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FOREIGN: Iraq's Oil Funds NOT Bush's

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posted on Oct, 12 2004 @ 03:36 PM
Iraqi funds are there's not ours. On aug 19 2003 ambassador Bremer said "as steward for the iraqis, the SPA will spend the iraqi funds to the iraqi people, they will be spent in a transparent manner in compliance with res 1483 of the UN. "

They have not complied. They took in 20.6 billion while it controlled the development fund in Iraq. The oversight board let out an audit report (done by the KPMG which also handled the oil for food scandel) criticizing the current Bush admin stating "inadaqute accounting systems, and record keeping, and controls in iraqi oil proceeds"

"the accounting system used by the admin was excel spreadsheets maintained by one individual the CPA senior advisory was unable to acknowledge cash recipets, there was no contract reviewing and no monitoring systems and completeness entered into the DFI. "67% had incomplete or missing documentations.

There was no monitoring of the Iraqi funds once they got into the US hands. they didn't keep much control over the funds they are accounted for 8.8 billion dollars. was is spent properly or even spent at all???

Where did the money go? Not one hearing has been held about this topic.
How can we expect the rest of the world to follow our lead when we're being hypocrits??

This is currently deteriorating our alliances and brewing hatred towards US in the middle east. we need to proceed in a fair and transparent way. But the bush admin is doing the exact opposite currently.

Now a full congressional hearing may proceed, but the bush admin is blocking efforts... they are witholding documents from international auditors. Also because congress is mostly republican they are also trying to block an investigaton.

what happened to the oil money when we took it over. was their fraud, a lack of transparency, and corruption? The bush admin is refusing to offer feedback and help us understand if their is legitamacy or not.
people want to know did hallibuton get special deals? why did they get no bid contacts??

a hard look needs to be taken at the bush administration and not too many republicans in congress want to take that hard look.

Politicians are like diapers, they need to be changed OFTEN and for the same reason.

This leaves me to believe the the current administration is doing the exact same thing Hussein did with the oil money... Used it for personal spending.
Hussein didn't want to be held accountable for the spending of Iraq's oil money and now the current admin is doing the exact same thing they condemned him for.

ps: This
should educate you about resolutions passed due to the oil for food scandel and why the US is getting special treatment in this day's war. something fishy is going on... And they don't want us to know about it.

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