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Problems With My Dreams....

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posted on Oct, 14 2004 @ 04:41 AM
Right I'm starting to do something weird I seem 'aware' in my dreams no matter where I am in a dream I can wake myself up I've only just managed to do this. Now that might seem normal to some people but to me it isn't I'm doing it all the time in any dream, I don't like the outcome I'm waking myself up, in the dream I open my eyes as wide as possible and I wake up. Now this next part scares me a bit...Is it dangerous? The reason I ask is because when I do wakeup my heart is racing really really fast it kinda hurts (When I have nightmares and wake up it doesn't race as fast as what I described) also sometimes when I have woken myself up, I can't move I try but it takes about a minute for me to get fully moving again but after that I still feel weird when I move, even the next morning I sometimes feel a bit weird but this doesn't happen all the time. Thanks in advance if anyone can help.

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posted on Oct, 16 2004 @ 12:45 PM
Hi M,
I had dreams like this a long time ago, but I remember how they felt, and how I felt. But later I learn't to kinda understand it, I hated being awake with that scared feelings so this is what I did, I First Prayed before I went to sleep,Then I kinda pre-set my mind to the dream; to a Positive Energy,allowing Grace to be with me. So I would not feel seared, When you awake like that it could mean that you are anxious about something in your life;relax it will be allright.

No, you will not die by being awaken like this,you will not have a coronary besides you have a strong lion heart,what kind of wierd situation are you in before you awake , and causes you such terror? I think we can control some things in our dreams if we first realize that we're dreaming, then we can then input Positive Light, I would tell mysel that I'm safe that I am not in any danger and that I control some conscienceness, I am aware to some degree, then after alowing myself to realize that, it becomes acceptable.

Being able to awake yourself is not bad but you need to learn how to control that, you have to bring yourself back into a "secure place" and come in slowly knowing in your conscience that you are safe,and there is no need to be afraid that light is with you.

Now this is new to me, you not being able to move, this only happens when you are caught between the two realm of conscience and subconseience, where you are awake but can't move and you feel like something or someone is holding you down.

Does this affect you Physically? you Physically can't move!

This is what I conclude, that maybe there is an issue in your life that you are worried about,now this is no ordinary issue this will, has a lot "riding on it" and it is takeing you into a new level of Wisdom and understanding.

This is how the two is manifesting themselves, in your dream I also think that you are journeying into someting new. It will pass, just be more positive and having Faith is important too.

Hope I helped in any Small way.

posted on Oct, 16 2004 @ 05:52 PM

Also sometimes when I have woken myself up, I can't move I try but it takes about a minute for me to get fully moving again but after that I still feel weird when I move

Ok this bit sounds like you are experiencing Sleep paralysis

heres a link

also do a search here on ATS as you will find many people who have had a simular experience

posted on Oct, 17 2004 @ 06:54 PM
QCandace219, Thanks you did help a bit. It's not really terror its anything that I wake myself up for, just say if something happened in any sort of dream I'd usually tell myself in the dream 'Hey, I don't like that' I would then do what I described, open my eyes as wide as possible and I would wake up.

It's not sleep paralysis I have had that before its different. It's hard to explain but sometimes when I have woken up it seems I can hardly move its usually when I have woken myself up when I sleep on my side. I can move a little bit but it feels like there is glue sticking me down and I'm moving a little bit trying to pull myself up. Then slowly I can move again I feel weird and later on when I actually get up my arms and legs ache they don't hurt they ache (all over) this usually lasts until midday.

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posted on Oct, 18 2004 @ 08:01 PM
Hi again, I hope you're open minded cause what I HAVE TO SAY IS A BIT UNORTHODOX. But I think that you are experienceing a spiritual awakening. The awakening of your third eye,This usually happends to people who are "spiritual" and I'm guessing that you are.

This is not the first of these "Bizzard'' sorry to use such crude langauge to describe it but, you have to admit that even thougt we know what we know:we don't want to admit it,come on you knew it was going to happen it was just a matter of when; so I think that by admiting it is happening and also Praying, Honey you need to pray more at this time come one, PRAY; YOU WILL NEED TO BE SPIRITUALY READY FOR THE OTHER AWAkENINGS, CALL UPON YOUR ARMY OF PRAYER WARRIORS. THEY ARE WAITING,ON YOUR COMMAND. my Lord1

This is the first experience you will have: the LUCID DREAMSis next This is when you are awake but you can't move, now; as to you aching this is , what I' m concluding, that's a resistance from the "other side" is trying to fight you down, you are also involved in a spiritual warfare this is deep and you know it, I know this because:I have Experience it too, I had a similar spiritual awakening .

So I'm comparing the similarties it could be just that : will, next will come then OPEN VISIONS or DEJAVU ( or so spelt) YOU WILL BEGIN TO SEE "THINGS" SOON. now as I said before you will need Prayer to get throught THE NEXT LEVELS THAT WILL COME WITH YOUR THIRD EYE OPENING. Accept it do not fight it, it is the Right time for you now. so LET IT BE,
It would be okay for you to IM me,if you are experienceing what I'm talkling about, I can help you on the journey if you want, do you have a Prayer Partner? My sevices are free. I will Pray for you to sleep well,you need your rest.

Psalm 60:7

Again, hope I helped some what,

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[Edited on 18-10-2004 by QCandace219]

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