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Some poems I wrote today

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posted on Oct, 2 2012 @ 03:29 PM
These are some poems I wrote today.

*The Rock of Avoidance*

Oh you sit on your rock,
away from the waves,
but its down to the clock,
for when you go unsaved,
Oh you sit on your rock.

Oh you think I am lying,
about evil and bad,
but you are sighing,
a sign you are sad,
Oh you sit on your rock.

You sit on your rock,
avoiding the waves,
but it’s down to the clock,
for when you show up late,
Oh you sit on your rock.

Ha, you sit on that rock,
and pretend all is awesome,
but you are so fearful,
of the waves that are tossin’,
Oh you sit on your rock.

So get off your rock,
and save yourself, smile and laugh, live for a cause,
because there’s no time on the clock,
it just started to pause,
don’t just sit on your rock.

*The Evil and Unknown*

The vines are growing,
attacking us with spears,
covering what we’ve built,
dragging it into the fear,
the evils and unknown.

The bad is aware,
not suddenly at all,
it has known for a while,
that its grasp will make us fall,
to the evils and unknown.

We must focus on our path,
and the time is right now,
we cannot wait for change,
or ask ourselves what why and how,
we fell to the evil and unknown.

Look up to something,
as long as you redirect your focus,
we look upon the wrong,
this is a matter we cannot joke with,
for its fueled by the evil and unknown.

And if we do this,
we will succeed,
for greatness is our fate,
but only if we choose to proceed,
and leave the evil and unknown.

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