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Collaborative Fiction Forum!

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posted on Apr, 28 2003 @ 07:38 AM
Above Top Secret Collaborative Fiction Forum Rules and Guidelines

We have a new feature of Above Top Secret that is sure to provide interesting reading in the very near future, the Collaborative Fiction Forum. Each thread in this forum will be a new work of fiction, created by several authors, one post at a time. The rules are simple:

Only members designated as "Writers" are allowed to post. New writers will be selected by forum staff and upgraded to "Writer" status by forum administrators (Simon Gray, Bob88, or William).

Writers should only contribute to the story they are assigned. Butting into other stories may result in the loss of your Writer status!

Stories should have no fewer than 5 writers, and no more than 10. Writers should leave at least a two-post gap between their contributions. Your contribution to a running story must pick up where the last post left-off and generally shouldn't exceed three paragraphs (or about 500 words).

These experiments work best when you attempt to continue the pace and theme running in each writer's post. Keep major changes and twists to a minimum... consider your reader! Also, it always works best when writers no not collaborate on plot via U2U or other off-site communications. Keep it fresh, spontaneous, and interesting.

Each story will begin with an introduction of the writer team assigned by a forum staff member, then a one or two sentence kick-off post to begin.

The Collaborative Fiction forum is streamlined for easier reading -- member avatars, and other normal forum display information have been removed.

[Edited on 28-4-2003 by William]


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