Apr, 30 2003 @ 04:09 PM
ive not been here long and ive not been reading long...

posted on Apr, 30 2003 @ 04:15 PM
for info on the rex 84 stuff, i saw a link to ats, checked out all the stuff on the main page, then the forum. i decided to join, and the rest is history! ats rocks, there can be no other. monthly ats gets about 180 new members a month, about half stay and post. ats is growing, and soon will be THE authorty on conspiracy oriented... stuff.

i'll be the one who beats the crap out of the other sites until they give up and cry uncle!!!

posted on Apr, 30 2003 @ 04:16 PM
I've became an addict to posting after I saw a little gray man in Mexico pop out of a corn field, No lie either. Theirs a bigger story behind that but I'll be damned If I tell it.

posted on Apr, 30 2003 @ 04:18 PM
Did he say "All your corn are belong to us"?

posted on Apr, 30 2003 @ 04:25 PM
Im serious When I say that I saw what I saw, I was down In Mexico. Guadalahara, small little town called Santa Anita.

"Did he say "All your corn are belong to us"?"- Lysergic
As for him saying that, I can't be sure because my heart stopped. or at least felt like it did

[Edited on 4/30/2003 by FoxStriker]

posted on Apr, 30 2003 @ 04:49 PM
I joined this when I first came upon it. I didnt waste no time. I have to say I've benefited a lot from, and it shows in the real world.

posted on Apr, 30 2003 @ 05:01 PM
I`ve had experience of other forums and they seem to be populated with children who have nothing better to do than insult each other and accept on face value what they say. (Mr Icke and his Ilk have alot to answer for).

There are of course a couple of other boards I`m fond of but like they say "theres no place like home."

posted on Apr, 30 2003 @ 05:42 PM
ATS is the best conspiricy forum that i have come across.

posted on Apr, 30 2003 @ 07:18 PM
Heh .. ATS is the first and only concpiracy forum I've been to. I don't plan on going to another one period!

posted on Apr, 30 2003 @ 07:28 PM
I've been lurking around the forums here for about a year until I joined. I've always had an interest for the paranormal/conspiracy/UFOs etc... I am very skeptical though...

This really is a great place to glean great bits of esoteric information, i love it even if I dpn't post much.

posted on Apr, 30 2003 @ 07:35 PM
I joined ATS the first time I saw it. This is by far the best board, at least we can have a decent conversation without calling eachother "poopie heads"...or can we?

At least everyone here isnt 12.

posted on Apr, 30 2003 @ 08:19 PM
I came, I saw, I joined.

No regrets either!

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