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Matrix Unraveled ~ The Do's and Do Not's ~ !!!!!!

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posted on Aug, 30 2012 @ 11:34 AM
I welcome you curious minds to this discussion ~ !!! (>^_^)>

Lets talk about the birds and the bees no you silly minded people we are not having a XXX talk

By birds and the bees I mean this so called system we are in combined with the common curiosity
as to what it is ~ ???

This system goes by many names The Matrix, The Earth Prison, The System etc/etc we could go on and keep going on about it. Lets cut the name point out of it and move forward in this conversation shall me continue ~ ???

The best way to describe the system would be from the first Matrix movie:

When Morpheus says "The People are a part of this system and are not ready to be unplugged" unplugged is same as awakened etc.etc this is where the job is harder then you think. Which is why many are nudged carefully through their life aka Deja Vu, OBE's, NDE's, UFO's the list goes
on ~ !!!

Those that do pay attention and are ready to let go of this system the tit that they been suckling on for a long time. This is where the individual at times individuals (Whole family members/friends etc) are nudged even more, it is this time that one begins to wonder if there is truly more then meets the eye to this world/existence ~ !!!

However, there are the cases where those that are not ready to go unplugged go as simply put
loopy ~ !!!

The mind of the individual caves in due to the realisation of the tumbling walls of the world they were told to believe. These are rare cases when one goes crazy but..... there are the cases where the individual ignores the calls/several nudges in life ~ !!!

This system is and always was an interactive system ~ !!!
However, the bullies inside this interactive system/playpen high jacked the system and turned it into their favour. It is like a prison for your mind which sums up to you being the slave of this psychological system in which you choose to awaken or be trapped in the endless grind.

The lady in red is a very seductive figure that keeps you from the right path. It is the many things we see around us celebrities, money, fame, lust, greed, music, tv, advertisements and many many other things which are in your daily part of life. But.... many choose to stay by the lady and continue down that path not realising fully that it is there to destroy you.

So.... now that we know that and start to think more about everything we must then question ~ !!!
How does one get out ~ ???

The sad news is that so many people get caught up in this system they find no way out ~ !!!
Yes boys and girls we all come here for a reason we just choose not to seek it or find it.
But..... those that choose to seek it shall find it and they will be tested even more strongly then before.

It is part of this system you see the suits (Elites, MIBs, Illuminati and other various groups do not like the idea of an aware population) Thus ~ !!! They try to get you down and here we are at the lady in red. These opposing forces are in the system to keep you submerged in the lower based levels of greed,hate, fear and any other way they can achieve their goal. You can call it whatever you want The Dark Side, The Devil, The Elites, The Illuminati etc names are not important.
Their system is based like an onion with every level that you break escaping from the core, the more you will be greeted by force (The thicker outer levels of the onion).

But.... you must not give up because it will consume you and pull you down like an anchor back to the core ~ !!!

The more you become aware the more you will encounter and know this that it is easier to go into darkness then into the light ~ !!

This is where one must let go of all negative thoughts and emotions to be like zen mind *No mind*.

However, first one must have discipline to achieve the state letting go of the physical and entering into the spiritual. No ~ !!! I am not here to tell you to go join Christianity or whatever other religion so please do not freak out

It is a particularly hard state to achieve but can be made through several practices that were used through the ages ~ !!!

1.Is through meditation that calms you down and lets you to have a better hold on emotions.

2.Go into a park and close your eyes and try to feel everything that is around you down to even the tiny ant.

What I am speaking about could better be explained in this quote:

If you did not need money, What would you do? Outside of things taught within the society. Outside of partying, fornicating, and watching tv, what does your soul call for? You might have to go into your childhood, before society contaminated you through school, religion, and tv, to find that which lit your heart and soul that which flipped that switch on of your inner light. You are already the gift, so there is nothing to learn. All you have to do is unlearn the rubbish this wold teaches for truth, and let yourself shine.

It is the choice where you are given 2 options to stay in the so called dream world or take the path which you will go after a cause to achieve whatever it is that you are meant to. But... you must also realise that it is not just about you ~ !!

With great power comes great responsibility & we are told at times that knowledge is power. Thus.... will you use your knowledge for selfish things or will you use it help others that are
in need ~ ???

So..... when one flips on the light one must understand that is not about them it is about everyone.

Put others before yourself and watch the magic take place ~ !!!

Most of the time people give up too easy when they are faced with obstacles in life or very negative experiences. Most people blame god or whoever is up there watching for all the negative
things ~ !!!

Yet... we are given opportunities for better things and better life because we are never alone.

I know it sounds creepy ~ !!!! Hahaha ~ !!!

Still even when we are given opportunities for change we ignore them most of the time, due to being engulfed in this corrupt system that is ran to keep us grounded and our true potential from soaring.

But.... have we ever stopped to think that maybe it is us that need to change, that we must be the ones to see the positive in the negative. We focus so much on the negative that we let it bind us and anchor us down ~ !!!

However, we do not realise the lesson within the experience/lessons we go through and the potential we have. We have the power to change and yet we let this system anchor us down and make us lack the will to change. We are the billions of miracles wrapped in neat tiny packages that can illuminate the world for others. So... be the miracle to this world guys and girls because you have the
power ~ !!!!

We have so much potential and yet many of us waste it on such silly things. Dreams do come true so dream big and make your dreams into a reality.

I will post more tomorrow it is a bit late so I apologise for leaving you at this stage. I do hope you enjoy the read and made yourself ponder on what our existence is truly about. I apologise that some of my video links seem religious but that is not the point. The real point is the deeper massage and we need to pay more attention to the deeper message then the point/agenda pushed in videos.

Please keep it civilised while I have a break and write up part 2. For the love of all things please do not poke each other with sticks (Keep it civilised)

Part 2 we will discuss Deja Vu and the hidden meanings behind it including the + and the – of it.

As we progress further in there will be more do's and do not's going up during experience you may face on your path.

TMA out ~ !!! ^_- Always wanted to say that

p.s: Agent Smith if you are reading this I got only 1 thing for you ~ !!!

I am not into making deals no matter how tempting the offer is

Middle Finger Salute all the way ~ !!!

Be a patriot and rise above the system ~ !!!
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posted on Aug, 30 2012 @ 11:51 AM
I love the way this is laid out! way to go. great post

posted on Aug, 30 2012 @ 11:55 AM

But on a more serious note.. Great post op.. S&F it has been awhile since i have seen such a well thought out, put together thread on "ATS"..

Great work.

posted on Aug, 30 2012 @ 12:01 PM
What a good job you've done on this, I'm so impressed. In a non religious way, or even if you will, all inclusive, of all paths, walks, but the Light Workers, the Good Family and Progression, you've managed to touch on what its about.

And just had an experience with what could have been agent smith, you wrote and told me they are like bullies patrolling the matrix. There were 3 or 4 of them walking shoulder to shoulder, never seen anything like it. MIB's I take it or extremely fast moving, oddly behaved mormon's. Who ran like the dickens to disappear quick, never can be too sure.

Oddly enough, what came to me recently is there is No Matrix, as people understand it, like an outside force. What I saw was, a false pardigm of lies built up, held in control by the planets so called elites, and those above them they work for, but, it is fake, its just a paradigm and anyone can start to respond to the clues and nudges around them to notice things don't add up and start to find their way.

In fact some of it might be needed. For example, if people simply saw their systems and governments for what it was and not the ideal form of it, many would just fall apart, and need this illusion to some extent, and they're still growing their Light and Consciousness if they are demonstrating kindness to others, giving gifts of themselves. I don't mean they need all the lies, to know the bad guys took over and always will if people don't do some collective work and police their systems. But, rather meant that many need the stability of what they perceive as a pardigm that fits their beliefs in order to grow or progress, otherwise they would come unglued.

So the matrix is just layers of lies.

But from a universal perspective, its a technology, and we all in our soul's know this what it is, a kind of school/playpen for Souls to grow up in.
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posted on Aug, 30 2012 @ 12:09 PM
Bumping it to read later !
will be very interesting .. thank for sharing TMA

made a post recently about the matrix on in this thread Here

should interest you

Edit : just saw one phrase (come great powers comes great responsabilities)
made a few thread about that lol .. people dont realise
it doesnt take a big big powers to hurt someone
it apply to all humans
just look at someone driving a car .. it apply there to

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posted on Aug, 30 2012 @ 12:11 PM
Another good example of Gnosis and relevent to this thread is 'The Fountain', beautiful film.

Wonderful post S&F

posted on Aug, 30 2012 @ 12:14 PM
I am tagging on to this post because the spiritual side of me had something click when reading what you wrote.

It was as if I could have wrote it to me, how well I understood it...I know makes no sense right?
What you wrote made more sense to me than others I have read almost as if I had wrote it for me to understand (like reading your own handwriting...something more and more uncommon these days!).

Of course not having much sleep in the past 48hours perhaps I am just delirious LOL!

posted on Aug, 30 2012 @ 12:20 PM
I posted something similar some time ago I believe. You are right though, take away peoples fod stamps in the USA for example will be the same as unplugging them.

posted on Aug, 30 2012 @ 04:44 PM
One of my favorite movies, The matrix.. so i will bump this one for further reading.

posted on Aug, 30 2012 @ 06:30 PM
This may seem a bit off topic but here is the real problem with Humanity...

For example, 51 percent of respondents, including a majority of Millennials, believe stormy weather can interfere with cloud computing.

What is it, anyway?: When asked what “the cloud” is, a majority responded it’s either an actual cloud (specifically a “fluffy white thing”), the sky or something related to the weather (29 percent). Only 16 percent said they think of a computer network to store, access and share data from Internet-connected devices. Some of the other verbatim responses include:Toilet paper, pillow, smoke, outerspace, cyberspace, mysterious network, unreliable, security, sadness, relaxed, overused, oh goody a hacker’s dream, storage, movies, money, memory, back-up, joy, innovation, drugs, heaven and a place to meet.

Now I'm no elite or expert but for creations sake show a little common sense!
Do people really (I hate to use the word) "think" that some how they use real clouds for system architecture to make their fancy I-phone apps work?
Oh sure storms can interfere with sat transmissions but you know that's not what they were "thinking".LOL

One more thing then I'll end my rant against humans, the concept of "Royalty" is still accepted in this day & age WTF! (can I abbreviate that here?)
That is a concept that a Master teaches to a Slave & the fact that people still accept the concept, hell go gaga over the royals is just soul bending to me.

So don't expect the "Matrix" to be broken any time soon, far too many wouldn't even understand the choice between the blue or red pill.
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posted on Aug, 30 2012 @ 06:39 PM
reply to post by aethertek

Actually for awakening, there are stages, people have come in waves, and some are starting to sense what wave they came from and why. For example, in order to nudge awareness in everyone, and have the matrix peeled from their eyes, which would not only amount to disclosure, but also to (the kind of disclosure I mean anyway) real veil lifting moment and answers given therefore to the students in tests, so how/what/where/when such a thing occurs in masses is really up for debate.

It could never be all at once, for in order for things to change something else needs to be in place.

So you couldn't just cut out the power or crash the economy or use HAARP to create weather disasters and crop failure. Hint Hint Hint, and not be the galaxy's worst criminals. You certainly wouldn't pull off BP, Fukushima and radiation leaks everywhere and this news now that the Arctic ocean is contaminated.

The bottom line is, we have a group of elitists really determined to kill a lot of people.

The way you change a system is to have backups, alternative homes, land donations, aquaponics, such as grew 1 million pounds of food and 10 000 fish on 3 acres. You would have off grid energy.

And very much for a win/win for all the people of earth, every man, woman and child, every nation, ever group from the healthy young buck who thinks he owns the world, to the disabled woman and child, and elderly. ALL.

posted on Aug, 30 2012 @ 07:42 PM
reply to post by Unity_99

So you couldn't just cut out the power or crash the economy or use HAARP to create weather disasters and crop failure. Hint Hint Hint, and not be the galaxy's worst criminals. You certainly wouldn't pull off BP, Fukushima and radiation leaks everywhere and this news now that the Arctic ocean is contaminated.

The bottom line is, we have a group of elitists really determined to kill a lot of people.

Are they really "determined" or do they just not give a fig if those people die.
Or are you saying that they're determined to kill them with plausible deniability?

and not be the galaxy's worst criminals

Really? That presupposes that someone is keeping track & cares.
I know humanity thinks they're "special" & "important" but what if life isn't so rare in the galaxy & that is just humanities hubris getting the better of them.

The way you change a system is to have backups, alternative homes, land donations, aquaponics, such as grew 1 million pounds of food and 10 000 fish on 3 acres. You would have off grid energy.

As it stands today that kind of backup costs beaucoup bucks to implement, so how to avoid the current Catch 22.

From my perspective humans aren't so different than they were 10,000 years ago, sure better technology but socially, emotionally, spiritually not so different.
I don't see this great awakening happening as a matter of fact what I see in this country (USA) is almost a regression in both intellect & social interaction.

Now maybe that is just the reactionaries getting louder because they do see the writing on the wall as it were & are emboldened to maintain their presumed hierarchy.
Perhaps the numbers will fall in your favor & more people will come to realize the missed opportunities & potential of humankind.
I do however think you are underestimating the scope & costs of overturning thousands of years of entrenched values & beliefs & perhaps overestimating mans ability to manifest a better reality.

Well hey I don't want to be Debbie Downer so hopefully humans can get it together but, "I aint holding my breath".

Peace, Cousin

posted on Aug, 30 2012 @ 07:56 PM
reply to post by aethertek

Are they really "determined" or do they just not give a fig if those people die.
Or are you saying that they're determined to kill them with plausible deniability?

The PTB? A certain element within their group is working actively to harm and has already done enormous damage to this planet, and all creatures great and small including humans. There is another group that is so bought off and corrupt they don't think about it, and I'm sure some, on one level or another, who are very angry at being blackmailed, and held ransom, with weather technology threats made and carried out around the world.

Really? That presupposes that someone is keeping track & cares.
I know humanity thinks they're "special" & "important" but what if life isn't so rare in the galaxy & that is just humanities hubris getting the better of them.

Since you don't know the answer already to this, you're not actually remembering, ie soul awareness, and having some of the answers.

There are infinite souls/Consciousness, not just a humongous amount, and yet ever single soul counts very much.

In fact they count so much they are constantly in schools and then enter technology school, dream labs, (playpens until they learn not to harm).

Everyone here has a team watching over them. And alot of the miracles that take place are from direct family, past, present and Future. There is No Time, so all of that, is all at once in different realm.

Harming others is the long way home.

As it stands today that kind of backup costs beaucoup bucks to implement, so how to avoid the current Catch 22.

Land needs to be pooled for, It should be free. There is no reason for slavery and everyone co-owns this world, but people need to ensure and work for the good of all.

But compared to 200 000 -300 000 homes that are being built, or more, using forrest and built to be heavily dependent on heating, cooling and the power grid, I prefer the solutions like in my thread here:

They range form earth ship homes, made out of recycled goods in part, that require no heating or cooling and have their own growing/green space, to cob homes, and small homes, and yurts and homes on wheels and depending on supplies can be done for just a few thousand and over time even.

Yes, it does take doing.

But if it crashes, people are going to be creating their own villages and the government will be in prison for life if they try to harm the citizens, and that is just in this world, there are consequences of next steps related to our grade or level of consciousness, frequency, we're inheriting our next step here.

Its all about others.

In my contacts, I was told by a very tall blond in a blue uniform, Those Who Go To The Front Of The Line Up Will Be Sent To The Back.
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posted on Aug, 30 2012 @ 08:23 PM
reply to post by The Magicians Apprentice

You are quite right in most of your assertions but seeing through the matrix is the easy part.

The hard part is living with the burden upon your soul. In the matrix movies they are fighting spiritual battles getting their butts kicked at all times barely making it. The burden of living righteous and by Gods (natural law) in the Devils land (Earth) is almost back breaking its a lifelong fight with little rest. You also watch those who live by the devils laws in his land prosper.

They are thieves hoarders usurers and cowards. And those same spiritual cowards are the ones who lust for immortality as their karma is assured. They are coming back, back to this prison of pain and suffering for progress again. Get off the grid, probably. Remember people the fed agreement ends 12/21/12 that's the real story they are covering with nibiru nonsense. All this funny money stuff could end if our leaders had some balls.Check my posts its in there.

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posted on Aug, 30 2012 @ 08:33 PM
reply to post by The Magicians Apprentice

I just watched The Matrix again yesterday and was talking to someone today about the underlying message it has about creating your own path and the process of awakening. It is a good sci-fi movie with a great message. If you get a chance check out the book Frequency: the power of personal vibration. It's pretty good and relates to this subject.

I am really not surprised I found this post today!

posted on Aug, 30 2012 @ 09:16 PM
i was just talking about all this & how its the basis for the book im soon to write about personal meaning & the ripple effect(if enough info is gathered), just what i needed(for inspiration, not info lol) thank u

posted on Aug, 30 2012 @ 10:30 PM
TMA, thanks for offering some clarity on the concept of "matrix" -- your tread helped get me through another gritty day in this corporeal world.

Hope the following LL Research transcript helps you with your apprenticeship as an aspiring magician, in service-to-others.

"How does working with the archetypes to become them help us in the development of the magical personality?"

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posted on Aug, 30 2012 @ 10:55 PM
oops delete this
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posted on Aug, 30 2012 @ 11:35 PM
Welcome back curious minds ~ !!!

I apologise for the long wait as I have a tax return to do (It's that part of the year again
Hahaha ~ !!! :lol I apologise in advance if that was in bad taste
). Thus.... busy busy busy ~ !!!! we shall discuss a bit on Deja Vu the +'s and the -'s in more detail as to what it truly is.

First thing first we always ponder within our minds as to what it truly is ~ ???

Sure... we can go with the whole scientific explanation:

Déjà vu has been firmly associated with temporal-lobe epilepsy. Reportedly, déjà vu can occur just prior to a temporal-lobe seizure. People suffering a seizure of this kind can experience déjà vu during the actual seizure activity or in the moments between convulsions.

Hmmm..... sounds very reasonable explanation ~ !!! Does it not ~ ???
Kinda makes you want to run to a doctors office to have tests ran that are worth $100's or $1000's to make sure you are not dying from something horrible. Ahhh.... good old science you never let us down on emptying our pockets with your fear tactics

So.... lets move onto the real Deja Vu the one where you truly experience a knowing factor of what is about to transpire during a specific time/experience/event. This is a tricky one for sure because there are 2 kinds of Deja Vu and I will begin explaining them in order.

1. The first Deja Vu is what is called the marker you can call it The Universe Giving you a hint or God poking you with a stick. Whatever, you want to call it that is up to you and it is up to you entirely to understand it. The markers show up in your life obviously marking the location you are moving in. During this experience one does not experience any event that is negative or transpires into something horrible (I will get into that during the 2nd phase of the discussion). These markers are merely there to tell you that you are on the right path and the more you walk the right path the more of them you will encounter.

However, this is where your interpretation skills must be in tune so be sure to practice ~ !!!

This is the neutral type of Deja Vu and it is there to assist you on the path you are moving down just for you

Hahaha ~ !!! and you thought there was no one out there taking care of ya

2. The second Deja Vu is the one boy and girls you must watch out for it is there for one purpose and that soul purpose is to drag you back down. Have you ever had a Deja Vu where you knew something bad was going to transpire and you knew what it was exactly ~ ??? I am sure we all did once in a while and some more often then the others ~ !!!

So.... what is this type of Deja Vu it is an altered type one that has been changed for the soul purpose to derail everything that you have been working for.

This so called glitch works quiet well with the lady in red and they go hand in had like gasoline and matches ready to cause chaos and havoc ~ !!!

Now what if you were walking down the street and suddenly had a severe case of Deja Vu, knowing that in couple seconds a car is about to crash into another car. Would you ignore it and keep walking down the same
street ~ ??? or Would you stop the car that is moving slower then the other car to avoid this event
taking place ~ ???

But... what if I told you the biggest answer is that the person would ignore the threat and continue walking. Some people are not ready to unplug and go beyond it. Yet at the same the one that did and interpreted the event from occurring thus saving both parties involved in the accident lots of money and maybe potentially a life. Now that you know this ~ !!!

Option 2 sounded like a better option did it not ~ ???

So.... the +'s are

You may save someones life, you may stop a fight, you may stop an accident, save people the financial trouble. However, most importantly you will make the choice to help another before yourself. The rewards are far greater then those of ignoring it

Sure some people might ask you if you pull them out of the way of a car or a falling brick, if you are their guardian angel Hahaha ~ !!! But.... what would you say in such a situation it is not like you could tell them the truth. Maybe they are not ready so maybe the best answer would be: I am just doing my part ~ !!!

Now for the -'s

You did not stop what could have been stopped, you did not save a person from dying in an accident which you should have, you did not prevent a giant fight which could have ended up a person in jail a father of 2 or a mother of 2.

Yes yes I know that there are some of you who then start questioning ethics. What if this event was meant to happen ~ ??? or What if you are not meant to mess with time ~ ???

I will

Now the answer might boggle some minds

What if you already did and you are merely replaying the event that already transpired ~ ???

But.... then how is this even possible to even comprehend thus I will explain the situation that it is currently happening. Some time before the event transpired your subconscious mind the real you decided to let you in on the secret. Yes.... now we are getting somewhere boys and girls we have a warning system in place. Now the thing that is more relevant is that the ones pulling the strings are not fully aware of the warning systems in place. However, even after we are given the warning we mostly forget or ignore the situation completely.

Our subconscious mind is like a child it likes to play picka boo with you and it is up to you to realise what you are shown. Dreams are not as simple as you think most are told they are mere pigments of our imagination. Yet..... they are the only time we can reflect upon ourselves, the world, the truth and understanding of life it self.

We do not remember most of our dreams for specific reasons that could be a number of many reasons.

1.You are made to forget.

2.You are not meant to remember the events/knowledge that was shared with you until a specific time/experience in your life.

3.You boys and girls got neurolized.

Most of you are probably screaming “Wait a minute what ~ ??” Oh yes ladies and gents it is real and it is there every time you wake up and get that eye burning feeling from the light in your room. This is the biggest part where your recall goes out the window and you remember mere pigments of your dream

It is like total recall all over again ~ !!!!

You see the thing is that the more you realise how much of this world is unknown to us. It is this very moment that you begin to question yourself and who you really are. We have amnesia for a reason and most of the time it is our task to remember who we really are, without the direct outside interference/involvement to remember who we really are. Those that do get direct outside interference/involvement should be thankful and feel blessed, because those that do not have a much harder road to travel then you can imagine ~ !!

We as a society led to believe that we are simple beings and that there is nothing else outside our box ~ !!

We do not question because we are judged if we question. If we do not question we are appraised for going with the system and not against it. This is how much depended we became on the system that we become enslaved by it both mentally and physically.

We are so caught up in the daily grind filled with distractions and judgement that we forget what is truly real and what is the illusion of this world. Manifestation and scientific terms of everything being energy comes to mind and it is all true. Yet..... we brush it off as lunatic theories and something only the crazies would do.

The best way to work around this inbuilt device is to cheat around it and this is where ladies and gents we learn that. In every system there are loop holes that can be used to avoid the memory wipes and open your boxed in mind to the infinite potentials that are hidden in plain sight.

So..... How can one recall more ~ ???

We can and have the potential to recall at least 50%-70% of what we are shown in our dreams, but..... you would not really call it dreams with that much recall ~ !!!
So..... How does one recall more ~???

The answer is simpler then you think and it goes like this:

Before you wake up in the morning follow simple steps to have better recall.

1.Keep a diary and a pencil near you at all times roughly at a reach of a hand.

2.Do not open your eyes as soon as the light hits your pupil your window of opportunity is gone out the window. This ladies and gents is the neurolizer I was speaking of so avoid opening your eyes.

3.Have a blind over your head something that is comfortable it helps a lot from you being neurolized and losing the recall in the morning.

4.When you do wake up you have a rough window of 5- rarely 10 minutes of opportunity to write down the information. As there are fail safes in place if you get past the memory wipe stage so.... get as much down as possible.

5.Open the journal and start writing with the pencil while with your eyes closed or the blind over your eyes. It will be messy but you will get a lot more info out of your travel then you usually could.

6. After writing everything down collect your mind do a few deep relaxing breaths in and out for maybe 5-10 minutes.

7. Go take a shower you silly person hygiene is important ~ !!!

8. Enjoy your breakfast it is an important meal for a start of the day ^_-

Remember ~ !!! Practice makes it perfect at an eventual stage some of you could have an above then average 70% recall. At certain times maybe a 90% however, you must also remember somethings will be off limit for you. Due to specific reasons in future events of your life so please do not get mad. It is for your own good they do not want to ruin your surprises and giving too much away would destroy the purpose to strive forward of gaining knowledge.

But... still even when people have recall some of us are still in denial of the possibilities because even when & if real truth and reason comes by to grasp us to shake us the hell up to wake up we push it to the side. Mostly because we are not ready to face the truth, because the walls of the system are so reinforced in a mere moment they crumble. At that moment one could lose all sanity and this is where the:

The so called elites and the ones in the knowing are in a select group of individuals, they know part of the truth only a tiny slither. They think we can not handle the truth and if we do they will no longer have control over us in this system. But.... one must seek the truth at a steady pace so that he or she does not flip the ship (aka your mind). The mind is a fragile thing and must be taken into account when one is seeking the truth about the illusion.

What makes us more then them is that we can take it 1 step further, their delusion of mass control, murders, wars, greed, hate and other things are the things that are stoping them from moving further.

This is why my fellow Earth citizens they the ones in power try to submit us to total control. For we are weak alone a tiny spark of light we can still throw a wrench in their system as one. But.... when one spark ignites the wondering of the others, that is the moment that we become something much greater together.

The simplest answer is it takes only 1 small step in the right direction. Letting go of the system is like letting go of a drug you will crave it. But.... the more you let go the clearer you will become and you will see what needs to be done. This is when one becomes closer to their true nature and everything else becomes limitless.

If someone passes on judgement or calls you delusional or hyped up on meds just smile and say my secret is:

Nothing wrong with some humour while you at it

One must return to be their original state the state like a child full of love, laughter and questioning of everything. The state before you became adapted into this cycle of constant knowledge bashing and judgement on every turn when you question it. Fear is the number 1 enemy and it is the enemy our this systems and the governments use to keep us at bay.

We will discuss it further in part 3 about the government and other things that are planned ~ !!!

For now I must apologise and run out again as I have to do this years taxes. I can not break all the rules of the system but they can be bent and cheated around through the loop holes.

So...... when someone tells you that you are nut job wacky crack head and tell you :

Know this you are the one that made a choice and have the will to change to nudge yourself into the right direction. In the end people will see the change and have the will to change this is where you will nudge them. But... be sure to do it gently too much may push them away and lock themselves out.

So..... my rant for today is over and I hope you enjoyed this post.

Please be civil and avoid poking each other with sticks.

Part 3 will be out at a later stage today if I have the energy left after doing the taxes or sometime tomorrow. I do apologise in advance for any delays on part 3 or if part 2 was a bit sloppy thus I am sorry please be understanding and thank you in advance

posted on Aug, 31 2012 @ 12:18 AM
Whenever I see a Matrix thread I usually post the etymology of the word, just for the sake of education and knowledge.

matrix (n.)
late 14c., "uterus, womb," from O.Fr. matrice "womb, uterus," from L. matrix (gen. matricis) "pregnant animal," in L.L. "womb," also "source, origin," from mater (gen. matris) "mother" (see mother (n.1)). Sense of "place or medium where something is developed" is first recorded 1550s; sense of "embedding or enclosing mass" first recorded 1640s. Logical sense of "array of possible combinations of truth-values" is attested from 1914. As a verb from 1951. source

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