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Washington D.C. Is Consumed By Light.[OWWC]

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posted on Oct, 4 2012 @ 09:32 PM
It was a cold dark January morning and in just a few hours President Obama is to be sworn in for his second term as POTUS. Little did we know this day would live in infamy. As the crowds began to grow in the National Mall; citizens anxious to see their President sworn in for another four years were gathering by the thousands. Before long it became impossible to move amongst the thick and hyped up crowd.

When the President made his arrival the crowd roared so loud that hearing loss may have actually occurred. As he took to the podium he glanced out over the cheering crowd. He waited for a moment reveling in his greatness before he began to speak. As he spoke his first word the explosion happened. In an instant Washington D.C was consumed by a giant ball of brilliant light. It could be seen for hundreds of miles in every direction. It pierced the sky and rained down fire from above. An Anti-matter bomb had just leveled the city. The force from the blast crumbled the masonry buildings left by our founding fathers and millions of people were burned into dust.

Soon, chaos erupted across the country. We had been attacked. But by Whom? And Why? These questions were prevalent in the minds of the masses and they wanted answers. All television, Internet, and Phone signals were shut down across the nation and information was traveling by word of mouth only. Most of the major players in the government were killed in the blast. The federal government disbanded leaving only the Marines to act as national police. The rest of the power went back to the states. The states were now responsible completely for the people within their borders. It was a chance to start over and the people were taking their chance. Still the people had no answers.

Within a few months the country of The United States no longer existed as it once had. In the aftermath of the bombing freedom was restored to the country via a military coup. The remaining cabal members still alive were arrested and sentenced to life in a hard labor camp at Alcatraz Island. When the coup was complete the states banded together to restore the original Constitution and to ensure that it may never be threatened or eroded again. They wrote clauses to prevent corruption and to prevent the federal government from becoming more powerful than the people.

A new monetary system was emplaced based of tradable goods as well as gold and silver. In just five years we did away with the class system. Everyone is now equal and prospers all the same. This has happened not by force of big government but by the will of the people. Crime in our country is still present but only a fraction of what it was in the past. In just five years the nationwide murder rate is almost nonexistent. It’s been over two weeks since anyone has been murdered nationwide. People are friendlier and neighbors once again look out for each other. You here the old timers say it is like back in the 50s. Overall, Americans were living in their own paradise and the rest of the world was beginning to catch on.

It was ten years before the truth of that fateful day would come out. As it turns out the bombing was the first strike in the military coup that saved our freedom. Some were angry due to the fact that millions of people died that day. Those who had family and friends killed were especially angry. Others were ok with the idea that those who died were sacrificed for the greater good. People knew it would take many years for the anger to settle and it became almost taboo to discuss the matter in public. But, the people live on and are progressing nicely.

Free energy has arrived and life on planet Earth just could not get any better. Looking back it is hard to believe that we were once all slaves to such a few. Now we are only slaves of happiness and peace. Our story is a grand one and will set the example that will bring Mother Earth into a utopia state. Other countries are taking their powers back and defending their freedoms in the name of peace. Soon our home shall be a paradise to all.

posted on Oct, 4 2012 @ 09:52 PM
SO if there is an antimatter blast over DC in January we now know who to blame...

Good story but mostly wishful thinking. I think it will be much worse.

posted on Oct, 4 2012 @ 10:17 PM
I would love to see our country turn out this way. But without the millions dying.

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