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The Pursuit of Knowledge

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posted on Oct, 3 2012 @ 11:44 AM
Thank you to the author of The Replacements, graceunderpressure.
I hope that their piece of work does not influence me too much, but I cannot deny that it was inspiration to write this story.

The President leaves the press room, and walks down the hall way, glittered with a shiny smile and surrounded by an aura of satisfaction. His jaw hurts, but that is nothing new.

His speech went according to plan, as it always does, and every single person in the crowd responded well. The crowd consists of more than just those in the room. It is the people all around the world behind their television sets, and some various others.

President Obama walks with Michelle, and without security which is different for usual White House custom. He is safe here, in this plaza of power. He sits on a hill, the world is his playground, and nobody has fought for his spot in years. Well some have, but they're dead for the most part.

He gets to his room, again unguarded, and sits in his bed. He grabs his laptop out of his bedside table, and opens it up. His homepage, loads in milliseconds and he views the daily statistics. He sees the general trends, which countries are most resistant to his power and is okay with what he sees. The desire to murder him is down 5%, remaining at 1% with America as the leading hater of him.

He clicks on 1% to see which states may need to be eliminated. They're all pretty equal, and there is a notification on the bottom.
"These statistics are not fully gathered from, but the internet as a whole."
He clicks on a follow up link that reads "Leading websites that are against the improvement of the world".
It shows a list of websites. The leading link is abbreviated by "GLP". He is not concerned as GLP is one of his projects to gain information regarding possible riots against his presidency. GLP is covered by his team of experts.
The next website is a website who's statistics don't even match up to the influence they have on the world. The abbreviation ATS shows up to represent this website, and it reminds him of the nightmares he's been having about the people on the website.
"They know too damn much," he mutters.

He clicks ATS and finds a trending discussion. He enters and reads it. It regards some thoughts about him being a clone and not actually being human. He types up a reply about how this is just some conspiracy-nut quality BS, and double checks that he's following 'cointelpro' procedure. He notices his security team has already replied anyways. They do this with every thread, no matter how far off it actually is from the truth so people don't catch on debunkers who debunk some conspiracies, but let other equally ridiculous ones go right on.
The next thread however is quite valid though and he writes up a much larger reply to throw the discussion off a bit. He cant let the public know that when China invaded America 25 years ago he actually supported it. It was actually one of the fundamentals that helped him build the 'great nation' he controls at present.
"Goddamn ATS. How the hell do they know everything?"

He contemplates the fact that if ATS members are so stupid to believe crazy conspiracies about him imprisoning and torturing the real Obama, then they will never really discover what he's actually up to.

He walks downstairs, past the kitchens, the storage room, nodding to random White House employees. He walks down some more stairs, striding carefully yet quickly. He approaches the end of the hall, towards a door as large as one you'd see in a mansion.
He opens the door and suddenly hears the shouting, yelling, and curses about him.

"SILENCE," he yells, and the prisoners in the cells along the walls all the way up to the ceiling hardly make a sound.
"You all think you will get out? Your biggest supporters will always only get so far as gaining information. You think they will save you?"
"They will save us. You have underestimated us," says an old man, croaking from a cell on the ground floor.
"Shut your mouth Barrack. You all sit in a cell, incapable of doing anything. I have not underestimated you at all."
"Ha, ha," the real Barrack Obama laughs.
"What?" snaps the identical, yet well dressed and clean Barrack Obama.
"No. You did not underestimate us in here. You underestimated the human race. Knowledge is everything. Those people you spit down upon are doing much more than you think! You'll see. And then you won't."
"Tell me what you are talking about."
"No," replies the imprisoned Barrack.

With that the ground begins to crumble, shake, and the building sways.
Always strive for knowledge. It is power. And when all seems clear, it is cloudy. And when it seems cloudy, expect more clouds. And when you are in the middle of the clouds, don't just accept it. Knowledge is power.


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