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Ever hear of an "FDA Agent" virus or worm?

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posted on Oct, 13 2004 @ 03:57 PM
I'm asking. I keep my computer fairly clean with Ad Aware, use a decent ISP and blockers for unknown sites, but rebooting just now got a strange window when I opened IE.

Tiny little window titled "FDA Agent" popped up and floated down to my open windows bar before disappearing. It was replaced by the large regular IE window that opened after and followed.

Can't find anything relating to it now in a C drive search or Ad Aware clean, and googling FDA agent doesn't give me want I need to know.

I'm not going paranoid over it since I highly doubt the real Food and Drug Administration is watching me.
Just a bug or something, right?

I hope.

posted on Oct, 13 2004 @ 04:04 PM
Get HijackThis and run it. Post your log file in this post.

[Edited on 13-10-2004 by dreamlandmafia]

posted on Oct, 13 2004 @ 06:41 PM
Doing it now DLM.

Love abbreviating your name. I sing KLF when I do.

DLM is gonna rock you!

But then I'm quite stupid, so there's that.

Can I U2U you the log file? Or e-mail? I know not to delete anything without better eyes. But I don't want to advertise my extensive list of net herpes here.

posted on Oct, 13 2004 @ 06:56 PM
U2U would be just fine.

Yer damn right im gonna rock you!! RAWR!!!!

posted on Oct, 13 2004 @ 07:09 PM
Thanks for the link DLM.

I use Norton, Ad-Aware, Window Washer, AtGuard Firewall etc. but my computer still does funny things every once and a while. The hard drive will just start working (crunching) and it won't let me shutdown normally, if that makes any sense.

If you don't mind can I run a scan and send it to you? I assume you know what you are looking for?

posted on Oct, 13 2004 @ 07:15 PM

Anybody else that wants to...go head!

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