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ETHICS: Free Speech and the FCC

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posted on Oct, 15 2004 @ 07:53 AM
In the past couple of years, we have seen a massive crackdown by the FCC on material broadcasted that it deems "offensive". Since the infamous Super Bowl incident involving Janet jackson and her mafunctioning wardrobe, the FCC has gone on a rampage attacking and nailing any broadcaster or personality who might discuss things better left unsaid at the dinner table. whose standards are we deeming said material offensive? The Christian Coalition? The United Feminazis od America?

From radio to TV, we have always had our "shock jocks" to rattle cages and toy with the powers that be that take themselves too seriously. But, come on. Who cares? You don't like it, change the friggin dial

I get sick of this silly garbage about "protecting the children". Protecting them from what? i got news for you parents, your little angel probably is mouthing off some stuff you would't say to your spouse in the bedroom. Why? because kids are like that. They sense the most uncomfortable and forbidden topics amongst adults, and exploit them fully aro8und their friends.

We see and hear the "moral majority" wanting to slap fines and persecute people like Howard Stern, Man Cow.....ect. Because they are obscene.

Last time I checked, the first amendment said nothing about freedom of speech limited to what is considered "pure". That means, a privately owned radio station in a free country should be able to broadcast what it sees fit, within reason, of course, and not have to clean up "adult" shows for kids. Maybe move them to a later spot. But ultimately, it is the responsibility of the parent to police and teach their children, not society, and we certainly should not be deprived of our bawdy humors so lazy parents dont have to watch their kids as much.

The FCC has been behaving so much like the Gestapo, and its been a witch hunt. I believe they need to stay the hell out of it, within reason. I am not advocatong nudity on public TV or the like, but certainly, one mans trash is another mans treasure. if you dont like it, dont listen to it. Dont want your kids to listen? Then pay better attention to them.

But dont sanitize our programming to fit some narrow moralist agenda.

posted on Oct, 15 2004 @ 04:37 PM
Hmm you bring up some interesting points there. Isnt there a law, that says that there should be freedom of speech to each individual ? However over the last few years, political correctness has once again limited to what you can say. By inforcing these rules on socity, is the country effectively, denying something that is stated as a right to each human.

Again this applies to the media, if the media say something or do something that is not considered ACCEPTABLE by the whole majority of the people then it is classed as an offencive act. However what the media says could be how they procieve the matter at hand, and in silencing or puttin restrictions on the media, once more, the rights of human beings are being down trouden.

Eventually, with all this controling the world will lead to a BIG BROTHER socity, which is somnething that I personnally dont want to live in. To me my biggest believe is FREEDOM, and in this freedom I wish to be able to have the freedom to express myself.

Eventually you could say that this problem will lead to a socity like that in the film equilibrium, where all art and emotion is banished ! Isnt this again another restriction on freedom

Ok I will stop now cos I feel I am drifting off topic

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