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NEWS: US, G-8 Nations Meet on Iran Nuke Issue

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posted on Oct, 15 2004 @ 12:14 PM
Representatives of the United States and the Group of 8 are meeting today to discuss the issue of Iran"s nuclear program. The Bush administration is pressing for a complete end to Iran"s program, while the European nations are considering incentives such as providing nuclear fuel for a civilian program and trade arrangements with the European Union.
WASHINGTON - The Bush administration sought to lower any expectations of a breakthrough as the G-8 nations met Friday to consider ways to induce Iran to halt a suspected nuclear weapons program.

At the center of the discussions was a European proposal to offer trade and fuel supplies if Tehran will stop enriching uranium, a key step toward producing nuclear weapons.

But the Bush administration stressed, instead, the shared goal of stopping the program and taking the issue to the U.N. Security Council for possible economic penalties if Iran did not comply before the board of governors of the International Atomic Energy Agency meets in Vienna, Austria, in late November.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Iran has repeatedly said that it will continue it"s nuclear programs, and that their only intent is for the peaceful production of energy. The Bush administration continues to assert that they believe Iran is on the path to producing a nuclear weapon.
It is unlikely that Iran will accept the offer from the EU of fuel for their program, and that they will instead continue to enrich uranium for their programs.

posted on Oct, 15 2004 @ 12:33 PM
The article says they want to push to get this issue before the Security Council but Iran has said if it goes before the UNSC, they will bar IAEA inspectors:
If the issue goes to the security council "there will be no place for any kind of inspections, no continuation of our openness" with IAEA inspectors, Aladdin Broujerdi, chair of the Iranian parliament's committee on national security and foreign affairs said.

Russia also opposes taking the issue before the security council.

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