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Kerry's Presidential Slogans

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posted on Oct, 16 2004 @ 12:08 AM
Simplified taxes: income - allowed expenses = give us the rest

Separation of Church and State = Only Democrats can troll for votes in church

Kerry and Edwards: we're the guys for the gay guys

Tax cuts, you don't need no stinkin' tax cuts!

Mt. St. Helen's blew up; Bush didn't respect her rights

It's all Bush's fault!

Party of the whackos, for the weirdos, and of all the fringe groups

If Florida votes for Bush, God will give them another hurricane

Jobs for everyone, especially immigrants

English, Spanglish, however you spell it is fine with the TEA

More money for education (teacher's unions), more money for schools (teacher's unions), more money for students (teacher's unions)

May no one ever be annoyed at the sight of the Christian faith

Clinton! Four more years - from now ...

Party of the rich white guys looking out for the poor minority folks

Boost the EPA until we all have a housing market like California

Anything you want? We'll say it. Anything you need? We'll subsidize it

Make conservative blacks more endangered than the spotted owl

Make too little money? We got it. Make to much money? We'll get it

We'll tear down your house to plant trees!

Taxing gas is Kerry's health plan solution: we'll all be healthier if all we can do is walk.

Eminent domain: we'll give your house to our friends in the name of the people


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