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Being Mooned in Public: A Comical Rant

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posted on Aug, 14 2012 @ 09:28 PM
Young people can sometimes be a real pain in the ...butt sometimes.

Try to imagine this picture: I am walking along a public road somewhere North of Detroit (a friend invited me to watch his place for the week). This road in particular goes by several apartment complexes and trailerparks. On my way back, 3 young teens come out from a side road in front of me.

Most of you might not be aware, but it's a common trend around Detroit to wear your pants & shorts so low that you might as well not be wearing them at all, and just strut around with your boxers (I don't care about you doing it in your house, but if I see it there's problems). Anyway, if you've heard the song called "Pants on the Ground", that should give you an idea on the lowriders that these 3 kids were wearing.

Anyway, I knew something was up when all three started looking back at me. One by one, the full moons started rising over the horizon (yes, they were actually stupid enough to drop their boxers & stop while "mooning" me). At first, I was hissing mad, so I decided to turn the tables a little (brace yourselves).

First what I would do is every time they took a look back, I made sure I took an extra large step forward, so it would appear that I was running after them. At first, they all would run a short distance, then start mooning me again because they saw I was still far away (I repeated the process everytime they did this). Finally, all 3 started laughing and giving each other high-fives, as if to say they won.

As if to "celebrate" their victory one last time, all three dropped their drawers and stayed put. Because they all thought I was only "bluffing" that I would run after them, they didn't bother to run when I actually did. I ran at less than half my regular running speed, and was about 4 feet behind them when they finally caught on that they were being chased.

What happened next could have been in a circus: All three start running (with pants & boxers down), two fall down & land on their butts in the mud, and the third trips over his saggy pants, while falling flat on his face. I actually stopped running a bit to let them all nurse their bruised egos (and let them think I was still chasing them).

After they were out of sight, I was laughing, because instead of chasing them down, taking them to their parents or the police, it was more fitting that they would suffer a bruised ego and a behind in the mud (NOTE: If a female were present when this happened, I would have continued to chase them down, but because I'm a guy I don't take offense to that junk).

End rant - I apologize if this rant did not make you laugh, as it would have been more funny were a video captured of the event (sorry, all you "pictures or it didn't happen" folks will be disappointed).

Anyone else ever experience people doing stupid things in public?

posted on Aug, 14 2012 @ 09:35 PM
Not much to say other than Well played Sir, Well played!!!!
Star for a top effort, pity the weren't others around to witness the humility.....

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posted on Aug, 14 2012 @ 09:58 PM
I'll apply your expert strategy next time I'm faced with this situation.
Star for standing up to the hooligans and putting them flat-faced in the mud!

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posted on Aug, 14 2012 @ 10:22 PM
See this is what kids need.

Not for a bunch of adults to talk about how they hate them on the internet...

They need adults to show them - in a way they can understand - that they're acting like jackasses.

posted on Aug, 15 2012 @ 09:35 PM
No need for stars or flags lol But Thank You!- My best reward was learning something: You can either be violent and angry when something like that happens, or you can find a way to make it humorous.

Oh, and I did forget to add that this occurred behind a police station, of which it probably was caught on camera. I doubt I'll ever see the recording.

And as for these kids, hopefully they learned a lesson as well - They should be grateful that it wasn't someone else out here (This neighborhood isn't rough, but it does have plenty of people that should be avoided). All it takes is to do this to someone with a little less patience, and those 3 would be coming home with something broken or worse.

Oh, and I gave everyone a star for putting up with my long post (I know that there are ones longer out there, but I consider the original post to be a long read)
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