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AARP Makes $2.8 Billion Off Of ObamaCare

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posted on Oct, 14 2012 @ 06:40 PM
Despite their "good standing" and apparent appeal to the public, it looks like the American Association of Retired People isn't as friendly as we think.

They are big time Lobby spenders and they have some questionable PPACA (ObamaCare) waivers.

It seems the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has been favorable to them with all the power bestowed by law.

Here’s how it works. AARP isn’t your every-day citizens’ advocacy group. The AARP is also one of the largest private health insurers in America. In 2011, the AARP generated $458 million in royalty fees from so-called “Medigap” plans, nearly twice the $266 million the lobby receives in membership dues.

Medigap plans are private insurance plans that seniors buy to cover the things that traditional, government-run Medicare doesn’t, like catastrophic coverage. Medigap plans also help seniors eliminate the co-pays and deductibles that are designed to restrain wasteful Medicare spending…ObamaCare’s cuts to Medicare Advantage will drive many seniors out of that program, and into traditional government-run Medicare, which will increase the number of people who need Medigap insurance.....

AARP Makes $2.8 Billion Off Of ObamaCare

The ranking senator on Congress’ Joint Economic Committee sent an Oct. 4 letter to President Barack Obama in response to his references to the America Association of Retired People (AARP) and its support of his positions in the Oct. 3 presidential debate.

“During your debate with Governor Romney last night, you criticized Medicare premium support proposals as leaving seniors ‘at the mercy of insurance companies,’ while trumpeting AARP’s endorsement of Obamacare,” wrote Sen. James W. DeMint, the senior Republican on the JEC and a leading member of the chamber’s Tea Party Caucus.

“However, as I outlined in a recent report about AARP, entitled ‘Profits Before Principles’” the evidence is clear that Obamacare places seniors at the mercy of one organization — AARP itself,” he said.....

... DeMint suspects a quid pro quo, where AARP worked to support the passage of PPACA and in exchange, and his re-election, Obama wrote in the special provisions that protect both their profits and their otherwise illegal practices, he said.

“HHS Secretary Sebelius has been very quick to attack other insurers’ practices, but has not dared criticize AARP – even though AARP’s insurance business is more profitable than many other insurance companies,” he said.

DeMint: Obama, AARP partners in hurting seniors

According to "", AARP has spent $217,612,064 for "Lobbying" (1998 thru present). They are 6th on the Top Spenders List.

Top Lobbying Spenders

posted on Oct, 14 2012 @ 07:26 PM
People need to understand what groups like this are about. Most do not even make any effort. My dad didn't.
Now I am older and initially was a member of this group. That lasted about 6 months and they started sending me all kinds of offers which of course they would benefit from big time.
I am obviously older. But no longer a supporter or member of this group. They like many others have an agenda.

That agenda did not include my interests, or that of many others. But older people often do not understand what they are testifying to. Or paying for. I sent these people a letter telling them I could not support their liberal agenda of making so much off of the more unfortunate. I got a form letter back explaining their stance on the last debate? Nothing in the letter suggesting a human wrote it or even looked at it. It was a form letter. They had no idea what I had even suggested or eluded to.
Not a single dime will come from this household to them...ever again.

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posted on Oct, 14 2012 @ 07:42 PM
i can see why americans don't want the government running healthcare.

the insurance companies seem like the lesser of two evils.

but the insurance companies and the government collaborating together to run healthcare is the whole evil.

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