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2004 Democratic contenders

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posted on Apr, 28 2003 @ 12:25 PM
I'm having doubts that a Republican candidate is going to win the next election. They might, but I do doubt it. These are the Democratic contenders. Looks like fun, eh?


posted on Apr, 28 2003 @ 12:57 PM
I would be voting Nader if I could


posted on Apr, 28 2003 @ 01:20 PM
Frankly, I think Sharpton's idea of a flat tax is great but I can't see how Hillary still lets him live having said that.

posted on Apr, 28 2003 @ 01:23 PM
well - I just don't think people know who many of those Dem candidates are. (and good!) Except for Joe and for the wrong reasons Sharpton.

I'd leave the country if Kucinich won. If he runs the country twice as good as he did Cleveland the country would still be in a mess.

And there is such a division with that party I doubt they'll be able to hold it together 'as a team' once they produce a nominee.

The dems should just sit this one out because they have no chance in 04 (or, go get perennial loser Walt F :lol

posted on Apr, 28 2003 @ 01:47 PM
He's the only one whom I think sounds very presidential.I think its still too early. I would like to see Liberman, I just think he's too weak. Don't like Kerry, Gephardt,or Sharpton(Is this man SERIOUS???)

So far, I like Dean.

[Edited on 28-4-2003 by romantico]

posted on Apr, 28 2003 @ 02:12 PM
Awe come on, you know you'd like to have another Al on the ballot. Go Sharpton!

posted on Apr, 28 2003 @ 02:15 PM
I wish Al would run again, but no, I have no problem with an African American running, but SHarpton is just a joke.I think he means well, but he is not Presidential.WOuld LOVE to see Colin Powell run.Probably the only one of Bush's cabinets whom I respect.The man has integrity & morals,which is why he'll probably never run!

[Edited on 28-4-2003 by romantico]

posted on Apr, 28 2003 @ 02:33 PM
Hell, I'd like to see Condi run. The way her resume' reads she's the smartest person to step into Whitehouse maybe ever. Plus, she kinda an intellectual way.

posted on Apr, 28 2003 @ 02:38 PM
If Colin Powell would run I would vote for him. I would vote for Bush, but if I had to choose Democrat it would be Lieberman or Eedwards.

posted on Apr, 28 2003 @ 03:44 PM
My hope is Powell will run in 2008 and possibly step up to VP sometime before then. By then, Hillary will probably run for president.

As far as those Dems running: I don't care for any of them, except Joe. Though, I think it has more to do with them being a dem - I generally don't like their policies and therefore don't like the candidates. And there are quite a number in the field, I'd expect some more 'dem-on-dem' crime soon also: another plane crash?

posted on Apr, 28 2003 @ 03:49 PM
If Bush is reelected who knows what will happen from 2004 to 2008.

There might be another "terrorist" attack and it might result to the Congress getting rid of that 2 term maximum law. Then we're stuck with Bush

posted on Apr, 29 2003 @ 02:57 PM
Condi the smartess person to step into the White House?

Don't like the Dem policies?, you don't like Democrats!

Kerry & Wesley Clark as VP. But pretty much, the Dems have the next election hands down, no matter who realistcally gets nominated. I put that disclaimer because there is no way in hell Gephart, Sharpton, Kucinich, Liberman or Dean will get anywhere near the nomination or the White House...except on the afternoon tour!
It's just a matter of the Dems putting someone up there who won't take the smear tactics or personality destruction attempts that are the Hallmark of GOP presidential politics ( especially with the Bush cabal), lying down. There isn't a candidate in the field that Bush can beat in a debate. But then again, there isn't a Special Olympics Medalist that Bush could beat in a debate, so that statement was redundant!

posted on Apr, 29 2003 @ 04:24 PM
but BT, what's going to be Kerry's issues? Are they going to bicker about a few billion dollars in tax cuts? Are they going to talk about a war that has been so far successful and was well supported, or talk about the deficit that no one really cares about when they vote? Granted, it's the economy, stupid. But, that's one more thing Kerry isn't going to have if things keep getting better.

And the guy just looks odd - the hair, or something - he just freaks me out

[Edited on 29-4-2003 by Bob88]

posted on Apr, 29 2003 @ 05:25 PM
Having met your avatar, your freaked by Kerry's harir!?!

All in the packaging: Did you see the "dailyShow" with Candidate Bush debating President Bush? Cand BusH " I don't think its the right of the US to go into other countries & dictate how they run things". It's rerun about now, dont' miss it!

The packaging of your points:

- "A few Billion in Tax Cuts" while towns & state goe bankrupt & schools are forced to do a 4 day school week carries alot of weight.

- "War success" while 'liberated' peoples demand stewardship back of their lands and resources and young kids coming home in body bags from guerilla uprisings carry alot of weight...especially from him.

- "Deficits no one cares about" while they are still tied to capital expenditures and co.'s aren't buying the services or goods to move inventory and increase the tax base carries alot of weight.

- "Economy" - they can cook alot of numbers in the Bush White House, but the numbers of a jobless recovery are hard as hell to hide!

We've been pushed to a continued war status for the foreseeable future due to this presidents actions. So from that warm & fuzzy saftey standpoint - do you think people will want more of the AWOL village idiot who got us there & his heart attack prone senior citizen henchman who got more draft defferments than Clinton....or do you think they'd want someone who left pieces of himself on foreign soil in defense of his country-has brass balls & won't back down and a former general with extensive degrees-a razor sharp mind & speaking style-and could probably out run Georgie track star?
I don't see the Texas Duster & the Heart Attack kid pulling that one out!!!

posted on Apr, 29 2003 @ 07:20 PM

Originally posted by Bout Time
Having met your avatar, your freaked by Kerry's harir!?!

Good point BT, really and honestly
I guess I'll try to look past Kerry's hair.

I almost hope an outsider gets the dem nomination. Otherwise, I think we should be asking what have they done or why they have sided with Bush, like the war, as they would share in some blame. either way, lose-lose for the dems.

I'm liking Sharpton - I trust him more than than the others, except Joe.

[Edited on 30-4-2003 by Bob88]

posted on Apr, 30 2003 @ 10:15 AM
Actually come to think about it I like the description of Sharpton given in the list. But he is the only one I consider to be good.


posted on Apr, 30 2003 @ 12:23 PM
sacrificial lambs and gaggle of idiots...with some newbies tossed in.

Personally, the only one worth it to me would be Graham (he's a senator from my state, and a damned decent guy), but I don't think he's got enough name recognition to pull it off. So far, it doesn't look like the Dems got a snowball's chance in hell....unless some additions are made to the lineup....and we'll be stuck with Dubya for another 4 years....

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