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French Explorer Accused of Faking Death.

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posted on Oct, 16 2004 @ 02:41 PM

Arduin, who had sophisticated communications equipment and food for 17 days, was thought most likely to have drowned while kayaking between ice floes only 24km from her departure point.

Close associates of Arduin, who had dual Finnish-French nationality, yesterday dismissed the theory as implausible but they confirmed she had invented a false past. Some suspected she had a death wish. In 2003, Arduin was rescued from a failed first attempt to trek to the pole. Most of her toes were amputated after succumbing to frostbite.

"There were no traces found after her. For over a year before she left for Russia she studied the language intensively. She also had some contact with people living there before she left."

edit:bold type added by me

So someone who allegedly lost 'most' toes attempts to ski (nordic) to the north pole again.
I wonder if there is a hidden agenda...*spy*



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