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WAR: Zarqawi Group Claims Allegiance With bin Laden

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posted on Oct, 17 2004 @ 02:53 PM
In an internet statement released today, Zarqawi"s Tawhid and Jihad group has stated that communications between themselves and Al Qaida have resumed after an eight month halt. Upon resumption of communications, they have announced an agreement in philosophy and an alliance between the two groups, stating that they would follow his orders. Zarqawi"s group had previously stated that they were not linked.
The question of al-Zarqawi"s relationship to bin Laden and the al-Qaida leadership has been the subject of considerable speculation. Some experts believed al-Zarqawi - who has claimed to be leading a bloody campaign of bombings against U.S. and Iraqi forces and beheadings of American hostages - considered himself a rival to bin Laden.

The authenticity of the statement, found Sunday on an Islamic Web site, could not be independently confirmed.

The statement, which began with a Quranic verse encouraging Muslim unity, said the Jordanian al-Zarqawi, leader of the Tawhid and Jihad group, had been in contact with bin Laden eight months ago and "viewpoints were exchanged" before the dialogue was interrupted.

"God has soon blessed us with a resumption in communication, and the dignified brothers in al-Qaida understood the strategy of Tawhid and Jihad," the statement said.

It announced the "allegiance of Tawhid and Jihad"s leadership and soldiers to the chief of all fighters, Osama bin Laden," declaring that it would follow his orders without question.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Interestingly, in a statement made by a Zarqawi associate to the Arabic-language daily Al-Hayat, he claimed the Abu Musab Al Zarqawi's Tawhid and Jihad group was not linked to Al Qaida. In the interview he stated that Zarqawi had his own plans for a larger conflict in the region.

Middle East Media Research Institute
With regard to the claims that Al-Zarqawi is affiliated with Al-Qa'ida, the source said: "I wish that he was an Al-Qa'ida representative in Iraq. But the truth is that Al-Zarqawi has his own organization. He is not an Al-Qa'ida member and has no connection to Sheikh Osama [bin Laden]. They only employ the same method.

"There is no organizational connection between them on the contrary, many Arab youth have said that they will swear allegiance to Al-Zarqawi provided that he swear allegiance to Sheikh Osama. They say that so far he has not sworn allegiance, and that he used to say: 'to this day I have not sworn allegiance to Sheikh Osama and I am not acting in the framework of his organization'"

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

The new alliance of Zarqawi"s Tawhid and Jihad group and Osama bin Laden"s Al Qaida may mark the beginning of a new and more dangerous phase in the war on terrorism. Since the statement alludes to the agreement on strategy in their conduct of attacks on the coalition in Iraq, we may see an even bloodier phase in the War on Terror as fought in Iraq.

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posted on Oct, 17 2004 @ 04:30 PM
Well, there is now a link between Iraq and the War on Terror. I don't know what he thought he'd achieve by re-aligning himself with Al Queda and Osama, but one thing is for sure - the efforts to wipe him out will be doubled.


posted on Oct, 17 2004 @ 05:28 PM
I too am mystified by the rationale behind this decision... if anything, they should have kept the allegiance secret so that joint operations might be planned without anyone expecting it.

I suppose, however, that the idea of tactical planning sort of goes out the window when you're running that kind of organization... but passion and persistence go a long way.

posted on Oct, 17 2004 @ 05:53 PM
Oh no, it's Emmanuel Goldstein (Zarqawi) linked up with Al-CIA-Duh! (Al-Qaida).

Thank God we invaded Iraq, an anonymous Internet posting justifies the whole operation!

posted on Oct, 17 2004 @ 06:26 PM
Though I hate to admit it, I'd have to agree that this all sounds... questionable to say the least. The only way this decision would make sense (assuming that Tawhid and Jihad have really made this claim), is if they hope to gain full support of all Al Qaeda sympathizers. It seems like they would already have that support though, doesn't it?

posted on Oct, 17 2004 @ 06:51 PM
Actually this very "hard to get man" just like "bin-laden" is the only link that US has of Alqaida, bin-laden and Iraq.

Now does that mean that Sadam was link to 9/11? hardly.

Zarqawi has been linked to many things by US.

TextOn February 8th 2003, three days after Colin Powell's UN speech, the ricin threat remerges this time in the US. Al Zaqwari was said to be responsible for "the suspicious white powder found in a letter sent to Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist which contained the [same] deadly poison ricin."

Now since the begining of the year most of the "terrorist" attacks in Iraq has been link to Zaqwari, and most of the "terror" alerts in US has been link to him also.

Some claims that Zaqwari is just a diversion of US to used when things in Iraq are not going to well.

posted on Oct, 17 2004 @ 08:14 PM
Perhaps this one line from the MEMRI article could shed some light as to why he has chosen now to align himself with bin Laden.

MEMRI Article
many Arab youth have said that they will swear allegiance to Al-Zarqawi provided that he swear allegiance to Sheikh Osama.

If aligning himself with bin Laden will draw new members into his fold, that would give him the additional man power he needs to continue to fight in Iraq, and even expand his fight to other areas of the Middle East.

I don't believe he gives a flip about the US claims of a link between himself and bin Laden, or Saddam and bin Laden, or even the three of them. He will do what he feels is neccessary to fight the infidels.


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