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Bees making coloured honey.. GM?

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posted on Oct, 8 2012 @ 02:15 PM
Apparently France has a case of bees making coloured honey. The given reason; a near by biogas factory making Mars bars and M&Ms, the bees are eating the colorued waste of the M&Ms thus an alteration effects the true amber colour of the honey itself.

French apiarist Andre Frieh holds a sample of honey, left, beside coloured ones at his home in Ribeauville near Colmar Eastern France on Oct. 5. Bees at a cluster of bee hives in northeastern France have been producing honey in mysterious shades of blue and green, alarming their keepers.

Bees making coloured honey

I found this very odd and the first thing that came to my head was the 'bee die-off' we've had the last couple years. So of course the very next thing that came to my head was, genetical modification of Nature's properties.

What was killing all those honeybees in recent years? New research shows a link between an increase in the death of bees and insecticides, specifically the chemicals used to coat corn seeds.

Source of quote

As well as making honey, honey bees pollinate countless hectares of agricultural crops. It’s estimated that a third of the food you eat could be attributed to pollination by bees. The productivity of modern agriculture would be drastically reduced without the humble honey bee. There is a whole industry based around trucking bee hives to crops for pollination duties


Mystified, the beekeepers embarked on an investigation and discovered that a biogas plant 4 km (2.5 miles) away has been processing waste from a Mars plant producing M&M’s, bite-sized candies in bright red, blue, green, yellow and brown shells.

This random excuse bothers me.. it just seems very made up to me? As well.. if you google anything about the 'Agrivalor biogas plant in Franve Ribeauville, every picture and article that comes up is from the past couple days. (Like put into the media stream).
Heres' a bothering quote;

"France is one of the largest producers of honey within the European Union, producing some 18,330 tonnes annually, according to a recent audit conducted for national farm agency FranceAgriMer"

When we realize how important the honey bee is to the ecosystem, we can understand why they could be a target in a modern era of genetically modifying things that circulate in socieites food system.
Many things depend on honey, its a large consumer in the world today. Lots of plant and floweyour post herer species depend on the honey bees to reproduce and potentially evolve.

By altering the DNA of the bee, they can modify how the bee's body functions; such as altering the way they produce honey.. changing certain genetics within the bee will cause an altering in the 'honey-system' of bee hives. A possible DNA change would give the honey itself negative properties, thus effecting its role within the ecosystem.

Not saying its true.. just a thought, but Im not going to belive bees are randomly eating candy? Makes no sense.. bees have never been recorded (ever) to eat candy waste..let alone random M&Ms lol!

Im wondering if anyone on ats has a better or more believable conclusion then the media's given excuse or my own theory of intentionally modifying the honey bee to cause bad effect in the Ecosystem.

~ Love is an art

posted on Oct, 8 2012 @ 02:31 PM
if they truly were up to something, they wouldnt have brought it up in the media in the first place. As far as ive seen it were a couple of bottles of honey, not a whole batch of a few tonnes.

i don't know how the M&M factory handles its waste, but if some of the food coloring were to land on the flowers next to the factory, its kinda expected that the bees somehow will take some of that food coloring with them, along with the wax.

you have thought this very well out, though im believing the M&M story, as i see no logical reason why they would want to alter the color of honey, as the gold colored goodness has a godly color of itself.

Take Flamingos for example, they are born grey, and eventually turn white when they hit adultery. Due to their eating habits, though, their white tone gradually changes to pink/red.

If you eat too much carrots(like ALOT) your body will have too much carotene and your skin color will slightly turn orange.
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posted on Oct, 8 2012 @ 04:22 PM
reply to post by Muatti

Why do they alter our food in the first place? They have beeen putting things in front of our faces via media and Hollywood, why would this case differ? 9/11 for is one example.
Well like I pointed out, France just happens to be the EU's biggest honey distributor.. so there is one reason 'why they would'.

Why do they put flouride in our toothpaste and water, and put 'flouride' right on the label? We know now it does not benefit the teeth whasoever. Why spray our atmosphere which stabalizes all life?

If you look at the very Nature of the honey bee, actually watch it do what it does.. you will understand its behavior and role within the ecosystem better. The honey bee is always on the go, it understands its own importancy within nature, and nothing stops the bee from its dialy.. "bees-niss" lol.
It would not stop and get distracted by random waste. The bee is very intune with its natural surroundings, I personally, highly doubt the honey bee would go out of its way to dig into M&Ms waste product "possibly" disposed over flowers.

Thats a common trait for human kind, to do random things that distract themselves from their lifeful purpose.. its not a trait of hymenopteras.

Thanks for your input, but I simply think the given conclusion is a straight out lie. "They" are controlling everthing, food, water source and anything in between which goes into the river of the public. So this makes sense to me that they would try and control the ecosystem as well. Which is where you find "food". Hence.. honey

posted on Oct, 9 2012 @ 12:14 AM
reply to post by LoveisanArt

From what ive read, einstein once exclaimed, that if the bee community dies off, the world will be at its end or close to.
can relate to the altering food problem you're suggesting, but isnt it a bit too risky to alter the bee's DNA for mass control with such great consequences.

Now im not saying theres no possibility these things happen, i totally agree on the fluoride part, since america is the only country who applie(s)(d) this rule, but sometimes we tend to overanalyze stuff, while the solution is in front of our noses.

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