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Be the Miracle

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posted on Oct, 2 2012 @ 03:54 PM
The Fuel Project is an independent Christian organization that created the intriguing and informative "Know Your Enemy" YouTube series, as well as the new series "Stay Free" which is still in progress. Yesterday afternoon The Fuel Project posted this quote on their Facebook page, and it was so inspirational to me that I wanted to share.

"You’ve heard about this video that insults Mohammed and the protests haven’t you? Well last week in Cairo a mob of 600 people armed with guns made their way to an Evangelical Church and painted a slogan on the wall saying, "Death to the worshipers of the cross!"

Praying inside was a church pastor with some 30 young people. They assumed the destruction of the building was inevitable but prayed for a miracle.

They damaged the downstairs bookshop. But then a man told the crowd to stop because Christians from that church had come to his aid and tended his wounds when he was hurt in the revolution. Another Muslim man told the crowd these were the Christians who had offered them water to wash with before their Muslim prayers. The crowd went silent, turned around and went on their way."

Source: Open Doors via HistoryMakers

(I tried to find the original source on this but whaddoyaknow - trying to find good news in this day and age is like looking for a needle in a haystack.)

And if you aren't familiar with any of the "Know Your Enemy" videos, I HIGHLY recommend them. The series effectively penetrates the secrets and symbols of Mystery Babylon and cover topics like the Antichrist, Islam, secret societies and the coming New World Order. There are 70-something videos in the series, but I hope this intro video will capture your interest.

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