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The "idea" of god and religion

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posted on Oct, 16 2004 @ 06:14 AM
Just wondering how many people (if anyone) have the same opinion / theory as me. The bible, whatever the heck the original version contained, and jesus's/gods teachings were not specific to ONE religion. I believe the stories being told nowadays are being taken way to literally, especially considering it's well known many of them have been taken out, added or modified to suit whatever king was ruling at the time (I belive the romans were notorious for this when they adopted christianity).

I was bought up a christian, and for most of my life I have blindly believed everything the bible has said with no questions. However, as I grow older, and learn more and more about our world and the way it works, more and more cracks appear on the story of god and the creation of this world if you take the stories literally / semi-literally.

I think it would be a foolish man to throw the bible away completley because it contains alot of wisdom. I believe the bible in it's original form was not so much of a "you WILL bow down before me or I shall smote you to the deepest depths of hell where you will burn for all eternity", instead it was more a "if mankind take these general guidelines i have suggested here then you will find world peace will be achievable and you will probably have alot more pleasant of a life".

Let's face it. Religion causes violence and alienation. History prooves that statement. What if god (in whatever form he/she/it/they came in) was trying to tell us to treat each other with respect, love ourselves, our collegues and wake up every morning praising the fact that we are still alive. There are beautiful birds songs to listen to, playfull dogs to have fun with, people to talk to, love and support. A roof over our heads, food in our stomachs...

When you look at the bible this way, it does make alot of sense, and doesn't seem so silly and irrelevant. In fact it becomes very similar to the teachings of budha (sp?), who REPEATEDLY told people NOT to worship him as he was just one man with a bunch of ideals and theories about how we could all live in harmony.

Personally, I believe religion is a discrete form of governance. A way to keep a population under control through fear. Fear of eternal damnation. Possibly a long time ago christianity was merely an ideal, a bunch of ideas by which we could follow as we saw fit which in turn helped us to live better lives, but it seems it has turned into a way to turn a group of people into mindless zombies.

My idea of god does not totally do away with the bible, nor does it discredit other religions, OR athiests. Simply put. Yes, there is a god. What form that god takes is not known, "God" could be one or more aliens. "God" could be one single being which has existsed since the beginning of time. "God" could be the energy which created this universe. "God" could be anything. I have power over whether a spider lives. In the spiders eyes, this makes me god. An egyptian pharoah had power over where his believers lived or not. To them, he was a god. It's all relative. "God" might just be the group of ideals which could help us to live better, an "attitude towards life" if you like.

Hopefully I've explained how I fell well enough that there will be no misinterpretations. If most people took a similar opinion / attitude towards the idea of "god" then I believe many wars, and much discrimination would not exist. People would accept each other for what they were, they would have an IDEA of god, but would not kill each other over their different beliefs in this higher power (or self posessed power if you belive that each and every one of us is "god" in our own right).

posted on Oct, 16 2004 @ 06:45 AM

Originally posted by LordGoofus
People would accept each other for what they were, they would have an IDEA of god, but would not kill each other over their different beliefs in this higher power (or self posessed power if you belive that each and every one of us is "god" in our own right).

That's what the bible says, we are all gods

At any rate, I agree. Religion (as in fanatical and direct religion) is completely unneccesary to have in the world. Most of the teachings in the bible doesnt really have anything to do with "God" (example, the 10 commandments is logic, nothing more). We only need to be aware of what we are.

If that was what you said that is. Its so easy to misinterpret

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posted on Oct, 16 2004 @ 06:48 AM
I think that is the most considered opinion I have heard in ages. I have very similar beliefs to your good self. Be careful though a lot of people on the board are not open minded you may feel like hitting your head against a brick wall!

posted on Oct, 16 2004 @ 07:23 AM
I also have an idea as to the whole creationism vs evolution thing which continues on from this "idea" of a god but you can probably work out what it is without me going into depths. It's just funny how taking this sort of approach towards the idea of god makes so many things fall into place. Universe was created via big bang, caused by energy being condensed to the point where it results in a cataclysmic explosion (singularity, then big bang), THEN we evolved. Multi-universes become possible without offending any sort of religion, ghosts are possible, aliens are a possibility.

Anyway I could keep going on for hours as it's an idea that I really believe has a real potential to change the way humanity lives and sees itself. I know I'm not an expert in all forms of science & religion, but from my (probably flawed) knowledge of physics, religion & biology it could almost turn into "the theory of everything"...but that's getting a lil too carried away and a bit fanatical which would contradict what the "idea" of god is all about hehe.

posted on Oct, 16 2004 @ 07:43 AM
we must be careful not to let science replace god, in that we shouldnt worship it but remain open minded.

posted on Oct, 16 2004 @ 09:05 AM
Thats a good post, unfortunately your reaching out to all the wrong people. It's some of the heavily subdued middle eastern countries that desperately need this sort of message told to them.

I do however like your statements about what should be taken literally, it would make sense that every culture had thier saviour (Jesus Christ). Someone God would have delegated to spread the seeds of love.

*sigh* If only this message was told to more people.

posted on Oct, 16 2004 @ 06:57 PM
erm... let's just pretend that last post by me didn't happen shall we hehe. I tend to start talking dribble after a brewsky or twelve

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