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Let them keep the casino money!

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posted on Oct, 14 2004 @ 12:25 PM
This country has treaties with the Native North Americans, the lands are but a pitance of what they had. We made treaties with another Sovereignty, you cannot make treaties with your own country, therefor we must accept that we gave them the ability to do with thier lands what they would. Just so happens that they are now making alot of money from casinos, do we ask oil producing countries to share the wealth?
We came and took thier lands, tried to totally assimilate them by making thier rituals illegal, outright murdered them, lets just call it what it was Genocide!
Now, on the parcels of the some of the most undesirable lands, they are making money. So What! Now some of them are living better than average, but thier parents didn't quite have it that way. They are legal! I say let them keep their money and consider it long overdue.
I hear people say that they should pay thier fair share- they did it already. I also hear the arguement that 'Well, why can't I start my own casino?' My answer is because you don't have a treaty.
I do believe this is a political issue because the atmosphere around this subject is concerning money- where to get it from?

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