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What happened after the 2012 Election, that gave China what they wanted [OWWC]

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posted on Oct, 2 2012 @ 03:39 AM
I am writing this from the year 2030.The new overlords lay down a pretty heavy hand on the population. I'm writing from the Xing Chao province of what use to be on the East Coast of America. The Chinese are asserting their full power. The America you knew no longer exists, as many who were younger then are currently finding out the hard way, I will explain.

It began like every Presidential relection, innocently enough, most people were happy, of course as in any election the other side was not. But the President remained in his role for the first two years, and then things began to go awry.Your President Obama did not fully contrive all this, but other Presidents before him who wanted the NWO conspired to it. They finally figured out that the best way to accomplish this was to owe money to China. President Obama was easiest to get to with their offer of "help:" The Mainstream Media and congress worked hand in hand in nearly every Presidential election, by not fully vetting for the office of the President

My parents told me that the changeover was complete when the Illuminti had activated project Bluebeam and HAARP)as this made the people more ready for someone who could take over and face the "alien invasion' with a show of force. I was told the government was pretty much prepared for taking over if their was a resistance in the country at that time, your FEMA had camps set up for the resisters and coffins ready for those who would never cave in. It turned out not all of this was many Presidential ideas, but the Illuminati who were secretly in control..The Presidents were toward the latter years compelled to go along with Illuminati(By the way now the Illuminati no longer exist, the Chinese saw to that).

My parents and the other Americans, got their orders and we still do between President and all others afterward, President Obama remained incharge until the year 2016,after him. He/she communicates with their leader, (there are no members of congress, supreme court etc. and even the President works along side with the people, and is contacted only when the World leader has new idea) who now has finally gotten what they've always world domination the orders that the people have to follow. But let me cut to the chase, and tell you what happened after your crucial election.

My mother and father and older siblings, and many more older Americans were finally "captured" when they had aged too much and came before the review board to have medical procedures done by their doctors the decisions made by people who retained minor power. They don't want many Americans living that remember how it used to be. Those people are considered "problems".

Children are still of value as they can easily be adaptable to most any situation, and raised to be compliant.

I go off now in search of others who are resisters, I am told that there could be many but probably not enough to make that big of difference but at least we try. You could not have fully comprehended what was being contrived behind your backs the usual suspects were all involved for many years.

Suffice it to say elections at any level did count.

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posted on Oct, 2 2012 @ 04:14 AM
reply to post by 1loserel2

Your forgot to write the End!!!

posted on Oct, 2 2012 @ 07:52 AM
reply to post by AthlonSavage

I think I probably should've elaborated on my statement that all elections mattered. For from the beginning to your local commissioners and on through Governors and eventually Congress and the Presidency, they did matter. Since we can't rely on the MSM to do the vetting we needed to do it ourselves. Congress and the Presidency get their start somewhere down the line in Politics.

Right now there is no ending, only the fight from the resistance. Besides the vortex that allows me to open up and write through to the past only opens when certain phenomena is occuring. It's starting to close now, and I will keep you updated.

Thanks for your response.

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