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Do not move to Literature. This should be sticky. Everyone that knows how to cook. Moral story.

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posted on Aug, 16 2012 @ 07:24 PM
I would like to share a nice story to everyone who knows how to cook.
The reason is this happens in real life a lot. Getting complaints by someone who knows food better than you(mainly by Chef's).

Title: Mother Always Cook

Description: This is a Moral Story about a the chef(Dad) and his wife(Mom).

Everyday, when the chef goes to work.The wife have to cook for the kids at home. The chef always cooks dinner. The chef told his wife he'll be coming back home late because he plan on working for longer hours to support the family.

This is the first time the wife have ever cooked dinner at home. Dad(The Chef) was telling her to hurry up the cooking. So she rush a little too fast, and the food came out raw. Dad said, "The food is raw!" He yells "Get back to the Kitchen and finish cooking it."

Next day, the wife cooks again. Dad tasted the food. He said, "This food isn't salty enough!" He yells "Get back to the Kitchen and put more salt." So she adds more salt to the food. Now he says, "This is too salty!" "Can you do anything right?" The wife said, "Will then add your own salt!"

The third day she finish cooking. Dad goes into the kitchen to add more salt. He tasted the food and said "This is just right." When the kids eat the food. They said, "The food is too salty mom." The wife said, "I didn't add any salt." So she yell at Dad, "Why did you put salt in my cooking?" If you don't like my cooking then you should just go out and eat by yourself!"

The fourth day, the chef tells his wife that he will be going out for dinner to test out this new restaurant that opened. He ate that restaurant and come back home. He tells his wife that their cooking taste better than her cooking.

On the fifth day, the chef called in sick and got a serious food poisoning. He was puking and going to the washroom so many times. He then started puking blood. He called ambulance just to go to the hospital and went into a coma. He said to his wife, "I regret going to that restaurant over your cooking." "I will add salt on my own food from now on."

On the eighth day, the wife brought food made from home. The Chef said, "Why honey your cooking taste better than before." The wife says,"I know how much salt you eat now."

The End

posted on Aug, 17 2012 @ 12:25 AM
The moral I took out of it was that the more two people share about what they like in the kitchen, the more they get to know each other on yet another level.

posted on Aug, 19 2012 @ 05:40 PM
The other part is, "Always trust the cooking from people you know no matter how tasteless it is." Everyone's taste buds is different. So, don't expect adding 6 tea spoon of salt or sugar will make it taste good for others.

There is a saying, "The more you use the more you need."
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