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BBC- 'Conspiracy Road Trip 7/7'- Plant[s] Used in Documentary Debunking Conspiracies?

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posted on Oct, 4 2012 @ 12:24 PM
In a very similar take on the BBC documentary on 9/11, the BBC recently aired 'Conspiracy Road Trip 7/7'.

The documentary is an attempt to show the 'conspiracy theorists' are wrong and that the official version is correct-

The set up of the documentary is to gather 'conspiracy theorists' and then basically debunk their arguments- it's propaganda.

Interestingly, there is a video on youtube that shows the real view of one of the 'conspiracy theorists' that was used for the show-

He was approached and told it would be an investigation into the 7/7 bombings. However, he says it was more like a reality show, the producers were not interested in facts and the show was made solely to reinforce support for the government's official story-

The program ended up looking like more of a reality show than a genuine investigation, as two of the participants were prodded into bickering in an effort to make anyone who questions 7/7 look crazy, ill-informed, or insensitive to the victims.

Part 3 is a very good example of how the BBC worked this (one of the paticipants who was supposed to be initially a 'conspiracy theorist' is arguably a plant to discredit the other people involved)-

It's filmed in a way to completely discredit the 'conspiracy theorist' view, it's blatant and let's be honest, it is truly disgusting!

It is arguable that 'Layla', one of the participants is a plant to discredit the view of the conspiracy theorists- as the documentary goes on, she turns personal against the other participants, which serves in making those still against the official version as wacky and stupid. Absolutely disgusting

In Part 4, absolutely shameless propaganda continues-

Presenter: "So now you all no longer listen to those #ing online idiots". I don't think I've ever seen propaganda quite like this before. At the end of the documentary, the 'conspiracy theorists' have been debunked and the official version is 'proven' correct.

They even visit the 7/7 memorial, "Don't listen to conspiracies, they offend the victims, listen to the government, they know what is best for you, don't listen to those silly online conspiracies".

On getting through to part 4, I would say perhaps 3/4 of the participants were plants (or never knew that much about the conspiracy in the first place). Only Jon doesn't change his views, and his real view is seen above as the show was a set up to make discourage people looking into conspiracy theorists.

Very sad it has come to this IMO.

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posted on Oct, 4 2012 @ 02:53 PM
Might be interesting to first watch the actual 7/7 video then compare it to the government propaganda.

posted on Oct, 4 2012 @ 04:45 PM
typical of the zionist bbc got the flimsiest of conspiracy theorists to do the program and why 4 i am sure they could have found more with stronger beliefs that wouldn't have been swayed so easy , john was the only one with well grounded beliefs thats why his view didn't change,,

it was just what was expected of the British media anyway bbc (British bias company)

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