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You will worship a Male God.

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posted on Oct, 19 2004 @ 03:43 AM
You will worship a Male God.

Christians, wash your faces and your mouths from your treachery. You have attempted to worship that which is not worthy of veneration, and as such will be cast down and broken up.

You have made your nation venerate its females, and have thus harmed the male children, your punishment will come to you in a terrible climax.

Modern people, you have attempted to displace the image of the Holy Father God from your male children, and have willed that females rule over them. Such violence you have done to your offspring, you have slaughtered the light of your males, and have produced an abominable race.

For this great evil, you will have poured out upon you the full wrath of God, It will you break your faces and your heads, and your parts will rise in in war with one another. Your flesh will hate itself, and you will burn in the fire.

Did you think that you could continue in this evil madness forever?

But one hour only.


posted on Oct, 19 2004 @ 10:23 AM
God is neither male nor female.

To call God male is no different than those fools who call this planet "mother earth"

If a deity is to be all powerful (like mighty mouse) it could not lower itself to the status of reproduction (as we know it) through copulation.

What kind of deity would it be? Inferior like us?

Dont you think that the wrath of God thing is getting a bit old?

posted on Oct, 20 2004 @ 10:43 PM
I think God would have the image of a male, because he wouldn't have breasts; however, he wouldn't have a penis either. Think about it, why would God have sex organs? He doesn't need to reproduce.

posted on Oct, 21 2004 @ 12:31 AM

We shall see which god is left standing when the battle is over Arkaleus. For a brief moment in time the God whom I serve has permitted you to mock and defile his name. For a season your judgment has been postponed. You and those who have chosen to defy God will have your moment in the sun. Everything is proceeding as has been foretold.

Every time I read one of your posts I look up and know that my redemption draws near.

posted on Oct, 21 2004 @ 10:31 AM

What "god" do you serve? Who have I mocked? Describe you "god" to me, if you are able. How do you serve your "god?"

My other posts, who do they offend? What part of Liberty and Knowledge offends you? The only beings that would be offended by my words are the evil and the ignorant. False Christians hate me too, just like they hate Father and His children of Light.

False Christians are tempted to worship money, women, and Satan. Many of them do. Many of them do and then claim to serve Jesus. These ones are the ones I am speaking against.

I speak against the world, and rejoice in the creation of God, and in the master-work of Christ and his Celestial government. I speak against the corporations and their satanic rise to global power, and the ignorance and violence of the American people as they writhe in their new slavery.

What part of me do you disagree with?


posted on Oct, 21 2004 @ 06:19 PM

Its obvious to any religiously educated person who reads your posts that you hold to new age lies. You use some Christian terminology but add to those words new age definitions. A portion of what you write is good but there is far too much lie mixed in it to make the meal worth eating.

I serve Jesus Christ the son of the living God. I serve no other gods but him alone do I serve. I adhere to traditional Christian doctrine as stated in the Holy Bible. Im a true Christian and a true child of God. I stand against you because you write as one who stands in the light but that light is not God. Its an oncoming train ready to crush all those who might be fooled by your false gospel.

posted on Oct, 21 2004 @ 07:52 PM
You don't even recognize your own faith.

My gospel is a threat? I have heard nothing but the complaints of fools. I have read your other posts, and I find in them a foolish American, full of violence and warfare. You think you follow Christ? I say you are a foolish child, and little more.

My posts are often filled with gnostic gospels, which will drive "christians" like you into fits because you cannot conceive of of divinity yourself. You are not a divine, you are a loudmouth American, and if you have any grace in you at all, it comes by the mercy of God upon a race that has been crushed to death by its own fat arrogance.

You are likely one of those idiots that want to call me an antichrist. Or false prophet. You do not have an understanding of much of anything. You do not know the darkness from the light, or where these things come from. You think that all mankind is like yourself: dependant, delusional, claiming to follow a Hebrew tradition, claiming to BE Hebrew, but in truth are the most vile sort of liars.

You have no concept of what I have fought against, what I fight for, or the meaning of any of any of my words. In you I find violence, and foulness, and every filthy thing. You do not understand what I stand for, just like you wouldn't understand Jesus if He was here. You think you are a little child? I well know it. As I said, if you have any grace in you at all, it is by the mercy of God upon a fallen and degraded race of men.

Now I have been exalted, and humiliated, abused and praised, I have eaten a full meal from this world. I have truly lived, because I have fought against that which do not have an understanding of. I have challenged the powers of this world, and the powers of this world have attempted to destroy me, and my race, and cause my entire people to be destroyed.

You foolish person, you do not know whose will you do. You hate me because of the will of your 'god', whom is merely the god of this world, and the god of your 'group society' that keeps you all miserable slaves.

If you think I am some kind of deceiver, then you will be the one deceived. If you think I am some kind of liar, you will fall headlong into the fire. You don't know what you serve, but by your words, you are just another slave to this world.

Your kind only respect power, and delights only in the raw force of authority, therefore it will be given to you as you have desired. Because of the hardness of your ways, you will be driven by the hardest of afflictions, you will shed blood all over the world because of the evil of your heart, and the blindness of your minds. You will all run together until you descend into the fire together, each gnawing at the other. You will say, Jesus, Jesus, and the angels, but we will beat your faces and your backs with hard rods of iron.

If you could only understand love, and goodness, and righteous faith, and the zeal of the Lord, you would be my brother. If you could only enjoy my liberty, and inherit your own crown of liberty, instead of the gravel you will eat.

Arkaleus the lonely

posted on Oct, 21 2004 @ 08:01 PM
Wow, that's a slap in the face! I KNEW that SOMEBODY still followed all of the anti-woman propoganda in the bible! Arkaleus- you'll probbaly LOOOOOOVE a sculpture I'm doing right now, its of mary magdalene, showing her cruel treatment and the lies thrown upon her.

i was actually planning on making it my avatar once it is complete, now i am for sure!

but seriously, why does it matter if god is a man or woman? i mean, you can say either, but does it matter at all? why would it matteR? if we're THAT concerned with whose gender will rule, its obvious that we're not seeing each other as human, we're all just seeing each other as another sexual opportunity.

and as machine could be your brother if he understood your "love" and your gods "zeal," what would I be in comparison to a great male such as yourself, or incomparison to the alpha male which is your god?

a question- do you happen to be one who believes the story of the 144000 virgin males that will be sent to heaven at the end of this world?

[Edited on 10/21/04 by ArtStarr]

posted on Oct, 21 2004 @ 09:35 PM

For the record, I do not hate you Arkaleus. I do hate the false religion that you propagate on these forums. And you have proven what I set out to show the others who will read this thread. Your posts reveal you to be the very embodiment of what the new world order will establish on this earth. Now that I have made that fact clear my mission with you is complete.

Revelation 14:9-12

And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand, The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb: And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name. Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.

posted on Oct, 21 2004 @ 10:09 PM
Yes, yes, yes.

And yes.

I also believe that women can be divine too. Mary Magdelene is said to be such a woman. I have no malice towards Mary Magdelene, at least not yet. What offense has she given me? If the Lord loves her, then that is sufficient for me at this time. One of the cruel lies put upon her is that the Lord impregnated her, or married her. This is a filthy lie of the powers of this world who desire to cover up the true Testimony of Christ, which was contrary to the will of the tyrant god of the world and his lust for flesh.

My simple test is this: Can a woman accept the full Liberty of a good male? Or does she fall into her old ways? Does she attempt to rule men by her trickery, invading his privates and raiding his thoughts by the force of her wrath and envy? Such women will not retain honor, nor will I grant them to stand.

Can a woman speak of Liberty, Fidelity, Honesty, and Zeal? Are these virtues found in her? If they are, then I will give her the same dignity as I do my own brothers. I do not lie in this!

So before you condemn me, know that I worship what is divine, not what is written and preached by the people.

If a person have divinity, then I am their brother, friend, and servant. If a person condemn me, then I know them to be false. Sometimes I am hard to see for what I am.

The 144,000 virgin males? Hee hee! What one earth do you want to know about them? I am one of them. Silly.

I could tell you some of the mysteries about this race of males to prove it, too. The reason why we are virgins is so that we can join our spirits to the androgeny of the pure ones, and so that we maintain the original integrity of our minds without defilement. Then our bodies and souls become containers for very holy and pure things. It is by selection we come to this honor. Our house is purely male, and does not include feminine things. That is our priviledge.

I am probably the least of these ones. Certainly the most foul and worldy of them. I probably have swallowed more death than any of these. But I was made pretty strong and God has a pretty good grip on me.

I don't put much stock in subtle things. I don't care for mysterious secrets, or hidden things, or rules. This is because my race has suffered because of these things. My race does not exist where these things are. We have no hidden things among us, no secrets, no subtle things. We are plain and simple. This earth hates us and what we do, because we do not serve its tyrants, or fear its laws. We serve God only, and worship love.

Becauase of this, I am constantly watched, judged, and condemned by the rest of you. I suffer the persecution of all mankind because I have been loved by the True Christ. Even with all of my errors and flaws, He has honored me among the children of this earth, which is the gift of light, knowledge, and love.

My worst fear is that I am alone in this blessing. But sometimes it feels like this. People think we should be perfect *according to their judgment* all the time, and this constant oppression is just another form of evil commited against us. If I were truly evil, then I would have many brothers, many men would resemble me, for it is well known that evil is very great in number, and they are common between them. I am not common with evil men, but we are not the same. Evil has attempted to enslave me, and force me to bow to them, but I have resisted, and I will eventually overcome completely.

I have seen whole populations turn and make war with the light I bear. I have seen whole populations plunge themselves into hell because of their hatred of this light. I see nothing but people who want to judge and condemn me, without facing any consequence for themselves. It is a hard madness they suffer, and I will not relieve them.

There is a place for each of you. My place is among the male deities, If I am successful. I wonder what you would say if you could see the others of my kind? Jesus was one of those kind. But you don't really know Jesus! You just have been raised to say you do. So I strike back at you while I can! And I hit you in places that hurt, because I see where you are naked, you are not hiding from me.

Apparently most of you were trained to be submissive slaves. You were beaten down by psychic oppression by your parents, teachers, and "friends". Your whole race has known nothing but abuse and evil, since the time you were little children. How else would your race treat people like me? Your group minds and demigods will do nothing but stir up trouble for us here. They will tell you we are liars, and will throw all kinds of abominable filth on us, and then say, "behold, they are dirty." And then men will say in their envy, "Yes, they are dirty, let us call them satan so that we might justified in our oppressions and judgments. "

And women too, will wish to hate us, because we retain more beauty than them, and the pure and the small things will love us instead of them, and they will rage and gnash their teeth against us, and will prepare all manner of snares to catch us. Nothing is as worthy of death as a women in her rage, for she is more like a beast than even the wild things of the field.

And then to top this off, the two of them will combine in their wicked power, and their mad envy, and will seek to scourge and abuse us, so that we might be shamed, and dishonored, and receive nothing due us at all. You will lie to your children, so they might hate us, and learn to love the lie of this world, to drive the light from themselves, and make themselves alien to us. For selfish envy you will do this. You will hate the natural love and affection your little ones have for us, because of your own envy you will claim to be their gods, and you will sue them for their flesh, but they will trample over your evil intentions.

For a long time you will hold power over this world, but soon the world is cleansed of your madness and evil. We came to this world at the end of Christ's remarkable revolution, to prepare the way for our kind to come to this world. Your gods and demons have resisted this to all ends of the earth, thinking themselves the masters of this place. But you will be destroyed in your arrogance. You will not prevent the inheritance of the children of light, nor will you lay one finger upon the gifts Christ has given to us. He has chosen us, raises us up, and will establish all things in our hands.

You who claim to be Christians! Can you claim these things? If you truly knew the Christ, you would, because that was His intention. If you truly knew the Christ, you would speak like me, because I know my own brothers.
We do not bring up the filthy, we are not a kingdom for the masses. You need to understand that not all men are like you. Some are greater than you. That is the problem Americans have - They have no idea what honorable people are. They treat them badly, and give no one respect. They have only known and seen evil, and it has deranged their minds and made them unable to understand anything. They can't conceive of any person becoming divine, or pure, but think everyone is like them - Broken, sinful, and needing Christ to "save" them all the time. If I had a servant, and I needed to pull him out of the ditch every day, I would become very angry with him after a time, and would likely discharge him. We are men walking among sheep. Do the sheep think themselves greater than the men? Have some respect!

I do not trust them who refuse to speak of victory. I refuse to befriend them who are timid in the face of this tyranny of Satan. Ours is not a way of hiding timid people. Even in my small way, I will honor my God, that I speak boldly in public, speaking the glorious truth, so that if even one of my brothers were to take strength and wisdom from me, I will receive my reward in heaven.

I know you will call me names, and mock me, and desire evil to come to me. I know this because I know you, and what is in you, and I say that it is the very same things that were in them that slew the Lord upon the cross, and put his apostles and children to the sword.

Arkaleus the lonely

posted on Oct, 22 2004 @ 01:33 AM
Satan's nature is the nature of pride.
Pride opposes love.
Love is unconditional.

posted on Oct, 22 2004 @ 01:52 AM
Not everything spoken boldly be pride. Not every sure word spoken be arrogance. Some things need to be strong. It is a real enemy we face. We do not meet it with reeds and sticks. We must become hard in ways that are difficult to learn on this world.

Humility is but the first step to attain the Lord's favor, but He does not keep a man on his knees forever. If He did there would be no progression of spirit, or foundation of greatness, only the constant drone of bowing to Mecca, or the rustle of the mendicant's robes as he prostrated to the Throne.

In such orders there is limited delight, for God is a God of intellgence, and His word is strongly spoken, and His Light strongly emanated. His truthful ones are like little children who speak without shame. Do not restrain them. Do not be like the faithless apostles of Christ, who restrained their master when they should have not have.

A man speaking loudly on a hill is there to be listened to, not shamed by the passersby.

Arkaleus the lonely

posted on Oct, 22 2004 @ 07:40 AM

Originally posted by Arkaleus
Humility is but the first step to attain the Lord's favor, but He does not keep a man on his knees forever.

Humility is the difference between love and that which opposes love-- pride.

posted on Oct, 22 2004 @ 10:23 AM
Humility is what the god of this world desires, he desires men to be submissive and fearful.

Christ causes good men to be humble, so that he might raise them up to a victorious triumph over evil. We do not remain broken hearted and contrite forever. That is merely the key to redemption. If you do not progress from humilty into valor, then you are not following the commandment of the Lord, but are holding back, and being timid, or not learning.

This battle we are in requires valor, not timid souls hiding on their faces, fearful of the Lord. The fearful are not able to approach God, and them who fear are cast away.

Let us be brave and bold among men, and humble towards God. let us fear men not at all, but venerate God in His wisdom. Let us become wise as God is, for that is His commandment.


posted on Oct, 22 2004 @ 12:17 PM
I am without a doubt with amchine on this. I strongly disagree with A. I need not say anymore.

posted on Oct, 22 2004 @ 12:57 PM
What's the deal here? You disagree with me, but do not say why, and agree with Raphael_UO, but he said perhaps only four or five sentences.

Why? What am I saying that turns you off? What part of my words makes you disagree with me?

Why does everyone cast their eyes downward, when heaven is upward?

Help me understand what you are disagreeing with. Especially you shorty, because you are only 13 years old.


posted on Oct, 22 2004 @ 01:05 PM
Why does age matter.

I disagree with the whole thing. All this new age religion is takeing this too far. I mean what is all this burning in hell stuff about. Where does this thread get its title from. Must of you opening is just a bunch of rambleing about how evil we are and how we are going to burn in hell.

I dont mean to offend you.

I hope that clears you question up abit. I have a intermidiate knowledge of the Bible. I am in the middle of trying to find my religious roots as Machine knows. I sometimes disagree with parts of the Holy Bible itself. Does that make me evil because i dont follow blindly.

posted on Oct, 22 2004 @ 01:53 PM
My mood when I posted my original thread was a rather mean one.

I was fed up with the new age nonsense, and feminine corruption that has entered into our culture. Men don't understand what it means to be pure, they don't understand what they lose when they combine their energies with a female like they do. It destroys their ability to know divine things, and turns them into animals. They do not know the nature of real men, or their God.

Brains have great powers, and if two things that are not like each other combine, then the effect is that the purest of the two becomes defiled with the other one. It like the old parable: If you mingle the chaff with the wheat, it's not the chaff that gets defiled, but the wheat.

Women in the western world seem to think they are coming into the own power, but that is just nonsense. They are not divine, wise, or good. They are the same old stupid cows that have nothing but contempt for mankind and his Liberty. Men are just letting them have their way, because they are foolish slobs. They aren't real men, they are just slaves to the system. Between the two of these, we have the destruction of human society, and the abominations of this current world.

Modern Christians are simpletons, thinking that men and women are equal, and denying the true nature of God, and the differences between the male and female. Our minds are not compatible. Even in perfect people, there cannot ever be an equilibrium between male and female power. The male is the ruler, period. The female cannot bear this rule. She cannot maintain the faithfulness, or truthfulness required to sustain the most holy. Her power comes from her body, and she uses it at will.

Men and women are NOT equal, feminine things should NOT be worshipped by these people. American women are the worst behaved, worst mannered, and least worthy of any people on earth. You are conditioned to accept whatever they want, and never debate about these things. That was what the worship of feminine power did to you - It made to give away your crown to their will.

That's why if you ever bring up the story of the 144,000 pure virgin males to women, it freaks them out, because they desire to rule men, and cannot bear his liberty. Try it and see.

Not everyone thinks sex with women is great. Not everyone gives into whatever they want. Not everyone is a foolish slob.

I know that you will flee away from my words, because they are strong. You were not taught about strong things. You were taught to be weak and submissive to whatever happens around you. You were taught to avoid questioning the social order, especially the changes of the last 50 years. You were betrayed by your own people, teachers, and parents. You are being led into a trap.

Your buddy Machine is not a wise person. He claims to have an authority of knowledge, but he does not even know which side of the day he is on. Ask him about women, and he will likely spit up the book of genesis. That's all he knows. Ask him about Jesus and women, and he will likely not have an answer, or will say something about Mary Magdelene. There is a strange difference between Jesus and the God of the Old testament, maybe you will see this for yourself and come to knowledge. The God of the Old Testament is NOT the God of Jesus Christ.

The son is like the Father.

The True God of the Intelligence is not a god of marriage and children. That god is a lessor god, himself the product of creation. Machine does not know these things, he thinks everything is the same. He thinks the Bible is the literal word of God. Men like that cannot teach you the truth. They are blind.

If the only book you know is the bible, you are an ignorant person in an age where knowledge is freely available. Just a little common sense and a touch of divine truth will reveal to you the great difference between Christ and those who claim to follow Him.

There isn't any real following of Jesus. He helps you attain EQUALITY with Him. He doesn't want slaves, servants, or inferiors. His kingdom is enjoyed by those who become His Brothers, fellow inheritors of His Father's Good House.

Shun any Christian that does not teach or understand this equality concept, because it is slavery and darkness they are preaching. They do not understand the bondage they are held with to the god of flesh, the god of this world, and the god of the old testament. They are like the blind leading the blind.

Would I lie to you? No.


[Edited on 22-10-2004 by Arkaleus]

[Edited on 29-11-2004 by Arkaleus]

posted on Oct, 22 2004 @ 02:11 PM
Thank you much better worded and i now know what you were trying to convay.

What other books are there other than the Bible.

Alot of people will be offended by what you have said i however while again not believeing blindly are not offended. I think that i myself am far from what you describe as conditioned ect..... I think the fact that i am giving this thread serious thought should tell you that much. I am indeed 13. That is a messure of years on Earth not maturity. Though i may less mature than i think. However i do question the system in fact that is all i do. Question. Question. Question. I do not attend church. I wont comment on your saying Machine is not wise. He probably thinks the same of you.

For sure i am not as you think i am.

Arkaleus Dont take this the wrong way but calm down before your banned say what you feel say it strongly but dont take it too far.

A word from a friend.

posted on Oct, 22 2004 @ 03:12 PM
Little brother,

I understand your spirit very well. We come from the same place. You are part of a generation of light whose minds were prepared by Christ to receive the excellent gift of divine intelligence. You are just beginning to flower in this way.

There is a LOT to learn. When you ask what books, I would say, ALL books. Begin with the bible, but do not stop there. Travel in your mind to Persia, and read the words of Zoroaster. Walk over the trade routes to India, and find the Vedas among the wandering Brahmins, and find out how Christ came to be.

After you learn the keys of the East, and the Wise Light of the Sage, then I challenge you to learn Muhammed, and read his truthful book the Koran.

The wise Christian is a master of wisdom, like all Great Christians were. Modern American Christians limit themselves to the Bible and hold in contempt all other books. That is ignorance. That's like what the Muslims did when they sacked Alexandria and burnt the great library down.

Their words were, "If these books say what is in the Koran we need not read it, and if their words are contrary to the Koran, we must not read it."

Christ is a God of Wisdom. His followers would OBVIOUSLY be universally schooled. Not narrow and ignorant. Judge this for yourself, I have already felt your spirit. You are a virgin! Hee hee. . .

Anyway, boy, I would start with Zoroaster. Seach google for him. You will see the similarities between Christ and Zoroaster, and how Zoroaster predicted the coming of a Christ-like figure. That is why the "Magi" of the story of the birth of Jesus are known - Magi means Magian, which is Zoroastrian. I have a link for you: This is the sign of Christ's Birth that the Zoroastrians saw coming in their charts, and knew it was the sign of the Saoshyant, the King with the Blazing sword - judge of justice. To them, Christ was Saoshyant. Look for yourself, and grow wiser than the modern Christians and their worn out bibles.

Star(s) of Christ - Look at the date!

Please develop your mind. You were given a holy awareness and spiritual maturity at a young age for a reason. Please read my post about the Secret History of the Final American Generation for a partial explanation of why your mind is so advanced. We are all related, I was just like you when I was 13. There are many of us, and we all come from the same place.

Happy kid! Learn some of my secrets and be really happy. We are to be a nation of brothers, equal, fearless, and wise. We love truth, goodness, and Liberty. These are the TRUE GEMS OF CHRIST. Not the spittle and fire of old men. Leave them where they lie.


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