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Anyone else have OOBE's and hallucinations with Percocet?

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posted on Oct, 15 2004 @ 07:38 PM
This happened a year ago but reading this board reminded me of the experience...

I was put on a small prescription of Percocet last year for a kidney stone. Now, for those of you who don't know Percocet is an opiate pain the same class of drugs as Vicodin (which I've also been on - VERY pleasant drug but not nearly as powerful).

But I had weird & scary experiences on this drug THREE NIGHTS in a row...scary enough that I cut my prescription short. Scary enough that on my 3rd and last night of taking it, I was afraid to even go to sleep.

Each experience was very similar...I'd lay down to go to sleep. And at some point after laying down in my dark room...I wouldn't fall asleep, but my mind would drift into a subconscious state (hard to explain). But I DEFINITELY wasn't asleep. During this state, I started seeing weird and dizzying visuals behind my closed eyes...I have seen visuals with my eyes closed when NOT on any drugs but these were much more powerful. Shortly later, I became VERY dizzy and felt like I no longer had control of my body or mind...but I was NOT asleep. This was very scary...I had experienced what I believe to be OOBE's as a young child (7 or 8) and these were VERY similar. Although I had no moment of reckoning under Percocet where I was able to look down at my body in bed. But I was overtaken by extreme light-headedness, dizziness, a constant feeling like I was leaving my body...and a feeling of zero gravity such as what one gets on a drop on a rollercoaster. I was TERRIFIED yet I could not stop. I had NO CONTROL whatsoever over this...I couldn't open my eyes...couldn't snap myself out of this. Shortly after I lost consciousness...or fell asleep, honestly I don't even know which is a more appropriate description. Keep in mind - this very thing happened THREE NIGHTS in a row. While asleep, i was haunted by terrifying nightmares...but even in the midst of these I slept VERY soundly. But these were the most vivid and terrifying nightmares I've ever had in my life. And each night, I'd wake up sometime probably 5 or 6 hours after falling asleep....still in the dead of night.

And upon awakening, each night, I experienced sleep paralysis (something I have experienced before, while NOT drugged up). But it was particularly terrifying...I was back in the subconscious, but awake state that I had been in while trying to go to sleep earlier. I had what I perceived to be FULL sensory awareness, but I was completely paralyzed. And each time, this otherworldly green glowing light overtook my room...and I had the strong sense of an evil presence lurking over my bed, yet I could not move a single muscle in my body. Completely terrifying. After what I perceived to be about 2 minutes...I snapped out of paralysis...but my vision was still NOT normal...the green glowing light had left but my vision was extremely fuzzy...kind of like looking at a TV screen with "snow" during bad reception. I'd go back to sleep at this point...and experience more vivid nightmares...and wake up in the morning in a relatively normal state.

Each of my three experiences were virtually indistinguishable from each other, and equally terrifying (actually progressively more terrifying since I knew what was going to happen, yet had no control & no realization that it was "just the drugs" while it was happening).

Now, some might dismiss this as simply a drugged experience...but I have to wonder, perhaps whatever area of the brain this drug shuts off interferes with our ability to perceive other maybe Percocet simply shut off this part of my brain and allowed me to experience other, terrifying dimensions or planes of the spiritual world. I was actually very depressed before and while going on this drug, a lot of bad sh1t was happening in my life and I felt kind of "haunted". Perhaps this explains why I would visit such a terrifying spiritual world. Which makes me wonder, if I take Percocet again while in a better mindset...maybe I'd visit, or be visited by wonderful dreams...

Anyone experience anything like this? I think maybe these drugs are somewhat of a portal to the spiritual world...and don't merely create differences in the brain's electrochemical reactions.

posted on Oct, 15 2004 @ 07:46 PM
no, but it sounds to me you should opt for vicodan next time. Its my
favorite (only when im in pain).

I have gotten very sick with perks and i also felt i was outside of my body. I was given one once at night at a hospital for a horrible toothache, i kept asking my husband, "am i here"? "am I here"? After awhile he flat out told me i wasnt there and he hadnt seen me for hours

The next morning when i got to the dentist, they had to put me in a wheel chair and I was still deathly sick.
The dentist told me i was apparantly allergic in some way to this drug.
Vicodan kills the pain ( and the extra bonus of a little buz) but no sickness.
good luck

posted on Oct, 16 2004 @ 04:52 AM
Hmm that's weird cuz Vicodin gives me and my friends hardcore nausea almost every time

posted on Oct, 16 2004 @ 12:27 PM
I was prescribed some painkillers containing codeine (also an opiate) on leaving hospital after surgery. I knew codeine could be abused was fun. anyways i had my first OOBE after falling asleep tripping on codeine and i was very interested in experiencing this again and researched OOBE on the net that is how i found this site.

So yeah maybe opiates can induce OOBE rather than like hallucinogenic drugs interefere with the minds perception of reality as is assumed.

I guess because your body and mind is relaxed by opiates you can 'get out' with less effort. Say your hungry and you want to make a pizza, you can knead the dough and make the sauce and toppings and cook it or you could simply buy a ready made pizza (opiates) from tescos and end up with similar results but with less effort.

Unfortunately opiates are highly addictive and so you would have to be very careful experimenting with them say by only taking them on saturday nights but keep strictly to this rule

posted on Oct, 16 2004 @ 01:10 PM
Okay, here is the thing about Percocet:

Not too long ago I too was prescribed Percocet for a recent knee surgery. I took one, about 3 in the afternoon. About five I had dinner. Before dinner was even over I began to feel very dizzy, disoriented, etc. Then I was getting like tunnel vision. Like my field of vision was turning gray. I sat down to let it pass, and passed out. I hear that after that I had a seizure. Was rushed to hospital, etc. where they did every test imaginable. Turns out, Percocet, and other drugs like it can cause what the doc called a vaso-vagal effect. Basically it is a sudden, unsafe drop in blood pressure that results in a lot of the symptoms you described in the original post.

As a side note, I had taken this med before and had similar sensations to what you described. Difference was that this time I took it on an empty stomach. Probably not my best choice.

posted on Oct, 17 2004 @ 06:06 AM
Maybe opiates can seperate the astral body from the physical body or puts you into the astral mindset. The astral body/mindset is very creative and perhaps these creations of the astral body are percieved as simple hallucinations by most people.

Unfortunately i doubt that the government will ever do research into this area. drugs such as '___', Morphine, and mushrooms will probably always be seen as hallucinogens and nothing more.

posted on May, 23 2017 @ 11:39 PM
Hey I had a very similar experience as yours, it was the worst day of my entire life, is there anyway to private message on this?
a reply to: Paranoid Freak

posted on May, 23 2017 @ 11:54 PM
I had very similar experiences with the stop smoking med "Chantix"...

They were either OOBEs, or the most insane lucid dreams ever.

I had to stop taking the stuff after a few days. It was causing rage issues, and I am the least angry person that you ever met...

Percocet/Vicodin have only ever made me very tired, or just plain sick...
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