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posted on Sep, 29 2012 @ 01:44 PM
There is a fire

In this world
The truth is hard to see
Truth will be truth
Lies will become dust
Truth's a burning flame
Truth will make
Dust back to dust
Lies will burn away
Flow of life
Seed within
Essence true
Is a fire burning
Deep within

The lie has an eye
Burried in the shadows
Watching you
Watching me
Here upon this stage
Sees the pain
Hear the cry
Yet its all a game

Heart of stone
Knows of love
Yet are never touched
Always in the game

Eye in shadows
Look behind
Deep within the darkness
Is an eye
Is a fire
Watching you from inside
Every spark you use to play
Every heart you try to break
Nothing will escape it
Eye of dark dark fire
Heart of pure pure love

Know now this
Inside of you
Inside in me
The fire's always burning
The seed of life
So deep within
Is that very fire
Essence of all existence
Nothing moves
Nothing breathes
If not for that spirit

You took that flame
You split it up
You grew the lie
So deeply

Truth will come
The flame of one
Will shine so bright
And lies will go
In flames to dust

The game you play so very well
Is burning in the fire
And dust it be

You yourself
King of lies
What about your balance
Is there still a place within
Where you could touch the fire
Is there still a hope of truth
A place for something higher

Or will dust
Be all there is
When the fire had its burning
The choice is yours
To be erased
Or touch that truth of fire

Balanced ways
Will flow again
Living from the heart out
Balanced ways from truthfull hearts
You may hear the music
You may hear the call

In your heart
Oh king of lies
Is there still a heartbeat?
Is the silence touching you
Does the fear take over
Still if you could chose, my dear
You would reach a balance

The way you kept this world
Your slave
Can you leave that program
Can you chose to be

Could you grasp that moment
Where everything will be
Could you touch forever
And be that heart so free


You contol the system
You are the system
The machine

You laugh when you see us
Your sheeple
Working bees
Oh how controlled we are
How easy to direct, programme
How you even direct our soul
Pretending for it to learn
All a game

Yet, did you know, that we
Your slaves
Do recognize truth within eachothers hearts
Have the ability to connect that deep
That we sense eternity in the glimpse of an eye

Can you go deeper?
Touch eternity?
So who is controlled?

You have what you think is eternal life
You have your families
Group of souls
Playing the game
Having fun?

You percieve this as reality
Yet it is just few layers of creation
Creation goes deep
Yet from the eye of the spirit
All creation is but dust
You think you have figured it out
Just using the flaw of creation
Building your own sweet place
Yet even Prime Creator have to learn
If this existence will not honor truth and spirit
Balanced life of love
All is but dust

You think that you are here eternal
Ancient soul
Life after life
Controlling the senses
Contoller of time
Yet the soul is but this
A voice between matter and spirit
When the truth dawn, and it will dawn
All souls that do not have a true intention to align
Will realize from within to be a mere illusion

The ways before the fall will be restored
Simple happy life with depth and love
Beauty will unfold
Trust will replace laws
Unity will replace borders

The flame will not know of pity
Will only seek truth inside
As equal seek equal
Still there are hearts in this world
Who calls out for you
Without judging
Just hoping for even you to seek that balance
For balance will arrive
Whether you are there or not
It already moves
Inside and outside
Building up
Moment by moment

You are a big gameplayer
This is only a tiny voice
But one of many
We become an ocean


The hopelessness
The ridiculing
The mind of the media-zombie
Wars, violence, threaths

You have tried it all
You have become the machine
You own the politicancs, laws, economic system
You have created the money system so that debt is a bleeding wound within this world

Still you have no peace
Still you wake up at night, worried
Contol will control you

Where did you beautiful dreams go
Do you remember
Nights under the stars
In awe of All
Having fun
Falling in love
Do you?

I do
I never changed
Many of us never did
We just held on to our hearts
To what we knew was true
Burried deep within
A secret flame in a world of lies
Just knowing eachother silently
Passing by on the street
Oh longing so deep
I know you long too
Even you hide it
Longs for us
Longs for those starry nights
Well we're still here
And the world will be free
All will fall in love
So yours is the choice
If you need help
To break the machine
You know where to seek

Remembering with love

There are no blame involved
We do not use blame
It's all about love
Love in balance with the seed of life

posted on Sep, 29 2012 @ 02:29 PM
Beautiful! Thank you for this wisdom ! truth is out there we just need to see it!

posted on Sep, 29 2012 @ 02:32 PM

Originally posted by DavidEspinosa
Beautiful! Thank you for this wisdom ! truth is out there we just need to see it!

Yes... closer than our heartbeat and our own breathe
Truth is there
We need just remember

posted on Sep, 29 2012 @ 07:57 PM
reply to post by laffoe

I really admire the way you put in words something that can't be put in words.

Thank you, I am definately feeling you.

posted on Sep, 30 2012 @ 01:09 AM
reply to post by ButtahFlyFX

If you feel love from the words it is intended
Yet it is the amazing love of your own heart you feel
If you are touched by hope, it's intended too
Still it is your own hope
If all I ever wrote had to touch only one heart
Make one soul ponder, it would be worth it
In this world where forgetfulness dwells
Such need to remember

Love and respect

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