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Government Testing in Your State

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posted on Oct, 13 2012 @ 08:22 PM
A couple of weeks ago I was facinated to read that the government actually admitted to spraying the people of St. Louis with Zinc Cadmium Sulfide during the Cold War. It got me thinking, what kinds of tests has the government conducted on the people of my state? So I have spent several hours searching and this is what I found:


Operation Bongo

An initial exercise, Operation Bongo, took place around Oklahoma City during 1964. It was a joint FAA-Air Force experiment that sought to determine whether people could learn to accept sonic booms as just another type of noise, akin to that of railroad trains or trucks on a highway. For six months the Air Force sent supersonic F-104 fighters over the city, day after day and at specified times.

In this testing, the FAA and US Air Fore joined to see just how much noise the people would put up with. They subjected them to 1.253 booms during daylight hours , at specified intervals, over the duration of several months.

The testing soon came to an end when:

some 4,900 people filed claims for damages. Though most involved little more than cracked plaster, one man did receive a payment of $10,000. Two high-rise office towers sustained a total of 147 cracked windows. During the first three months of the tests, polls indicated that 90 percent of the people felt they could live with the booms. After six months, this number was down to 73 percent. This meant that some one-fourth of these citizens believed they could not live with them and would regard them as unacceptable. Fully 27 percent of the people polled in the Oklahoma City area during the closing weeks of testing declared they could not live with sonic boom; additionally, 40 percent of those polled were unconvinced that booms did not cause damage to buildings.


I have lived in Oklahoma all my life and had never heard about this. I remember in the early 90s for a few years we had several sonic booms per week. I don't ever hear them anymore. Don't know if they were doing follow up testing or if that was just a fluke. Interesting to say the least.

Next I found what I thought was most shocking. One of our cities was also involved in the Zinc Cadmium Sulfide spraying. The town of Stillwater is located about 60 mile NE of Oklahoma City and was one of the lucky ones chosen to be sprayed during the cold war as well.

"Among the hundreds and hundreds of tests that the army did, Stillwater, Oklahoma was targeted," said Cole, an expert on the Army's development of biological weapons. In some cities reports indicate Americans actually died because of the testing.


What is more concerning is that this was written in 2003 to combat the panic that ensued after the army dumped what they said was clay dust onto the downtown area of Oklahoma City. They claim that they were performing Bioterrorism testing to see if weather radar could detect an attack. Lord knows what they were really dumping.

So there are the two more interesting things I have found. I also found out that DHS is going to start testing Drones Over Ft. Sill down in Lawton reported a couple of days ago.

So what are some of the lesser known government tests that have been carried out over your state? I know some aren't comfortable with revealing your location, so pick one and let us know what you find. Or tell us what testing you know about that others may not know. For those of other countries, what has your government done to its people? We might just find out some pretty interesting stuff.


posted on Oct, 15 2012 @ 10:06 AM
While doing some more digging, I found the name of the Zinc Cadmium study was Operation LAC or Large Area Coverage and it also covered parts of Mexico and Canada. The cities most listed in relation to the experiment were

Winnipeg, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Fort Wayne, the Monocacy River Valley in Maryland, and Leesburg, Virginia.


The latest experimentation that I have found and has been admitted to was in 2010 in California

In August 2010, the U.S. weapons manufacturer Raytheon announced that it had partnered with a jail in Castaic, California in order to use prisoners as test subjects for a new non-lethal weapon system that "fires an invisible heat beam capable of causing unbearable pain


I didn't think these kinds of tests were still being done without a complete shroud of secrecy. It kind of blows my mind that they so easily admit to it now. Given, this test was done by Raytheon and not the government, but I am sure that if the DOD wasn't involved in any way, they were still quite interested in the findings of such a study.

Here is an article from The Huff that shows the device and goes more into detail about it. I haven't been able to find if they decided to keep the thing or reject it, but the ACLU was looking into the legality of it.

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