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Wally World, your Terror Superstore

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posted on Oct, 15 2004 @ 11:35 PM
Has anyone else thought about this stuff you can get at Wal-mart? I mean, if you were a terrorist, Wally can accessorize you and your whole squad:

Check this out:

A walkie-talkie, complete with built-in GPS (would be handy for steering SCUDs into the stands during a superbowl. How many people can walk through the capitol building with one of these in their pockets?

Now check this out:

A prepaid cellphone! They advertize that you can buy it without any kind of credit (or background) check . . .

"TracFone brings you cell phone service without a contract, credit check, security deposit, activation fee or cancellation fee if you discontinue service. There's also no minimum age requirement and no phone bills to pay."

Just the thing to keep Mulder and Scully from tapping in to your Jihadisquad's up-and-coming "surprise party."

And what special op would be complete without some night scopes, just like the American Devils use:

Night Owl Cyclops Compact Night Vision Monocular $137.87

And remember, it's important to learn from the mistakes of other trail blazers. You know how they pinned the Murrah building on McViegh, right? They tracked his gas purchases he made across the Western U.S. in that Ryder truck. But that won't be a problem for you, if you just purchase a Walmart Gift card:

Which can be bought with cash and used at any Wal-gas station in any Wal-mart parking lot in the U.S. without showing any ID. So don't worry if Ivan or Rashid haven't mastered English yet, they can still drive your team to the target without any pesky human attendants to remember faces and accents!

And with a paid-up "reloadable" Wal-mart cash card, your "cut-out" can purchase the items without even knowing who actually paid for them. Your supporters here in the states can purchase the cards, and never need to meet with the "new arrival" that will be using their money to set up an 'event.' Money laundering just went online.

* * * * * * *


Am I just super paranoid, and of a bete-nior frame of mind, or do the rest of you lay awake thinking about crud like this? Kinda makes you think that the clock is ticking on US's 0-1 record. . . .

I mean, if I can spot the security dangers inherent in techno-toys like these, don't you think the mullahs have noticed it, too?

posted on Oct, 15 2004 @ 11:41 PM
Very interesting to say the least.......gas bills huh.........

posted on Oct, 15 2004 @ 11:53 PM
Ah sorry bro lol... But the walmart halloween masks could be used for terrorist.
And you 4 got to mention they also sell box cutters there too.

A terrorist could walk into the toy section and garden area and get very imaginative ..say like a remote control airplane and lil'bit of insect pesticide could do the trick.

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[edit on 16-10-2004 by XPhiles]

posted on Oct, 16 2004 @ 12:17 AM
I really was trying to be serious with this thread. If you don't have anything to add but your halloween costume, you might consider editing your post and putting the pic in BTS.

posted on Oct, 16 2004 @ 12:19 AM
That's pretty funny XPhiles. I understand dr_strangelove's seriousness, but too bad I don't take these "credible" security threats seriously...

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posted on Oct, 16 2004 @ 12:29 AM
Good post!

This is giving up security for convenience in the same way we give up privacy rights for it.

Electronic "toys" are out of hand. Spying technology such as pinhole cameras, microphones etc. and the items listed above, have little civilian use beyond mere convenience. I'm sure drug dealers love those phones and why do I need night vision goggles? Or GPS on a walkie talkie with limited range? Who uses walkie talkies?

Anyway, the point is, technology is invading our privacy and compromising our security, all in the name of "progress" and new "markets".

I'm not sure it is stoppable and neither is terrorism.

posted on Oct, 16 2004 @ 12:31 AM
Well atleast the Night Owl Cyclops Compact Night Vision Monocular $137.87 is Gen 1, Which means poor picture quality and dont look into light with it or it will fry and be forever ruined.

Not until Gen2 does normal light not ruin the camera.

The US uses Gen 4 which I believe is still not allowed to be shipped outside the US.Plus it cost a few thousand bucks.

posted on Oct, 16 2004 @ 08:51 AM
Shadow XIX is right, gen I night vision might as well be green glasses with a flashlight, they suck. Also, I don't know if you're going for a personal attack on wal-mart here, but I can get that same stuff at Target, K-mart, Fleet Farm, etc....

posted on Oct, 16 2004 @ 12:01 PM
you can get the stuff anywhere. Even better stuff at Fry's Electronics. But I used them because I could easily link to their photos on the Wally webstore site.

My point is that there is more than enough stuff that would facilitate terrorists in most technology centers.

Take a look at the Radio Shack catalogue; they sell a number of devices that, while legal, are pretty much only suited to illegal activities.

pinhole camera in clock
$149.99 Perfect for discreet monitoring. PRODUCT FEATURES: Pinhole wide-angle lens Quartz movement (Mfr. Warranty: 90-day limited Model SLC1037 Security Labs SLC1037

Plugs into 2.5mm jack on your phone. On/off switch lets you pick which conversations to record*.*CAUTION: It is illegal in some states to record a conversation without the consent of all parties to the conversation, including the telephone company. Check the laws in your area before using the two-way record feature.

An example I didn't even get to was Kinko's. You can buy a cash-card from them and log onto the web from any of their stores, where you could access a hotmail account, which again can be set up without giving any personal info. The ubiquity of Kinko's and webcafes, plus the anonymity of hotmail, would seem to lend themselves to covert information networks.

I'm not a big fan of the Patriot Act, but on the other hand, with a society as free an open as ours, I have to say that the feds have a truly unenviable task.

posted on Oct, 16 2004 @ 12:12 PM
Well, one things for sure. if they didn't know how convenient Wallmart is for terrorist, they do now

Let's just hope some of them aren't trolling around here looking for ideas

posted on Oct, 16 2004 @ 12:33 PM
for an hour before posting.

I came to the conclusion that terroristas that are sufficiently committed to their goals will have done a lot more research into supplies than I afforded here.

I suspect that they would laugh at my posts as being pretty juvenile. I'm sure they don't need anomymity, but have constructed legit personas for themselves.

If you wanna really get creepy. How about the fact that most anglos in the Southwest US (I'm in TX) cannot tell the difference between Arab and Hispanic facial features.

People mistake Frau Dr. for a hispanic all the time, when she is actually of [Middle Eastern] ancestry. Not that she is at pains to correct them.

If I were launching a 2nd attack, I wouldn't do it from NYC; I'd pick Laredo or Tucson.


posted on Oct, 16 2004 @ 12:47 PM

Originally posted by dr_strangecraft
How about the fact that most anglos in the Southwest US (I'm in TX) cannot tell the difference between Arab and Hispanic facial features.
People mistake Frau Dr. for a hispanic all the time, when she is actually of [Middle Eastern].
If I were launching a 2nd attack, I wouldn't do it from NYC; I'd pick Laredo or Tucson.

Funny you should mention the "facial features" I thought this with flight 587, flight was headed to Dominican Republic.
And do you honestly feel they will not come back to NY?

posted on Oct, 16 2004 @ 12:52 PM
The only thing we have to fear is the current admin.

The trac-phone requires you to call from a regular land line and then when you activate they ask you all sorts of info so there is a way to track it.

If there was really something to fear thing we would know it.

Take for instance this. The other night I attended the Vote for Change concert in New Jersey at the Meadowlands Arena aka Continental Air Arena.

We arrived in a commercial van with no side windows except for passenger driver and blackedout rear windows.
No where were we stopped or asked any questions and for all anyone knows we could have had a van load of explosives. And to top it off we parked in the handicap section that is the section closet to the building.

Now with 20,000 plus attending you would think that security would be tight but it was not. The only thing we were hit with before entering was a waist search and the guy giving them was'nt even touching anyone.

So for all those that fear terrorist I say relax. There is a change coming and no longer will you be brain washed by your government.

posted on Oct, 16 2004 @ 01:13 PM
And more WMD's too.

Sure they sell the most of everything being the globe's largest retailer, so it should suprise nobody they happen to distribute the most pesticicides and fertilizers of anyone in the world.

But come on though. Pesticides and fertilizer? That's harmless, right?

The day that mega International corporations can't fill "Garden Center" trucks to their brim with Fertilizer and Pesticides then weave their way through America's shires and hamlets, is the day the glorious free market system that led us to this place is sadly and permanently in need of reworking.

[edit on 16-10-2004 by RANT]

posted on Oct, 16 2004 @ 02:53 PM
I'm not disagreeing with you rant,

but I think Sarin (your pesticide link) manipulates the cholinesterase/acetylcholine cycle. (IF that is correct) There are pretty strict regulations regarding its use, and the purchase of precursor chemicals.

Same with "fertilizer."

ANFO (ammonium nitrate + fuel oil) CAN be made from raw AN and diesel. But if you've ever done any farming since 2002, you know that in the US, you have to sign for it, and have a registered storage area, and you must return empty containers to a licensed vendor.

posted on Oct, 16 2004 @ 03:01 PM
Yeah, Herr Doktor. This is pretty scary stuff, all things considered. You could really cause havoc on a small scale if you really wanted. A trip to the local supermarket's cleaning aisle would give you the materials required to make a bomb big enough to blow up God.

Me, I'm more worried about small things, like why they haven't taken up small acts of destruction. Blowing up suburban gas stations, sniper attacks, things like that. Or better yet, you can booby-trap a house pretty good on a budget of 150-200$ plus a little scavenging. Call the police to get them to respond, watch the havoc. THAT sort of stuff would scare me.


posted on Oct, 16 2004 @ 05:11 PM
At my local convenience store they sell scissors! What if a terrorist got their hands on one of those? They're sharp and pointy and you could hijack a plane with them!

Come on folks, where does it end? A little realism is what's needed to temper the the mass hysteria.

By the way, if you want to freak out about something you can buy, vote Bush out and hope Kerry finds a way to reenact the assault weapons ban. Now there's something a little more dangerous than a walmart gift card.

-koji K.

posted on Oct, 16 2004 @ 05:25 PM
So let me get this straight, in the US, you can walk into a shop and buy a GUN and you're worried about people selling walkie-talkies and pin-hole cameras?

If I get the gist of your post correctly, you're for control over the sales of these items, where do you stand on gun control?

posted on Oct, 16 2004 @ 05:37 PM
You don't need guns to mess things up. We have a sicko up here who put boxcutter blades in the sand at a beach right before a big volleyball tournament.

Guns are the least of oyur terrorist concerns. Like I said, I can make the "Hell House" with two day's work and 200$ budget.


posted on Oct, 16 2004 @ 05:46 PM

Originally posted by Chris McGee
So let me get this straight, in the US, you can walk into a shop and buy a GUN and you're worried about people selling walkie-talkies and pin-hole cameras?

If I get the gist of your post correctly, you're for control over the sales of these items, where do you stand on gun control?

I'd estimate in about 3-4 posts we'll start getting the first of the "actually, if everone had guns, we'd be a lot safer from the terrorists" crowd pipes up....

-koji K.

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