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Cursed Objects

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posted on Oct, 12 2004 @ 12:11 PM
Here's a creepy story about a supposedly cursed object. Two of them, actually.

My best friend in college was crazy in love with this guy & he gave her two claddagh rings, one silver, one gold. Their relationship was very tempestuous, and to say that she was completely obsessed with him at the time would not be an exaggeration. To complicate matters, she was a witch.

Their relationship was on the skids and one day she gave me the rings for "safekeeping." She told me that just looking at the rings gave her a terrible emotional surge, & that she felt they had "bad energy" on them. (Which, in retrospect, makes me wonder why then she offered them to me, and why I was naive enough to take them. Duh.)

A few months later, me and my friend stopped speaking to each other after some rather arcane business & fuss between the two of us. And so I kept the rings.

I kept putting them in envelopes & boxes to mail off to her, but I never did mail them; I always thought, what if seeing the rings triggered off some horibble shock or emotional response from her? But on the other hand, I felt uncomfortable keeping them. They made me nervous. I tried putting them in sachets filled with "calming" herbs, I tried all sorts of "anti-hex/exorcism" things on them. Then I thought, well this is just silly, I'll just keep them in the bottom of my jewelry box & think no more of it.

I moved into the family house for a while, & my sister lived upstairs. She knew of my former friend as "that witch." One winter day I told her the story of the rings.

My sister looked at me in horror: "you mean, they're in THIS house?!" She insisted we had to get rid of them--that night! Now, my sister is quite logical & not prone to superstition (unlike her sister). She also would never "throw away" something she could sell on ebay, like two pieces of silver & gold jewelry--this girl had sold the doorknobs off several closets in the house because they were antiques. But she made me put on my coat and hat & gloves & boots & tramp out into the thick snow with her at 11:00 at night to get rid of the rings.

We walked many blocks until we got to a street "island" in the middle of a "crossroads". It had two large concrete "pots" for flowers. The pots were completely covered over with snow, and we tucked the rings in the right one & went home.

But that was not all. Then my sister insisted I cut out my former friend's picture out of all my photographs throw them away, because she said "that girl is evil!" She insisted I cut them out that night. So I did, tossed them in her wastebasket, & went back to my apartment.

The next morning, my sister said she had a horrible nightmare that the girl was strangling her, and that when she awoke she choked & still felt like someone had physically squeezed her neck. She promptly threw out the trash with the cut photographs in it.

A week later, a car smashed into the right pot on the island, the pot with the rings in it, smashing it to bits.

Me and my sister never found out the details of that accident. But a month or so later a big memorial was put up on the island, replacing the tiny war memorial that was there before. There were many flowers and white candles. And a huge white Virgin Mary was placed on the spot where that pot once stood. I took several pictures of it, because the whole thing excessively creeped me out & I couldn't quite believe it. And I feel guilty that a car accident might have been the result of dumping those evil rings (this is where you hardline ATS skeptics could help me out--saying, it was just a coincidence and so on, now's your chance).

Were these rings indeed cursed? If somebody somehow found those rings & pocketed them, would they be cursed as well, and would the misfortune & curse continue as it went from hand-to-hand? And what is the best way to rid oneself of "cursed" items? Trash compactor? A toss in the sea? Ebay?

posted on Oct, 12 2004 @ 12:20 PM
Objects, especially jewels and metals...absorb the energy of their to cursed, I dunno so much about that, but I do know that all objects worn on the body or around you all the time needs to be cleansed monthly to release any absorbed negativity....and always done before wearing anything from someone else whether given to you or bought.....

posted on Oct, 12 2004 @ 01:45 PM
Often we feel the need to blame other "things" or persons for our own misfortunes... This appears to be the case here...and looks to be merely coincidence...

True "cursed" items are rare in the extreme, but do (at least to a parapsychologist) exist. Usually, such items were possessed by an intensely evil person, with a dark, corrupted soul. Such an item is usually one that was intrinsic to the person's misdeeds (hence why many such items are weapons), or always kept on the person's body (such as jewelry) and hence it "absorbed" some of that evil, as Lady V states above.

I doubt your rings fell into this category, as they'd likely have a VERY colorful history. There are some simple rituals to guard against such items' effects, but the key is in your BELIEF of the ritual to do the job. This level of belief is usually reserved for practicioners of such arts, so unless one yourself, you may want to seek out such a person to perform this service, if you still feel an item is cursed.


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