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New Economic Concept for Businesses

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posted on Oct, 12 2012 @ 06:46 AM

I read this article and at first thought of how cool the idea was. In summary, through an app on your mobile device you could sign up to do minor jobs for companies or people and receive a minor payment. What a great way to make a little extra money when you have some free time! Then it got me thinking.

There are very few employees on this planet that are really needed full time. Think of how often people pace themselves on projects are do way less than what they could do. Now imagine companies no longer hiring full time workers but just paying a few random people per job saving them thousands of dollars...especially once this all really takes off.

It is an interesting concept, but it completely reminds me of outsourcing in a way. Let me know what you guys think.

*sorry if this is in the wrong forum.

posted on Oct, 12 2012 @ 07:45 AM
reply to post by cosmicexplorer

I think that if companies no longer had to hire full time employees they would no longer have to provide full time benefits. Gone would be the days of being able to get insurance through your job. Scratch any hope of retirement benefits as well.

Sure, it would save some companies money. With no full time employees the "ObamaCare" stipulations would not apply to them. Heck, a lot of companies are already cutting their employees back to under 30 hours per week so they don't have to provide affordable insurance without the threat of the $3000 per employee penalty for not providing it. However, how many full time people would a company have to hire just to pick and handle all of the people doing these "small jobs"?

Another thought: With no or very few full time jobs, people would be constantly scrambling and competing for all of these "small jobs" and living without job security. That could be pretty darn stressful! What if you couldn't get enough small jobs in a month to pay your rent, your utilities, your grocery bill? And If I were a creditor, I doubt I would extend credit for a house or a car to somebody without a secure job history.

If you bounce from small job to small job, technically you would be a contractor, and would be taxed at a much higher rate, however you wouldn't make nearly as much money as a regular job because with everyone doing it there would be so much competition that you would be underbid by people willing to do the work dirt cheap. Minimum wage doesn't apply on a contracted job, if you win the bid you do the job for thecontracted price, with the lowest bid generally winning. The problems go on and on!

When you start getiing into the details of such a plan, it's only a good idea for the companies- but not good for workers at all!

posted on Oct, 12 2012 @ 09:06 AM
The idea is good on paper, however there are drawbacks.

One being that a full time employee is more likely to give you a better job because they are working for a raise/promotion in the future.

Another is that a full time employee might just be a bit more loyal to the company that pays regularly.

There is a saying that has been around for ages. It is "you get what you pay for". We see this all the time in the cheap way out. If you are only paying for a job and not providing other benefits you are going the cheaper route and there for will get what you pay for.

Take my job for instance. This year we did not get raises due to economy and changes in ownership. Many have had crap attitudes and it shows in their work. I have kept doing as normal because I feel we could be being watched and want to let anyone watching know that I still need my job. If the others don't screw them, but I do.

While we are not getting paid as much as some places nearby for close to the same job we have gotten experience to carry around. If a person has been with our company less than 5 years and has the basics of this experience they can start off someplace else ahead by getting more money. Anything over 5 years though is taking a leap of faith. The thing that keeps me where I am is the nearly 5 weeks of paid vacation I have each year, and I can carry over a full week each year so that one year I might have 6 weeks of paid vacation. Working the shift I do 5 weeks goes a very long way. I have taken a month off paid and it was great, I got to relax for the first time and enjoy life. My time off is very important to me.

That being said I can also see such a plan only working for certain office types of jobs. Manufacturing jobs could not work this way. It takes time to learn how to run things and watch for quality. Again though I would rather have a full time employee that costs a bit more doing the projects for me than some temp. A full time employee has more vested and is likely to give you the best job.


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