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DeMint joins national effort to keep feds from bailing out state pension systems - Yea, more bail ou

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posted on Oct, 1 2012 @ 12:22 AM
Honestly, I foresaw this – the Liberal Democrats in Illinois run the State into the ground financially pandering to unions to keep their hegemony in the government. So, let me get this straight how many of the former Governors/Legislators of Illinois are in jail for corruption?

They pander to the public (and private) sector unions in exchange for campaign donations by making huge promises they know full well they won’t be able to keep but will never be held accountable for since they will be long gone by the time the bills come due. Incidentally, they are all living on their own self approved and absurd golden parachute plans. It’s all just a money laundering scam...


Illinois Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn is getting hit with a nationwide backlash over his suggestion that the federal government bail out the state employees’ pension program.

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Oh, now this is awesome I mean why would he take responsibility as the Chief Executive for the financial issues?

Critics have in the past several days pounced on the suggestion, made last year when Quinn, in announcing the state’s fiscal 2012 budget, said part of Illinois' long-term effort to reduce the estimate $167 billion in under-funded liabilities would be to seek “a federal guarantee of the debt.”

Among those leading the charge is Republican Sen. Jim DeMint. The South Carolina senator has joined the Illinois Policy Institute’s national “No Pension Bailout” campaign -- an effort to stop Congress from attempting to rescue failing state and municipal pension plans.

“Our greatest concern is states will assume they can run their pension systems into bankruptcy and then turn to the federal government for bailout,” DeMint said Thursday.

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So the entitlement and welfare State that is Illinois and their Democratic party have been giving out money to people and groups via favorable legislation in exchange for votes for going on 50 years now and finally have realized that spending like Sailors on shore leave will eventually lead to financial ruin.

That’s ok because the citizens of the States who have not been sucking at the teat of corruption will be there to pay the bills. I mean they are too big to fail right. BS these crooks have made their bed time to sleep in it.

He also suggested the problem is the result of state legislators trying for decades to win over voters through pension promises based “on accounting methods that would put any business in jail.”

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Awesome statement! This of course is blatantly obvious to everyone but evidently the criminal corrupt politicians in Illinois and the sheep who vote them into office. Hey, just an observation but I think our President might have learned a thing or two from these guys. He is good...

The conservative policy group estimates the total amount of under-funded pension liabilities in states is at least $2.5 trillion, with Illinois leading the nation.

The Wall Street Journal’s editorial writers recently said: “Sooner or later, we knew it would come down to this since the Democrats who are running Illinois into the ground can’t bring themselves to oppose union demands.”
In addition, an editorial Tuesday in the Chicago Tribune argued that saving Illinois will “start a stampede of demands for equal treatment from other financially troubled states” with public pension debts ranging from $1 trillion to $25 trillion.

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Won’t it be swell when NY, CA and all the other bankrupt liberal States can apply for their “bailouts” too? I mean why take responsibility for your own decisions and actions when Uncle Sugar is there to bail you out.

I mean its bad enough that these few very populated liberal States virtually control the National agenda with their proportion of the electoral college representation shoving their liberal crap on the small red States - but now in addition to being all but marginalized in our own country now, in addition we get the privilege to pay for it. Neato!

Of course the citizens of the States who have been living within (more realistically at least - closer to their means) should bear the burden of years of financial mismanagement by crooks and shysters who bought votes with treasury money in these States.

This situation is sad and pathetic and represents everything that is wrong with our system.

I say let Illinois the idiots who voted these criminals into power starve and choke on their stupidity.

Who was it that said democracy will only last until the masses learn that they can vote themselves money from the treasury? I think we have reached the point. Clearly the end is neigh!

It is my most sincere hope that the other States reject this crap out of hand and if the POTUS decides to display his God-King complex and Exec Order the ants bail out the grasshoppers that there is a massive secession movement. What benefit is there to remaining in the Union for the solvent and disciplined "flyovers" if the only thing they get out of it is liability. At that point the relationship seems a little one-sided.

Honestly, this ridiculous idea could (should be) the catalyst of the next Civil War!

I am moving to the first State that does secede. Perhaps they can bump me up to full Colonel and give me an SF unit Command. It would be worth it to die for a cause like this at least after my daughter reaches the age of majority.
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posted on Oct, 1 2012 @ 12:36 AM

It would be worth it to die for a cause like this at least after my daughter reaches the age of majority.

Yes, it is totally worth it to die over pension funds.

posted on Oct, 1 2012 @ 01:16 AM

Originally posted by TsukiLunar

It would be worth it to die for a cause like this at least after my daughter reaches the age of majority.

Yes, it is totally worth it to die over pension funds.

Sorry that's what you got out of that...

Money is not worht dying over - but it is worth it to die fighting for the rights of States to protect their citizens from the irresponsible financial actions of the citizens of other States.

That is supposed to be the role of the federal government – however, they are in on it. They have a vested interest in keeping the States dependant on their “handouts” because they can blackmail them into homogenizing their laws to suit the controlling party’s National agenda. This negates the intended benifit fo the right in a republic to vote with our feet. If the fed homogenizes all the laws there is really no benifit in chosing to live in one State over antoher.

Fighting for something one believes in is always worth it. Then again I have been a Solider all my life so this does not scare me.

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