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Wheres Alice? We may need her. part II. Her husband Garland

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posted on Oct, 8 2012 @ 02:17 PM
Alice. part II.
Garland sat quietly while the preacher spoke to the small congregation. He was 19 and wanted to be elsewhere but his parents never missed church, nor would he be allowed to miss it. Finally it was over and the congregation filed out of the small church. All of the sudden a man started yelling at his father. He said he would have to kill him. After he said that he walked over to his horse and left. There were many whispers from the congregation and his father had a worried look on his face yet did not speak. They left in their wagon and headed home. He asked his father what was going on but his father refused to say. His mother was sobbing. Either from fear or embarrassment.
Life went on as usual for the next few days but he could tell his mother was worried. His father had to ride out to check on his aunt who was widowed and alone. He filled a poke with odds and ends that she might need. Grabbed his rifle and pistol and mounted up. Garland watched as he rode off, fearing for his fathers life. 6 hours went by, his father should be back by now. There was nothing to do but wait though. He chopped some wood to pass the time and take his mind off of his father.
A horse was ambling up the dirt road toward their house. It was not his father and the man had his head down so he could not tell exactly who it was. He went into the house and grabbed a rifle just in case. He leaned the rifle up against the house just within his reach if needed. The horse got up to the house and the man lifted his head and nodded at Garland. : Is your mother here son? Garland yelled : MAMA. His mother came out with a worried look on her face and spoke with the stranger. He was the Sheriff. He said: Maam I'm afraid your husband has been shot. Shot in the back matter of fact. He didn't make it to the doc's. I'm afraid. He was found on the road,apparently bushwhacked. Garland turned red with rage. He eyed the rifle leaning up against the house. He said: I know exactly who killed paw! The Sherrif knew that look and said: BOY! You take the law into your own hands and i will see you hang!
The wagons filed up the dirt road toward the old farmhouse. Full of women and children. Men on horses trailing behind them. The women shuffled into the house,arms full of food. They left the children outside to play along with the teenagers to watch over them. The men gathered and talked for a few minutes then some went to work on the barn, some went to check the crops and fences. One went to check the livestock. Garland felt angry and hopeless. He looked around him and a young girl caught his eye. She was pretty,she was teaching a small child how to walk and had a smile on her face. She looked up just in time to catch Garland looking at her. Alice was her name.
Garland was told to take the wagon up to the preachers house and to loosen the wheel nut just before he got there so's the wheel would fall off. He did not ask why, he knew why. He walked up to the preachers house and knocked. He and the preacher worked a few hours to get the wagon picked up enough to get the wheel back on. Then they went into the house,talked and had a bit to eat. Finally the preacher told him he best be gettin home.
The Sherrif came riding up to the house. He was looking for Garland this time. Seems a man was killed yesterday. Rumor was that he was the man that killed his father. He said: Where were you yesterday!

posted on Mar, 22 2013 @ 06:46 PM
reply to post by jimmiec

Your Alice stories are wonderful. I do wish you'd continue them.

Thank you for sharing these pieces of your personal history.


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