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The Obamtards Rejoice.[OWWC]

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posted on Oct, 4 2012 @ 12:32 PM
Well it is now the 5th of November and the country is in an uproar over the chaotic events of yesterday. As the day progressed it looked more and more like Mitt Romney may become the newest President of The United States. The Romneytards were out in full force pledging their allegiance to the war mongering soon to be dictator of our crumbling nation. However, in a last ditch effort the Obamatards took over and left the Romneytards sulking in utter defeat.

So now we see the Obamatards taking to the streets today bringing a close to all business and daily activities. They are carrying signs that portray him as the savior of mankind. They cry out in happiness and talk loud and proud about how the government will now pay their bills and give them what they need. Churches that support the Obamatards are ringing their bells like they will never be able to do so again. Obamatards are out spending money they don’t have on useless consumer goods because they believe that Obama will pay for it all.

Billboards across the country have risen overnight with adorations from his loyal followers. This election has created a cult mentality within the Obamatards and they now pledge their undying loyalty to their glorious leader.

Meanwhile in D.C. President Obama’s first action upon learning the results was to pick up his red phone and give the go ahead for the start of Operation Global Dominance. His first call was to the US military commanders to order them to begin the preparations for martial law. He would soon be able to revel in his plan to have total dominate control. It will only be a matter of days before the public can’t deny what is happening. However the Obamatards will help him succeed in his diabolical plan to control the world.

As he turns on the television to see his flock gathered in the streets with adoration a huge smirk arises upon his face. He can only think of one thing to say as he chuckles at his desk...


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