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Israeli ex-soldier cleared of Gaza manslaughter charge

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posted on Aug, 13 2012 @ 10:25 PM
This murdering bastard will probably get a medal for killing two women under a white flag.

Israeli prosecutors have dropped a manslaughter charge against a former soldier in connection with the deaths of a Palestinian woman and her daughter during the offensive on Gaza in 2009.

But the sergeant was jailed for 45 days after being convicted of unlawful use of a firearm in a separate incident as part of a plea deal, his lawyer said.

He was the only soldier to be charged with manslaughter after the offensive.

The women were reportedly shot as they fled their home carrying a white flag.

Operation Cast Lead was launched in response to repeated rocket attacks on Israeli territory. Some 1,400 Palestinians were killed during the three-week conflict, including hundreds of civilians, as well as 13 Israelis.


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