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Reality is Information: Fractal Patterns and Observation Create Reality

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posted on Oct, 6 2012 @ 01:59 AM
I would like to propose a theory about the structure of reality. I was just inspired of it, and instinctually it seems very exciting to me. It unites the fractal theory of the Universe with wave-particle duality, the knowledge of left-right brain hemispheres, and the idea of the Universe as Information. I am personally very excited about this right now, but this may be an example of something that is difficult to properly communicate the significance of. Lol. We will see. Plus it is very long, so there is that. It was necessary, though, to properly describe it. I wanted to make a visual model to help illustrate exactly what I am talking about, but I found that was not going to be a task I could do so quickly and easily. Therefore, I decided against, and to just continue my writing. Hopefully this will interest some, anyways. lol.

If you look deeply, you will see that the wave-particle duality mirrors a duality within our own brain, the duality of the left and right hemispheres. First let me propose a visual description of this concept. This can be seen as the operating ‘formula’ behind reality, creating all aspects of reality, at all scales. It is, of course, not limited to this visual-model, but to understand the correspondence between all of this you will have to understand the underlying principle.

To make the principle more clear, I am going to begin with linear, left-hemisphere, ‘particle-reality’ explanation. It seems, to me, arbitrary to try to find what comes ‘first,’ or is ‘more real,’ particle or wave. They are mutually dependent. So we will imagine a single particle, or a single dot in empty space. Consider the particle going ‘down’ and ‘to the right’ a certain amount of distance(there is, of course, no ‘up-down’ or ‘left-right’ in empty space, but we use this phrasing to assist in understanding). After this, it would return backwards in one of the initial planes, or dimensions, and continue in the same direction in the other. So, supposing the first movement was down and to the right, the next would be back up, and still to the right. At each point where the motion changed directions, a new particle is created.

It continues this process, each path being exactly equal in terms of distance and spatial relationships. It would do this until it reached the end of its ‘field,’ or the boundaries of what ‘it’ is, which most generally be defined by the ‘observer,’ or the linear-model imposed upon it. This linear-model would impose the general ‘system,’ in terms of material appearance, and the distinctions between the various ‘things.’ Once it reached this end, it would go directly up or down, whichever created a straight line in closure. It would then repeat the exact same process in reverse, down and to the left. Once it reached the end, you would have a series of particles/dots in a straight lines defining the ‘top’ and ‘bottom.’ To give a description of a visual depiction of this particular part of the process, let me mention the infinity sign. Suppose that you viewed the infinity sign in terms of a dot at every change of motion. Notice how it creates a close-system, whereby you can continuously repeat this process of motion. That is not exactly the same, but it helps you to understand.

Upon the completion of this, it would repeat the process, only this time going exactly half the distance horizontally. It would go right then left, creating another perfect creation of equi-distant lines defining the top and bottom, this time each point having half the distance. It could theoretically repeat this process ad-infinitum, creating a more and more complex, and more and more ‘dense,’ or ‘subtle’ system. The model composed after each left-right rundown could be seen as its own ‘dimension,’ or ‘scale’ of reality. The ‘reality’ of what is ‘really there’ would be an incomprehensibly complex pattern of particles, getting infinitely more complex as it continuously repeats this basic pattern, which defines its organizational structure. One could only possibly perceive the system to the capabilities of his own mind to organize the material. The infinite repetition of the pattern would not be recognized by the observer. It would be seen only to the degree of subtlety capable of being perceived by the mind of the observer. This would imply his degree to create meaningful distinctions, and he would organize the scale he was able to perceive according to his own pre-defined models or maps.

Now let me explain how this ties into the wave-model of the Universe. As I said, the particle-model just provides an understandable baseline for physical reality. Every single particle in this logical-model for particle-distribution would emit its own energies, and the energies of each of these particles would interact with each other to create an even more(much more) complex model of what is there. Note that the observer is an integral part to this process. Through observation, information is created about the available data of mass and energy, particle and wave. The particles and waves, then, are organized according to the modeling of this information, provided by the observer. Thus you can see the usefulness of this model of reality, as it unites many of the exciting new theories about reality. This can be seen as a mathematical fractal pattern repeating, creating the infinite depth of matter and energy. Beyond this, the observer, consciousness, is an essential part, for it must compute the available Information; Information is the essence of the Universe.

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posted on Oct, 6 2012 @ 02:48 AM
reply to post by TheJourney

I took the time to read your post but unfortunately I was unable to form any basis of connectivity to what we know of Singularity, Quantum Mechanics or 10 or 11 Geometric Dimensionality to your post. With the possible exception of expression of a One Dimensional aspect of our Universe within your example of Infinite Points of position upon the INFINITY symbol.

Now as far as left and right brain Hemispheres...the left deals with the Analytical and the right the Creative. The ordinary person has Neural Connectivity between both Hemispheres and each Hemisphere is a Person unto itself. It is how DATA which a Persons SUBCONSCIOUS...which unto itself is a THIRD PERSON as well as a Form of Human Brain Computer which takes in ALL DATA FROM OUR SENSORY SYSTEMS as well as REMEMBERS ALL THOUGHT BOTH CONSCIOUS AS WELL AS IN DREAM STATE.

The Subconscious is responsible for Disseminating Data to both Left and Right this point the Subconscious does not allow either Hemisphere the full flow of Data but rather offers up some of it and at this point each Hemisphere FIGHTS for the right to receive the rest of the Data as the two Hemispheres will fight for control over a concept of issue or theory...and one Hemisphere will WIN. The Winning Hemisphere will then receive the remainder of the Data...and the Subconscious will determine the winner.

A few years back when Teddy Bruschi of the NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS had a stroke...and he told of how it was important to recognize Stroke Symptoms...I came down with a case of VERTIGO that to my surprise was told was a Virus that Jumped from Cats to Humans. As I am NEVER SICK and in Top Physical Shape...I went to the Emergency Room and they did a CT scan. The Female Doctor told me that they needed to do my scan again which REALLY had me worried. After she looked at the second scan she told me I was fine and told me about the Multiple Vertigo Cases that the Hospital was dealing with. I asked her...Why did I need a second CT scan? She told me she thought that the First scan might have been done wrong or Blurred but when they did a second...She told me that I have unusually dense Neural Connections between my Right and Left Hemispheres and She as well as the other Doctors there had never seen anything like it. I asked if this was Bad..and she said only if you become SCHIZOPHRENIC! We BOTH LAUGHED and she asked...if I was good at Math as well as Art?

I am a Musician that records and Tours Internationally....I can draw, sculpt, design, paint as well as I dabble in Quantum Mechanics and Multiversal Quantum Particle/ Wave Form Exchange. So I am fairy good with Math. She said that it had a lot to do with these dense Neural Connections between Hemispheres.

Personally...I was just glad I wasn't having a STROKE! Split Infinity

posted on Oct, 6 2012 @ 11:20 PM

Originally posted by SplitInfinity
reply to post by TheJourney

So I am fairy

i do agree, you indeed ARE a fairy....

all deep discussions need some humor,

but i must say this post of yours is very interesting, ill be checking to see what other sort of posts you have made hoping to find some metaphysical threads offered by you,

but on the topic of this thread, care to give us your own summary of the universe as the op here attempted?

posted on Oct, 7 2012 @ 06:47 PM
reply to post by pryingopen3rdeye

HA! LOL! OK! You got me there! As far as the OP...I am sure this person is well meaning but...sorry...I can find ZERO LINE OF LOGIC that could be applied to what this person states.

As for what I believe the Universe is my ability to come home after an overseas JOB...ALIVE...get together with My Girl...Have PORN STAR SEX....indulge in a Porterhouse Steak which I have poured a good deal of Truffle Oils...both Black and White as well as a side of Local Wild Mushrooms which are still plenty fried with butter and Fresh Chive...and a BUD LIGHT! I have to watch my figure! OH...also...even though the 2 inch thick Porterhouses are cooked on the grill...I BAKE without wrapping in foil so you have to puncture holes deep into them or else they will BLOW UP....Good Sized Potato's from Vermont as sometimes I grow my own...and bake them till they obtain a THICK CRUST...then slice them into two long halves...break up the potato meat and add lots of Butter, Fresh Chive, Small amount of Sour Cream and a bit of Black Truffle Oil.

I am NOT A WINE PERSON...even though I am wealthy...I am not a Wine Drinker and anything at my Home is strictly for Guests. I have my P.A. handle this. I have ALWAYS Drank for EFFECT NOT TASTE! That and the fact that it is almost IMPOSSIBLE TO GET ME DRUNK as Michio Kaku found out one night and MORNING in NEW YORK CITY! LOL!

Quantum Mechanics as well as Quantum Particle/Wave Form Existence Exchange between Divergent Universal States of Reality confined to our Universal Group within the my HOBBY. My JOBS are...I am a World Class Musician...I help run several Family Owned Companies...and I have this THIRD JOB of which I have ONE LEFT BEFORE I RETIRE and I just got back late last night from my second to my last JOB...which is VERY DANGEROUS and I have been doing it for DECADES.

So what do I think of the Universe? I have been VERY LUCKY! I have also paid my dues. I have been shot multiple times in the Chest and thought I would die...and do you know what the last thing you think of when you are about to die because without my team I would have died as even though I was wearing an Ultra-Light High Tech Vest...I was shot at such a close distance there was Ballistic Penetration...but what was my last thought...I fell on my Right Side and I was PUMPED FULL OF ADRENALINE...I asked a Team Member to Hand Me my RIFLE. Using my Team Members Body Part...and using my Left Arm and HAND as I am slightly ambidextrous...ended the guy at about 60 yards.

I was the Team Leader and My MISTAKE luckily did not harm the rest of my team but I remember that I WAS LAX! It could have ended much worse! All I cared about in what I thought would be my last moments...was...and I asked after I pulled the trigger....DID I GET HIM? The reply...YES! You GOT HIM! I said...GO CHECK BUT BE CAREFUL...the reply...No Need! Head Shot! I could see the whole back of his skull explode! This was echoed buy two other Team Mates who were taking care of me...the others who are HIGHLY TRAINED stayed in their positions and Guarded the Three of us. Then...the ADRENALINE WEARS OFF AND PAIN UPON PAIN UPON PAIN COMES IN LIKE WAVES AT A BEACH!

I am sure there must be a few VET's on this board who know what it feels like to be shot. I have heard some who felt nothing but I was shot in the CHEST at CLOSE RANGE wearing a very thin designed for high mobility Metal or Ceramic Plates and weighs 9 LBS...that's it...9 LBS and is as thin as a Good Sweat Shirt. The Vest is designed like a Chinese Finger Puzzle as it is a special Weave designed allow the Round to penetrate to an extent and then the GEOMETRIC WEAVE catches the round and the further it penetrates the tighter the weave surrounds it so even though it allowed some rounds to penetrate my skin and muscle and even crack a few ribs...the vest would not allow the rounds to slip through the vest and KILL ME.

So HOW DO I DEFINE THE MULTIVERSE as we are just one FINITE UNIVERSE within a GROUP OF INFINITE DIVERGENT UNIVERSAL REALITIES who's existence is based upon PROBABILITY OF CAUSE AND EFFECT which determines the NUMERICAL QUANTITY OF QUANTUM PARTICLES LIKE QUARKS WITHIN THE PROTONS AND NEUTRONS CONTAINED IN THE NUCLEI OF ATOMS which make up our bodies as well as anything else of Matter existing in all Universes that are INFINITE IN VARIATION WITHIN OUR GROUP as there is also an INFINITE NUMBER OF UNIVERSAL GROUPS CONTAINED IN THE MULTIVERSE. Our Universe is but one Universe that is FINITE but belongs to ONE GROUP OF INFINITE NUMBERS OF GROUPS and our group has an Infinite Number of Variations of our Universe. Each other Group which also has an INFINITE NUMBER OF DIVERGENT UNIVERSAL REALITIES...contains the Universal Realities which are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT IN PHYSICS AND UNIVERSAL SPACE/TIME GEOMETRY SI

posted on Nov, 19 2012 @ 01:52 AM
reply to post by TheJourney

Gentlemen this post doing business with chaos !!! "Clouds are not spheres, mountains are not cones, coastlines are not circles, and bark is not smooth, nor does lightning travel in a straight line". We are out of an invisible Spaceship. Fractals in their most common sense are nothing but interesting images. However, they represent a fairly untrodden field in mathematics. Until the 1970s, fractals had been identified but not studied due to the lack of adequate technology. With the invention of the computer, and geo-browser, however, fractals have been gaining increasing popularity among everyone from artists to businesspeople.

The mathematics of fractals has been applied by our Lab in geography as a way of understanding and formalizing phenomena such as landscape that are self-similar at different scale. Multifractals are mathematical generalizations of fractals, objects displaying "fractional dimension," "scale invariance,", "self-similarity" and "patternicity". Many natural phenomena, including some of considerable interest to the casualty actuary (earthquake, meteorological conditions, earth population distribution, financial time series), have been found to be well-represented by (random) multi-fractals. Mysteriously beautiful fractals are shaking up the world of mathematics and deepening our understanding of nature. We, 8 Star Sundial Fractals Lab doing business with chaos, with an Emerging Knowledge on Emerging Markets: we map the Time with Google Earth with a dynamic & multidimensional interdisciplinary approach to Business Analytics and evolutionary biology.

I come across this unique post as is the main subject of our research. With an interdisciplinary thinking what we know is that Universe is Fractal himself and that today, 2012, we are, GLOBALLY, on the technological singularity era bridge.

Somebody call it North, somebody else call it space. Down we go to hell :-) . we are not living in a flat concept of the universe, we are in an infinite and invisible world, Up or Down has no meaning when we are dealing with a circle, circle is moving, rotating trough space all the time. We are out of a space-ship.

Universe is Fractal Himself

From Earth, zoom-out to the invisible universe as fractal (infinite and invisible), look like an old camera recording and storing time as fractals and projecting it through your eyes in a visible world. Zoom youself, you can see your family than your friends, than your colleague, than a city, a country, a continent, using time, ancient empires The shadow of us its draw into landscape forms that have connection with history, myth, legend and livings being that contribute to the grow of civilisation and daily journey.

The Sun itself flow to its centre, the galaxy itself is an imploding fire-ball, a bride is tailored by the universe that rotating in a wheel-bearing, that is the female part. Masculine is an invisible–spiral-axes created by time, with fire and energy intertwined from rotating, causing knowledge accident, by ICXC, idea come by Number as a Services. The invisible pipe intersect the wheel-bearing, both rotate in a square that sailing in front, and try to open the a star gate for entering in the space-ship. On the back, time, tailoring a mosaic of colors, tailoring a carpet, a fractals himself. Time flow to the center, invisible pipe hold opposite to magnetism. We are all WIRE Connected. Wifi Is No Available. This wire is pushed into the center of the fire-holding-center-reversed-magnetism that flight through the fractals, as space and into space.

The sun is a stabilizer of time and a reducer of energy. We are out of a space-ship forced to sail up-time-stream the flood, in a spiral, against cyclonic universal power that fills strong swollen sails tailored by the geometry of fractals, in time, as shadow. The sun transform Universal Power into a soft and worm sun ray, musing you everywhere, all the time. It reduce million time more powerful nuclear energy into a sustainable environment supporting knowledge accident, from and for grow, footprint into landscape, forever walking into fractals running behind time and dancing with a perfect shadow synchronisation. Here is where you are living right now. Universe is a Fractals Writer, Universe is a Pen himself. Universe is fractal of Himself.

About the Technological Singularity, in my article i try to explain where we are before planning where we go.

Vivere disce, cogita mori.
Learn to live; Remember death. (sundial inscription)
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