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Alaska Marijuana Legalization Initiative (already legal in home) Yes or No?

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posted on Oct, 13 2004 @ 03:03 AM
Alaska has bounced in various directions concerning the state's marijuana laws, since 1975- when it became legal for adult Alaskan's to pocess small amounts in theis homes for personal use.

In 1990, voters criminalized all amounts of marijuana by ballot initiative. At this time, proponents wanted the drug to be legal for those 18 years and older. And, they also wanted the government to free some jailed inmates convicted of pocession and cultivation of the drug and to set up a commission to consider reparations for them. Voters did not approve of this, however.

Then, last year, the Alaska Court of Appeals reversed that vote, stating that privacy rights, that are guaranteed in the Alaska Constitution, cannot be removed by way of voters or legislators.

A few weeks ago the Alaska Supreme Court let that ruling stand, by way of refusing to review that case. The Court of Appeals then ruled that police cannot execute a search warrant in a person's residence, to search for small amounts, and set a limit of 4 ounces. So, at this time, a quarter pound is legal in your home. And state agencys are trying to figure out how to prove how someone has has over 1/4 of a pound in their home- if they cannot, warrants are not obtainable.

And now, we have Ballot Measure 2, Initiative To Legalize Marijuana, on Nov. 2nd. This bill will remove civil and criminal penalties under state law for persons 21 or older who grow, use, sell or give away marijuana. State or local government could not require a permit or license for personal cultivation or distribution of marijuana, but could regulate same like alcohol or tobbaco.

This is significant, if the initiative passes, which many feel it will as it does away with all reparations (1990 ballot initiative) for convicted persons. If it passes, Alaska will become the only state where it will be legal to smoke, buy and sell marijuana. Other states would surely follow.

Could Big Tobbacco be behind all this? Mmm, makes me wonder.

How would you vote on this issue? Will Alaska lead the way for other states? I am curious as to the direction this will lead,for this, and other states, if it passes. We shall see soon-

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posted on Oct, 13 2004 @ 03:07 AM
Thanks for reposting this. The initial post was sent to chit chat because it had turned into a stoner fest. Journey is looking for a serious discussion the these pending issues.


posted on Oct, 13 2004 @ 03:39 AM
I am for legalising marijuana.
Tobacco and alcohol are far more dangerous and they are perfectly legal.
Though I would put an age limit there, lets say 17 or over are allowed to buy, sell or smoke marijuana.
As a pharmacist I know of the benefits of the drug, like its use in cancer therapy. In the recent years there have been several studies on marijuana actually preventing cancer.

One more thing to consider here. If marijuana is legal, people wil go to normal places to buy it, like pharmacy. They won't go to a drug dealer, who would then try to convince them to buy more heavy stuff like crack or coc aine. That might significantly lower the use of these drugs. Teenagers who are specially drawn to these things would probably buy marijuana too, even if it is illegal for them, but they would buy it the same way they buy alcohol or cigarettes, like an older brother would go, or a friend etc, etc. The important thing is, they wouldn't go to a drug dealer for it. Money would go to honest working people, taxes would go to the state, everyone would benefit of it.

Holland legalised marijuana a few years ago, so far all is good. Now, there has been some talk of legalizing it in entire EU.

posted on Oct, 13 2004 @ 04:12 AM
If this is made legal you can be sure the federal government will stick their noses in it like they do everything else and threaten to take away highway money from the state. Of course if Alaska is smart then they would also suspend the collection of federal tax in the state.

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