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posted on Oct, 3 2012 @ 12:49 PM
This is a stream of thoughts that can be read from top to bottom, or bottom to top. Enjoy.




Unimaginable penetration of sense and logical thinking.
Criticism and unrealistic thoughts of all and anything that surrounds you.
Knuckle cracking, and coping mechanisms that do not change a thing.
Ropes tying you like a criminal in the old days.
No matter where you run to, there is something holding you back.
It is the people pointing guns at you telling you to freeze.
Whatever you do, it’s the wrong thing to do.
The knife at your back threatening to split your spine, and shatter your bones which will disperse throughout your body.
Is is the cold of everything around you, and the flames that burn inside.
The fear of entering a crevice or cave, and projection of being trapped there forever.
A giant fall that awaits you at every step, no matter how sturdy the bridge or ground.
An earth quake shaking in a flat location that never experiences more than rain and sun.
Vibrations turning into violent shakes.
And sweat dripping down when you freeze in an Alaskan snowfall.
The clenched fists, curled toes, and fear, but no idea how to shout for help.
A nightmare that will not end.
A castle surrounding you, with everything in the world outside struggling to continue the siege.
You just want to give up.
Give in.
Say hello to it, shake its hand and just accept it.
It won’t go away.
Where there is light there is shadow.
If you are there, it is too.


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