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Untitled (OWWC)

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posted on Oct, 7 2012 @ 11:13 AM
The Romney family sits around the fire place, contemplating the implications of the news. It is good news for sure, but there are steps that need to be taken. They have planned for this and known that this would happen for quite some time.

They found out that Mitt, the man of the house and now the world, had won the election and would become the President of the United States. The family won’t move in for a little while, but they must continue their preparations.

“Have you perfected your English?” asks the man, holding himself up with his jewel embossed cane.
“Of course master. I am ready for the duties you bestow upon me,” says the man in an Iranian accent.
“Good, very good Ahk.”
“Sir, my name is James Lark. You are mistaken if you think my name is Ahk.”
“And your age Mr. Lark?”
“I am 26 years old and reside in Norwalk, Connecticut. However, I am mostly in New York City for work. Morgan Stanley is more of a home than my small cottage-like house is in Norwalk,” says James Lark, in a perfect East Coast accent.
“Nice to meet you. How long have you worked at Morgan Stanley?”
“Only about 3 months, but I have excelled significantly since being there.”

Barack Obama sits patiently with his committee of advisors. They tell him about his options and how all of this happened.
“Stop,” Obama says sternly. The group of men in the room stop talking. “How did this happen? You told me this election was secured.”
The room is silent for a few moments. Then a man speaks up, “Sir, do not trouble yourself over this matter. Our plans did not work out precisely. However, in the following days you will once again have control of the world foreseen in your future.”
An aid scribbles down what the man said, and writes down a string of digits down next to it. The string of digits refers to the man’s name and his background which is held in a need to know information filled folder.
“You told me that before. How can I trust you now when you failed before?”

The door swings open and Obama’s National Security Advisor, Tom Donilon, storms in. “Mr. President, I apologize...”
“What is it?” Obama snaps back impatiently.
“New York. There’s been an attack.”
“How many deaths?” asks a man, sitting next to the president.
“None sir.”
“So what is the problem?” Obama asks, chuckling at the end of his question.
The aid looks down, glancing at her name tag that says “Deborah” and scribbles down the latest conversation, as well as Tom Donilon’s secret codename.
“It seems that a young executive at Morgan Stanley was able to access...”
“Get to the point Tom,” Obama blurts.
“The economy has crashed. The stock market does not exist. Important data to every company in the whole country has been lost.”
“Okay. Thank you Tom. Go home and buy yourself a drink,” says the man next to Obama.
“Sir. Sirs. Mr. President. There is no such thing as a US Dollar anymore.”
Tom Donilon leaves the room. The aid, Deborah, is ordered to leave the room.
“This will never end will it?” Obama asks the room in a statement like fashion.
“Barack. This is just the beginning,” says the man next to him, laughing and grasping the president’s shoulder as he speaks. His Chinese accent compliments the hidden knowledge in his statement.

“Mission complete,” James Lark says, ripping off his suit to reveal jogging attire.
“I know,” says the Chinese man. “Thank you Ahk.”

The poor family owns nothing but a television set. They sit in a desolate room, with only one seat that is hardly big enough to fit their family of two parents and eight children. They expect the worst with the coming presidency of Mitt Romney.
“What’s on?” asks one of the eight children.
“Just the news, weather, you know...the usual son.”
“Breaking news. As you know, the economy has collapsed, and the dollar is worthless. In a few moments, President Barack Obama will deliver a speech to us regarding the next step.”
The family waits patiently, but knows that Obama’s words mean nothing with the coming change to Romney’s regime of wealth promotion, and disregard of the poor.
“America. We gather here today, in many different states, but together all the same. Our country has suffered from a direct attack from terrorists. Nobody has been killed and we can be grateful for that. However, they have injured our economy, security, and financial investments. The need for change is obvious. Can we all agree with this?”
Obama looks to the crowd that responds with a slow and quiet clap. Yet overall it is confirmation that change is needed.
“The time right now is not a time for a change of presidency. It is the time to continue on our path of greatness. I, Congress, supporters, and even Republicans agree that it would be unreasonable for Mitt Romney to lead this country during this time.”

The implications are disastrous for many. The decision goes against all precedents, as far as the public sees. Yet many agree, it is quite logical.

In a cottage in Nantucket an old man sits in his chair, reading the newspaper that his daughter sent him. She got her first article published on the third page and this excites him greatly. Being from Washington DC, it is against all odds that publishers would value her political opinion. He thanks god, and the heaven above for giving his daughter this chance.

After reading the article, and calling his daughter to talk about it, he flips through the rest of the paper.
He checks the obituaries to see if any of his old friends from college have passed away.

There are five.

Deborah Brown.
Tom Donolis.
James Dorthy.
Frank Martit.
Eliot Stark.

He cries.

“How much time does this give me?” asks Obama.
“As much as you need sir,” replies the Chinese accented man.
“That doesn’t help me. How much time do I need?”
“It will take about a year to fix the entire economy, bring back the dollar, and restore important information. It IS possible to fix it, do not worry.”
“And when it is fixed?” Obama asks.
“Mitt Romney will cease to exist, and nobody will dare an attempt to put you out of power.”
“I told you that you could trust me. Us.”

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posted on Oct, 19 2012 @ 02:54 PM
LOL that was not a Brate movie, that was a first rate NIGHTMARE! LOL

posted on Oct, 23 2012 @ 09:03 AM
Ill be writing a sequel to this soon. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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