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The moon´s lover and the warriors pardon.

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posted on Oct, 5 2012 @ 02:54 PM
The woman emerges from the cold pool of crystalline water. Her nude body, free to let the water roll down her curves and into the pond from whence it came. The droplets falling, seemingly taking an eternity to make their journey and lightly splash down, making subtle sounds of her movement towards the man. His moon lit body releasing gently, steadily, steaming into the brisk air around him. His anxiety and strength emitting intense heat in the cold night.

She lifts her hand and reaches for his. He eagerly takes it and pulls her closer to him. His strong arms lock around her waist and back and pull her cold milky body into his warm alcove of muscle and flesh.

They let their bodies melt onto the soft grass under them. She emerges on top, and he at her mercy. She leans down to kiss his formidable chest, her hair whipping his strong body with the grace of a feather and the texture of silk as it passes.

The woman then arches her back and stands her body upright over his. The man patient but his will slipping from him, places his sturdy hands on her subtle thighs and gently slides her precious body over him.

The silence is broken by the breath escaping their mouths as they are united as one. Their eyes open wide and slowly close in the sweetness of each other's glance. Every now and again they open as the snake like movement of their bodies increases its elegance and severity....the air is thick with their sex.

The night begins to echo their lust and joy. With each passing expression and squeal of ecstasy the night responds in kind with the murmur of the forest night. The whole of nature around them seems to be celebrating as they are entwined in the pure and splendid tension they create between them. They finally release their titanic hearts and pour themselves into each other.

They curl up into each other and for a moment are transported elsewhere. not important. They are there together....they are the creators of all they see. They see only their lovers eyes.....

As the blood in their veins begins to ebb and flow more slowly, their breath is slowed and then becomes more relaxed.

The maiden, the vixen, rises over the still laying man, now eager to fall into a deep slumber like that of Gods in their rest after an eternity in toil. She stands up looks deep into his eyes, and from the back of her elegantly poised legs she slowly lets the blade of her sword be revealed in the moon light. His eyes do see it, but he cares not. He cannot resist the smile that slivers over his face.....

He then spoke thusly,

If this be the moment I die, and by your most worthy hands my life be extinguished, I go in grace and happiness to my oblivion. I ask only that you give me a warriors death and I offer you my neck, you my most noble enemy. My most honored foe. You have vanquished me, you have nullified my all, and made me your loyal soldier now and forever....for your sweet affection I would wage my war with any and all.

The woman, moved by this, rose her sword above them both and in a falling swoop of its brilliant blade cut but his chest lightly. She then knelt to his heart and kissed the blood flowing from his deep and solemn heart.

She swore by its sacrifice to never cause the man pain. He grabbing her by the hair and pulling her head back, kissed her neck passionately and carefully, making each kiss, a show of defiance and adoration.

The two mad lovers, then went wild in their passions and emerged with the rising sun, in a deep and peaceful sleep, warm in their embrace and glowing in their love and the radiant sun.

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