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French hostages in Iraq : a reason of the French policie? A war of information and uninformation? A

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posted on Oct, 14 2004 @ 08:46 AM
French hostages in Iraq:

Is the French government ready to assume its responsibilities by confronting the American government with its duplicity?

Official statement of Politique de Vie, Christian Cotten and Smaïn Bedrouni - October 6 2004

Information of which we lay out makes us able to date to affirm what follows: The qualified people on this file will be able to checkcompletely the relevance of our information and cross them with other articles available on the medias and Internet.

The French deputy Didier Julia could not bring back the hostages George Malbrunot and Christian Chesnot for the following reasons:

The Iraqi government and the Pentagon have put all works about it for several weeks to physically eliminate these hostages and those who protect them (and not "hold them"), by intensive bombardments from the zones where those are; many resistant and civil Iraqi were already killed out of this fact.

The groups of Iraqi resistants who protects the hostages after having released them from their kidnappers ("the Islamic Army in Iraq", under the orders of the Prime Minister Allaoui) were systematically the object of air raids and bombardments, with three recoveries, in positions which had obviously been communicated to the American army; the only interceptions of the communications cannot explain the precision of the attacks, which made each time many deaths, while saving by miracle the French hostages; The Iraqi resistance is to date persuaded that some members of the French services seek to discredit the French government as well as the Iraqi resistance and played a "double game" by transmitting precise informations to the American soldiers to allow them to carry out their attacks. And this while at the same time Michel Barnier, our Foreign Minister, is regarded as an honest man making of the sincere efforts to obtain the return of the hostages.

The UMP deputy Didier Julia thus gradually was suspected then convinced to mislead the French government as well as the Iraqi resistance and thus lost any credibility, whereas the Iraqi resistant made much to help the two hostages.

Didier Julia is to date considered by the Iraqi resistance to be a representative of the Mossad. The fact is that Mr. Julia actively helped this secret service in the business of the Frigates of Cherbourg, placed under embargo and recovered by an Israeli commando on December 25, 1969 (the World, 2.10.04, Yves Bordenave).

The fact is, in spite of its bonds with the Israeli government, that Mr. Julia did not succeed in obtaining an American safety necessary to the return of the hostages.

Some Iraqi resistants consider that the attempt to recover the hostages by Mr. Julia was in fact a trap intended to eliminate and the hostages and the group from resistant who protect them.

For all these reasons, Mr. Julia, in spite of his relations with former members of the Baas party, cannot be held for a valid interlocutor by those whoch wish to release the hostages as soon as possible.


- Who, within the French government, chose to send this man in Iraq, knowing its bonds with Israel precisely?

- Who transmits informations to the American army on the positions of the group which protects the hostages?

- Who does Mr. Didier Julia protect within the French Ministry of Defence?

- Why the nationalist Al Kubaysi, implied in the negotiations between the French diplomats and resistance, is held today by the Iraqi government?

- How the hostages did change hands, between the Islamic Army of Iraq which removed them last August and the groups of the resistance which protect them to date?

- And why the services of the Prime Minister Allaoui seek do to recover the hostages?

These days, hundreds of Iraqi die under the cluster bombs, without anybody moving: the Iraqi resistance awaits France to assume saying the truth and put an end to this true war of extermination of too many civil assassinated each day in the name of "the fight against terrorism".

Several hundreds of women and children have been stopped till a few weeks by the Iraqi government of Allaoui, under the control of Mr. Négroponte, for purposes to obtain the rendering of many resistant, in the south and the west of the country and in Baghdad also.

Actually, to date, strictly nothing prevents the "release" of the French hostages by the Iraqi resistance between the hands of interlocutors who would be regarded as honest, reliable and sure, except an imperative reason: their safety, radically endangered by American military violences.

To date, the French government could, either directly, or with the assistance of some intermediaries recognized by the two parts, obtain the very fast return of the hostages in France. In a condition and only one: that Messrs Chirac, Barnier and De Villepin obtain from the American government the absolute and public insurance of an effective truce in the American attacks against Iraqi resistance, at least time that this one can give the hostages in full safety to a man charge of mission by the French government, at a point to determine on the irako-Syrian border. And, beyond a truce of the engagements, and the insurance of safety for a medical corridors and humane convoys awaited, is required to help the besieged civil populations.

The question which thus arises to date is simple: is the French government able to obtain from the Pentagon and Mr. George W Bush the guarantees of safety necessary to the repatriation of George Malbrunot and Christian Chesnot? Perhaps, will Mr. Jacques Chirac be able pleasantly to explain to his American counterpart that, in this election time, it would be wiser to solve quickly this business in a spirit of pacification, right before the international conference planned for the end of November on Iraq has not begin yet?

Response in a few hours or days.

Published this day October 6, 2004 on our site and transmitted to 6 300 Internet readers of Politique de Vie and, by e-mail, to the whole members of the French Parliament and some services of the State.

Christian Cotten


This is a translation that may containe a few wrong sentences.

ATS members, what do you think of this text? What do you understand?

Do you see a danger of a conflict between USA and France behind this text and its affirmations?

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posted on Oct, 16 2004 @ 10:36 AM
Does the French government have to assume saying the truth in the business of the 2 journalists held in Iraq? Christian Cotten – 11 09 04

As frequently out of political and military matter, reality is well far from the information offered to general public and generally exceeds the fiction.

Thus it is about the matter of the two journalists hostages in Iraq, Christian Chesnot and George Malbrunot, removed in Iraq on last 24 August.

Officially, those are held by malicious islamists accessory to international terrorism and the United States is the allies of France.

Larger world cannot continue to believe in this reading.

The French government knows the truth. To dare to assume it publicly could to date accelerate the release of the hostages.

To really make it would start a very heavy dispute with the Zionists and American soldiers. The dilemma is particularly delicate.

Information we have to date makes it possible to affirm what follows. They are confirmed and crossed by several other very different observers and commentators.

The American government and the Zionists soldiers are applying their passenger waybill: "with us or against us, with the US army or the terrorists". The American army and Mossad want to force Paris to be engaged militarily in Iraq. Certain services of the French Army and certain members of the administration of the French State are directly under their orders, and play against the policy of the French government.

The two French hostages and their Syrian guide are currently well treated (9/11/04), protected and in good health, in the hands of units of Iraqi resistance. This one wants to release them after having withdrawn them to their kidnappers and awaits France to assume clearly the current political situation.

These hostages, who, like much of French journalists in Iraq, are in relation to certain French external services, were kidnapped last August by mercenaries ("the Islamic army in Iraq") controlled by the Iraqi Prime Minister, Mr. Allaoui, with an aim of making pressure on France to oblige it upon an engagement at the sides of the American army, on the Italian model.

Mr. Allaoui returns account directly to Mr. Négroponte and beyond to Messrs Paul Wolfowicz and Ariel Sharon, to make simple.

These hostages were released recently by qualified units of the Iraqi resistance, which, to date, works in a way increasingly unified under the aegis of a collective of the religious guides. The takers of hostages were killed, wounded or stopped in the attack which allowed the release of the two journalists by the commando of Iraqi resistance.

The Iraqi resistance does not want to fight against France, quite to the contrary. The two journalists have information which disturbs the American army much as well as the Israeli and Iraqi governments and they are actually a target for those, which want their death: their effective disappearancee would arrange many people on the américano-Zionist side.

From a global point of view, American and Zionists want to ensure their safety by controlling by the armed force all the area of the Middle East and, for that, want at all costs to obtain the support of Europe and, in the first head, of France.

On the ground, few after the first release of the two French hostages by Iraqi resistance, the French services were informed of their place lodging. A few pairs of hours later, the American army bombarded, on the basis of information transmitted by certain members of the French services devoted to Mossad.

Very difficult posture, obviously, for the French government. In the same time, information starts to come out of the Pentagon, concerning the implication of certain French in the operation of September 11, 2001.

Early or late, the French government will have to go much further than today in the revealing from the truth: a world war from now on is launched and France will have to assume this position of the greatest dangers, "between two fires": the United States and Israel on a side, people of the Moslem world of the other.

How France will succeed in maintaining its interior peace and act effectively for the return to peace in the Middle East, when it is known that the will of the current American government and the Zionists soldiers, who hold the capacity in Israel, is to set ablaze the whole area to subject the Moslem world militarily and to control the roads of oil?

Which will be the role and the posture of France in this world war from now open? It could be that each French citizen has to put this question very soon, plus some others.

Today, does the French government have to assume to help the people of Iraq or to yield with the Zionists and American diktats?

Does it have to support the release of the hostages actively or must it sacrifice them to our good (?) relations with Israel and Washington?

How each French citizen will be able to act for peace on the planet and in our beautiful country?

It could be that a beginning of answer is this one: to help all our controlling to reach a radical stage in their level of conscience, towards more clearness, of courage, of determination, peace and of unconditional love…, to be able to face violences with love and sovereignty: to say not to the Zionists and American soldiers, to say not to the islamist terrorism, to offer peace and love to the Moslem world and to help the américano-Zionists soldiers to leave their increasingly violent paranoia.

And still this other beginning of answer: to mobilize and support the women of France and besides, to ask them to impose Peace on the more violent males…

Heavy program. The prayer and the meditation are good bases of work.

Christian Cotten

Does someone understand?

posted on Oct, 16 2004 @ 11:07 AM
Sorry, but I about as much beleive that the insurgents are "protecting" thier hostages because they fear for their wellbeing, as I believed the other insurgents "didnt want to kill" thier English Hostage.

Whilst the Coalition are not shinning knights or wearing white hats, I don't think too much about the "noble resistance" either.

The ones holding the french just don't want to lose thier bargaining chips until they are ready to give them up or execute them, whichever they decide is more "effective".

The fellows who kidnapped and murdered the english civilian wouldve known from experience that thier type of demands would not be met and they would have to kill him. The point was not so much as to obtain the release of thier compatriots as to have thier excuse to strike terror into the hearts of civilian westerners in Iraq and abroad.

It seems such a reasonable plea. Release our women from jail. But we do not know the truth behind their incarceration. They could be innocent victims. But we also know they could just as likely have been taken in for planning and executing suicide attacks and killings and ambushes against hundreds of others, combatants and innocent bystanders. What do we do? Let them go to carry out more?

I don't know what blackmail France is being asked to give in to, but I will hope for the best for thier countryfolk.

I wish I could have a more positive view of the situation soul but I do not.
I hope you can be more positive than I.

posted on Oct, 17 2004 @ 09:38 AM
Are making a filmed report, today, and till they were gotten free by the resistance from some Allaoui mercenaries. This is the only thing that can be affirmed today. The things they could say to the french gov and some journalist and secret agent is that the US army and some Allaoui agents want them to die and that some french of secret services are with them.
The real thing is that they have the proof, before they were kidnapped, that the US army is used to kill anything that could save the peace and give the money of the oil back to Iraq. Now, that they were gotten free by the resistance, they have a heavy proof of the bad intention of what the US army is doing, manipulated and disinformed by a few people and W Bush.
Will they die? And will we be able to know were they are, hidding themself and unabble to give their position without being intercepted and killed with bombs, for the third time they try to get away from Iraq?
The resistance, speaking in the name of the islamist army in Iraq that kidnapped them before the real resistance get them free and protect, only demand today that they make a report about the resistance in a part and the terrorisme mad by paid people by Allaoui. When they were hold by Allaoui mercenary, the real terrorists asked stupid things, bad for Iraq.

posted on Oct, 20 2004 @ 03:27 PM
I need your opinion. I really belive this hide a heavy secret and some french are responsable of a very bad job made with some Iraqi and American services.
Please help me to discuss about this. I need the view of America, of any american, and anyone else.

Alchy, who is not Christian Cotten.


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