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Iran and the nuclear ore global market

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posted on Aug, 16 2012 @ 02:49 AM
This is my conspiracy regarding the Iran troubles actually being market warfare by the big shots in ore enrichment for power plants. I've just been researching things and it led me to this.

Well everyone knows those in control (oligarchy) love to have monopolies on markets, political power, media/influence...

So here is an over view of the little known nuclear ore market.

Not every country that uses nuclear power plants can produce their own fuel. This makes this just another fuel market if you break it down. Now the US and Russia have stock piles of highly enriched fuels from the cold war.And it seams to me that the US has just sat back while Russia down blended it's fuel and sold it slowly over the years. It is all about them working together by not putting to much into the market at once which would make the price go down. And I think that is why the US has been holding onto it's fuel and waiting for their turn to sell when Russia runs out in 10 years.(the link leaves this part out)

"Russia treats its nuclear industry as a national resource and it is aware that the uranium cupboard—at least as it pertains to HEU and other legacy stocks—will be bare in ten to fifteen years. As a matter of prudence, economics, and national security, it is making plans for the future (link)."
"The future includes an expected spike in uranium ore prices from $55 to $70-$80 a pound as the price of commercially-mined ore is no longer depressed by a steady stream of government-owned HEU downblends into the marketplace."
"It also includes a spike in demand, even though much of Europe and Japan have bailed out on nuclear power (even in nuke-friendly France, denuclearization has muscled its way onto the political agenda). This spike assumes that South Korea, India, and China among others decide that a $64 billion nightmare like the Fukushima cleanup will never happen to them, and they continue with their programs to build nuclear power plants…with the encouragement of the senior nuclear states."

So big changes and opportunities are coming in the nuclear ore markets.

Now a little history on Iran's nuclear power program and who they bought fuel from.

1970s The Shah approved plans to construct, with U.S. help, up to 23 nuclear power stations by 2000

Post-revolution, 1979–1989 Following the 1979 Revolution, most of the international nuclear cooperation with Iran was cut off.The United States cut off the supply of highly enriched uranium (HEU) fuel for the Tehran Nuclear Research Center, which forced the reactor to shut down for a number of years, until Argentina's National Atomic Energy Commission in 1987–88 signed an agreement with Iran to help in converting the reactor from highly enriched uranium fuel to 19.75% low-enriched uranium, and to supply the low-enriched uranium to Iran.[60] The uranium was delivered in 1993.[61] However, the U.S. government "directly intervened" to discourage IAEA assistance in Iranian production

In April 1984, West German intelligence reported that Iran might have a nuclear bomb within two years with uranium from Pakistan.]

And from then on all players in the market black listed Iran from buying nuclear fuel in many different ways.

So now Iran comes out with a large amount of their own top notch centrifuges. Iran says screw it, we will enrich our own fuel, and on top of that we will enter the nuclear fuel market in a huge way.]

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