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The Breaking of My Soul

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posted on Oct, 14 2004 @ 06:45 PM
The Breaking of My Soul

Pain, break this pain out
Make me bleed so I can see
Tear my heart out
With my soul
To free me from this misery

Eye in eye
This pain inside
You can not see it
For you are blind

Are my screams enough for you?
I seem to have lost my faith
Brand me with my dying words
The beast inside for me to wake

When we were lost
When we were broken
You didn't really care
Your children would
Scream out for you
But you wouldn't even dare

I broke this silence
With my thoughts
These redeeming ways of mine
I broke your passion
I broke your hate
All I needed was time

You see me now
As you dwell
And drown amongst your griefs
You have lost me
For your words
Have brought this new release

Cover me now, Cover me
In my shining rage
Tempt me with your ever words
To trap me in this cage

Tear me now, Tear me
For my soul is lost
In this gamble for your sanity
My soul was the cost

Hear me now, as you have not
For my heart was killed
My soul was lost
But yours will die
Forever in your guilt.
© Keisha Courville 2003
~Nehmahati Kerosna (Kala)


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