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TA-ANALYSIS: Sinai Attack: Al-Qaida, Palestinians, or Both

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posted on Oct, 12 2004 @ 10:50 AM
Israel and Egypt are jointly investigating the bombings in the Sinai that took the lives of over 30 people, to try and determine who is responsible for the attacks. Booby trapped vehicles appear to be the source of the bombs, but oddly the bodies of suicide bombers have not been discovered in the vehicles. They are investigating a wide range of possibilities.
One of the targeted sites, Nuweiba on the Red Sea, was discovered Monday, October 11, not to have been struck by suicide bombers but by two booby-trapped cars detonated by remote control. This was confirmed by the two suspicious figures seen making off in the dark by a local guard and a baker who are now helping the Egyptian police put together identikits.

Indeed, the Egyptians are puzzled by the discovery that none of the exploding cars bears the presence of a suicide bomber. They have therefore begun testing the theory that the Ras al-Satan and Nuweiba attacks were carried out by 6 to 8 terrorists who were not suicide killers.

Even the Isuzu jeep which blew up a wing of the Taba Hilton lobby bore neither hide nor hair - or even a bloodspot - indicating the presence of the one or more suicide bombers believed to have driven it, even after the vehicle was stripped down screw by screw for minute examination. The Egyptians believe the car contained 600 kilos of explosives, enough to vaporize their bodies. The owners of all the quarries of Sinai have been called in for questioning. But the Bedouin tribesmen interrogated in the immediate aftermath of the attacks have not provided any useful leads.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

The Israelis rushed to judgement the day after the bombing and blamed Al-Qaida for the attack. After having some time to cool off, investigators are looking at all possibilities from domestic Egyptian radicals, to Hamas, to Abu Musab Al Zarqawi.

I have no doubt that no matter how you slice it, it will come down to Islamic fundamentalists.

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