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Zionism, Palestian, Israelis/Jews You Do something about it

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posted on Sep, 28 2012 @ 12:18 AM
I want to say that the only way Zionism, Palestinian middle east issue will ever get resolve is if the Israelis and the Jews themselves do something about it. Honestly this is a very touchy subject, more so if you a goyim (lol). This is a hot foot subject obviously.

I feel like majoirty of those who are responsible for not doing anything about there governments attitude are the Jewish religion themselves. Because they could obviously fight through protest, peaceful etc. I thought Israel was a democracy? Well, whose fault is it? The west? I dont know... Zionist? Sure there is some zionist that are nice, misunderstood unsure.

The entity of the Jewish religion united could help evolve there own government. Although, it will never happen and yes those who protest are bringing awareness. Nothing will change

Am I anti zionist? yes and no, i'm for the better of both sides, if zionist means bulldozing areas then no. again, very touchy subject . Because i am not going the leave everyone out, there is always a gray side

what do you think?
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posted on Sep, 28 2012 @ 12:40 AM

Originally posted by Jordan River
what do you think?

I think there needs to be a violent israeli spring.
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posted on Sep, 28 2012 @ 01:10 AM
You know what?

Your both CORRECT, I have been arguing on the pro side of dealing with Iran all week. For a very simple reason, not because i'm a patriot, not because i'm Jewish I'm kind of Libertarian and Agnostic by nature... all that stuff is junk to me, junk food for the mind, not a banner waver. I argue it because I consider Religion on the march for dominance to be the greatest threat there is to human freedom and enlightenment.

But there is a simple truth

We all have to deal with our extremists

If we want this to stop we all literally have to be willing to stop being afraid and realize it's our extremists in our own midst that do this, they move among us, they create fear while causing harm themselves.

If your Mexican and you want Americans to not be jerks about immigration you can't allow La raza in your hood

If your Jewish you have to separate from the Orthodox sect

If your Muslim you have to banish anyone who holds the concept of Jihad

If your American and Black you have to throw the gangstas out of your cities, if your White you have to work to control the Military industrial complex again

and on and on...

We must deal with our own Fanatics

Because they hide among us... It really hit me like a minor Epiphany Just a few moments ago and it is realistically the same experience for us all...

I remember growing up, fitting in, being a normal kid, Jewish got presents on Hanukkah but dressed and ate and lived like everyone else and my neighborhood was mixed and sure minor stereo types but I belonged never encountered hatred.

But then Orthodox moved in, there were many Jewish families like my own so they moved one at a time among us and in a million ways i can not explain life got worse, they were nice enough but everything changed it became all about them and nothing else, every store,'s hard to explain, it just wasn't Normal any more

But one day, I was out at night and heard for the first time from a table near me "God I Hate Jews"

And that sucked...

Because my Jews were a normal culture minor ethnic stereotypes perhaps like anyone else but we did as any Normal person does any polite people we Adapted and lived within the culture we moved to, we were American, I was 2 generations in I was American Only

But these guys are radical, they stand out on purpose, they do not assimilate they do look down on others they insist the world around them change for them... and then comes the hatred for them by others

I see the same for Islamic people

They flee they move to get away, they start businesses and they are always FOLLOWED by radicals and where ever they go, eventually there are the street toughs "defending Islam" there come the nuts wanting Sharia law and...there goes the neighborhood

Polite people move to integrate and create a better life.

And we both get FOLLOWED where ever we go by the jerk offs

It's hard to do, to turn on those who "Label" themselves as your own, they instill fear, the find the hopeless among you and bring them back to the old ways and slowly dominate everything around you

But that is the answer

We all have to kick the crap out of our own Radicals.. Stop them, boot them out, let them know we aren't like them just because we share a faith or skin color or whatever...

If we don't this never ends

posted on Sep, 28 2012 @ 08:22 AM
reply to post by penninja

I agree with you, there's only so much we as regular citizens can do, and we need to start at home, with our own neighborhoods.

Insisting that people be civilized or leave is a logical route to take. Because the populations are so huge, nations are widely disparate.

@ the OP: I have no idea when you get to the nitty-grit.

I really don't feel like it has anything to do with me or my life. I'm not Jewish, and my "ancestral homeland" would be one of the following: Germany, Finland, England, Ireland, Scotland. On my dad's side I'm third generation American; on my mom's further back a couple on one side, all the way back to the Pilgrims on the other.

To me, the Jewish/Zionist thing seems vaguely like the Aryan diaspora. I don't understand it very well, and want no part of the divisiveness and "solidarity" based on race, creed, or ethnicity.

posted on Sep, 28 2012 @ 10:10 PM
reply to post by penninja

So if I'm Jewish all I have to do is disavow Orthodoxy but if 'm white I need to stop the Military Industrial complex? All by myself?

Methinks someone is gettin' off too easy on these assignments for world peace.

posted on Sep, 29 2012 @ 01:00 AM

Originally posted by ABNARTY
reply to post by penninja

So if I'm Jewish all I have to do is disavow Orthodoxy but if 'm white I need to stop the Military Industrial complex? All by myself?

Methinks someone is gettin' off too easy on these assignments for world peace.

LOL they were examples on the fly... that's funny tho

In the end I think it would be easy if everyone did it, I hate to even use examples because not everyone from every example would even fit, people are individuals

None the less non participation would be key

The more hippie dippy and new age crowds talk of "awakening" but I don't think much awaking so to speak is needed by most people I think the majority of people are there

It's getting everyone every where to do it at once.

I will talk trash sometimes, take this crisis Iran Israel... In most arguments I'm pro a side and it's not Iran, WHY? Because i don't see this happening, people acting in unison globally, so it's not that i think American corporate Imperialism is wonderful nor Israeli Zionism...

it's here I have to get stuck with things like "Lesser of two evils" "priority of threat" "enemy of my enemy is my friend" "choosing a side, sit in crap or stand in crap"

Because if YOUR side plays Ghandi Alone and the other side doesn't your screwed and your doomed.

So we have to do it in tandem globally, everyone

Or you have to go with take down one group of extremists perpetually, look at WW2, we succeeded German and Japan as cultures are certainly ///looking for a word here... "cooler"? whatever than the USA is right now, we blasted them and took down the bulk of their loonies, now we are kind of high up there on the loony list ourselves...

So I suppose I leave the topic with a question

How do we get everyone who is "normal" the bulk of people by far I honestly believe that of every culture and region... to stand at the same time?

Lots of people talk of it but no one has a remotely viable method to get it done, including me...

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