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Ad in NY Times (George Bush)(world war 3?)

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posted on Oct, 14 2004 @ 09:07 AM
Sent to me, this is a bit long. A must read!
George Bush -
Do Not Start
World War III

Over the past two years, Dr. Matthias Rath has consistently exposed the
pharmaceutical industry as the largest corporate beneficiary of the war
against Iraq and the “war against terror” led by the Bush administration.

Everything Dr. Rath has predicted has come true. For three years, these wars
have effectively diverted public attention from the near collapse of the
drug investment business brought about by the withdrawal of Bayer’s deadly
cholesterol drug Baycol in August 2001. Now the withdrawal of Merck’s Vioxx
has started the final meltdown of the trilliondollar drug business fraud.

In 2001, the collapse of the entire drug investment business was delayed by
the occurrence of the 9/11 tragedy. Now nothing can delay its disintegration
any longer - other than a catastrophe to dwarf the tragedy of 9/11.

The only option for the Bush regime to ensure the survival of the drug
industry that brought it to power is to stage an international crisis or war
involving weapons of mass destruction.

With World War III being perhaps only days away, Dr. Rath again raises his
voice to prevent it.

The world is on the brink of World War III. Never before in history has a
war with weapons of mass destruction been so likely than in the next few
weeks. The greatest threat to trigger such a war does not come from a group
of terrorists hidden in the Hindu Kush mountains. It comes from the Bush
administration. For the next four weeks, no one anywhere in the world has a
greater interest in an escalating international crisis and a new war than
the Bush administration.

The Bush administration has a problem that it cannot solve in any other way:
the imminent breakdown of the multi-trillion dollar pharmaceutical industry
from an avalanche of product liability lawsuits.

Questions to George Bush
George Bush, you have to answer some urgent questions for the American
people and the world:

Why do you protect an industry that is responsible for the deaths of
millions of people in America?
Why do you divert billions of tax dollars assigned to improve the health of
your countrymen into the pockets of drug billionaires making their fortunes
from the continuation of preventable diseases?
What will be your plan to avert the collapse of the drug industry after the
Merck/Vioxx scandal?
Did you not learn in early August 2001 that the pharmaceutical giant Bayer
had to withdraw its flagship drug Baycol because of its deadly side effects?
Didn’t you know what everybody else did, that ruinous lawsuits were being
filed against Bayer and other major drug companies?
And, in the middle of this crisis for the drug industry, on August 5, 2001,
didn’t you receive the now infamous Presidential Daily Brief, “Bin Laden to
Attack the United States”? Why did you decide to do nothing?
Why were the ongoing FBI investigations in Summer 2001 “blocked at the
highest level”?
Were you deliberately allowing this tragedy to happen to create a media
diversion to ensure the survival of the sinking pharmaceutical investment
With your conduct already exposed by the 9/11 Commission, what will the
American people say now that they have learned about your motives?
With an even bigger threat now posed to the survival of the drug business,
are you planning an even bigger scam than you pulled over 9/11?
Are you really ready to sacrifice the lives of millions of people in a world
war launched in the interest of the pharmaceutical investment industry you
The withdrawal of Merck’s Vioxx because of fatal side effects in potentially
tens of thousands of patients is just the beginning. Almost all synthetic
pharmaceutical drugs have life-threatening side effects, and their
manufacturers will eventually have to pay hundreds of billions of dollars in
damages to drug-injured patients and their families.

The class action lawsuits against the pharmaceutical industry will dwarf
those brought against the tobacco industry for the harm cigarette smoking
did to the health of millions of people and to the economies of entire

Already now, millions of patients across America have lost confidence in
pharmaceutical drugs, and their doctors are asking urgent questions of the
drug makers. The full scale of this imminent collapse is revealed by the
following fact: According to the Journal of the American Medical Association
of April 15, 1998, the known deadly side effects from pharmaceutical drugs
were then already the fourth leading cause of death in America.

Thousands of future lawsuits against drug makers will unmask the financial
interest groups behind the pharmaceutical investment business. It will be
found that the pharmaceutical industry is no health industry, but an
investment business. Its business strategy is a giant fraud scheme: While it
deceptively promises health to millions of people, the return on investment
of this industry depends on the continuation and expansion of diseases.
Vioxx is not the exception: it is the rule.

These lawsuits will also reveal that the financial interest groups behind
this drug investment business have systematically sought to discredit and
even outlaw effective and safe natural health therapies for one reason only:
they are not patentable, and they threaten the pharmaceutical investment
business based exclusively on patented synthetic drugs.

These lawsuits will open the eyes of the people of America and the entire
world to the fact that for a century, millions of people in America and
billions around the world have unnecessarily died for one reason only: the
financial greed of the special interest groups that the Bush administration

To make things worse, the pharmaceutical industry was the largest corporate
sponsor of Bush’s presidential election campaign with a clear mandate: to
protect it from product liability lawsuits at all costs. Under the deceptive
cover of “medical liability reform” and hidden within the “Patriot Act,” the
Bush administration tried to deliver this “survival kit” to the drug
business. But the people of America did not fall for this unscrupulous plan.

Now the worst nightmare has come true for the Bush administration and the
special interests it represents. Left without an umbrella of protectionist
laws, the drug industry that has maintained diseases among millions of
people for the financial gain of a few will finally be terminated by its

Only in the shadow of a tragedy surpassing the horror of 9/11 by an order of
magnitude can the Bush administration hold on to power - even without
elections. And its first “martial law” will be a “drug maker survival kit,”
protecting the drug cartel from patient lawsuits.

Instructions to George Bush
Here is what you will do, George Bush:

You will not risk another tragedy like 9/11 happening again to draw public
attention away from the meltdown of the fraudulent “business with disease.”
You will distance yourself from the contingency plans of Attorney General
John Ashcroft, who in July of this year already started preparing to cancel
the November elections under the pretense of a so-called “emergency.” Your
administration will not seize dictatorial power through a “coup d’etat” and
without any democratic legitimation based solely on the dubious provisions
of the Patriot Act.
You will instruct the FBI, the Homeland Security Office and other agencies
in the United States not to trigger a crisis or panic the American people
through open or covert actions.
You will instruct the CIA not to be involved in covert actions in other
countries, triggering international crises or wars.
You will not attack Iran, North Korea or any other country with nuclear
weapons or other weapons of mass destruction under any pretense.
You will instruct your ally Ariel Sharon not to escalate the conflict in the
Middle East into a regional war involving weapons of mass destruction.
You will go to your history library and learn a lesson from 1933: Another
ruler representing the giant drug and oil cartel IG Farben used the
destruction by arson of the German parliament, the Reichstag, as a pretense
to seize dictatorial power and to drag the entire world into World War II.
You will not start World War III as a smoke screen to prevent the demise of
the fraudulent drug business. No one will suffer from its collapse. To the
contrary, millions of lives will be saved by it.
After the November elections you will quietly pack your things from the
White House and disappear to your ranch in Texas.There you will quietly
remain until you and your administration are called to trial for violations
of national and international law.
You will only reappear on the world stage when prosecuted before an
International Criminal Court for the crimes against humanity committed by
you and your administration.
The people of America and the world will not allow you and your
administration to lead the world into a global disaster with millions of

With the exposure of your real motives through this public notice, your game
is up. Even if you dare to pull the trigger, the entire world will be
pointing at you.

>>Download Dr. Rath's Open Letter (PDF, 112 kB)

Requested further info on this- as frist heard of this.

[edit on 14-10-2004 by magical communications]


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