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All? (As in All Religions/People)

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posted on Oct, 13 2004 @ 09:40 AM
My view of religion was swayed when I was younger, I became mindfull that all other religions saught some supreme (entity/outcome or state). I also became aware that religion could be used badly- making people do things that weren't good for others.
After reading the following: So, if you had a chance to say 'bye' to a loved one, would you be telling others? And would you be saying that we all seek the same God?
FYI: I have two brothers, one believes the other doesn't. So I know what's it like to try to explain this experience to both kinds of people.... I wrote the following for my children.:::::::

Written account of the morning on September 1st, 1979. I was 14, this is the only detailed account. 17 years later, I remember it as if it were yesterday.

The Time
Itís the last time Iíll see him alive, I fear. On a stretcher, through the back window of the ambulance, there he goes. Home alone, I sit and wonder about the future. What will I do without him. He will never see me drive a car, never share a beer, never see me graduate High School. Sorrow filling my being, my heart is heavy and cold, Iíve lost something great.

I wait and the sun comes up, itís the start of a new day, a day without hope. So I sit with my head supported by my hands with tears dripping down pass my elbows. I wait and hope for another day with my dad.

The following was not spoken with words.

Whoís there? I am.
Who? I am.
Father? Yes, I am with the One.
You are. Youíre safe. Youíre absolutely with Him.
I canít see you but you are there. I know where your spirit is, I feel you but I canít see you.

Why? I am.
I feel I am also. You are. Look about.

The picture on the wall, itís different. I can really see it now. Itís form is held together, the artistís brush strokes, I can feel him making it, I can feel the artist. The walls are held together also, wait. Itís all held together, everything my eyes see, by One.

The light is solid, itís like the source. The light through the window fills the room and itís solid. The light is solid and my hand grows when I touch it. Something special.

Who is He? Heís the one all seek.
All? All.

Your well.
I am at peace, my heart is not heavy, You are with God.

Wait!!! Youíre going, not so soon. Wait!!
I am going with God, you will follow, I want to. I love you.

My eyes fill again with tears, thanks. I will miss you while Iím here, I will go on, my life awaits. You are well, you did not disappear, you are alive. You will live, even pass the last memory on earth of you dies, you are there, you exist.

I returned and sense my body, the sense of the spiritual world has subsided. How much time passed? How long did that last? I donít know. What is next? Iím ready, now.

Children, read and trust. Life continues, enjoy life.

posted on Feb, 6 2006 @ 03:30 AM
Wow..that was just...increadable..but what exactly are you saying then? what does this all mean..what did you experience? from what you recall right as you read what i type..who was there? god?..reading this just now filled me with deep saddness..and happieness..and that is strange..i have no religion..but i do believe in god...i find that wierd..cuz i dont follow no bible at all..i just "know" god is all around everywere..please fill me in on your beliefs or what you know from what you experienced..what ever it was..~kiliker

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