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An Attempt at Prophetic Poetry related to 2012

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posted on Aug, 13 2012 @ 09:41 PM
I write this impulsively.

It is 10:00 ET, I have no rhymes prepared, and I ask the force of God to show itself in my words...

Elusive is the future and abusive is the suture
that heals a wound against it's will.
Money tells of funny smells
And the universe is spinning still.

The deduction of destruction is a function of production.
Space is a vacuum, do you feel the suction?
A cosmic pull at the human soul,
Prediction over fiction, that should be the goal.

Expect a reflection, detect a connection,
deflect the deception, intellect protection.
Genetically my memory will center me, a tendency
developing a trend to see everything that's sent to me.

Polarity, you marry me. Variety inside of me.
Society will try to be a guide to higher piety.
Society will try to be a guide to higher piety.
Society will try to be a guide to higher piety.

Advice is taken while Earth is shaken.
Fake is the fate of the flavor in a steak.
Advice is taken while Earth is shaken.
Lately mates await the savior of the break.

Differences in expectation leading to altered creation.
Blended by a friend whose only goal is domination.
Dominoes will fall in line, an endless chain of large design
In charge of mine is Sargent Fine who loves to eat and starts to dine.

The time is critical, that's well agreed.
The crime political, but just a seed.
Result relies on mass decision.
Return supplies or class collision.

Class division, class division.
Is there hope for pacifision?
Every thought is integral.
Rampant rants of cynical
Manifest to physical.
Only change is typical,
Only change is typical.

Feel surprise when leaders rise?
Momma laughs as baby cries.
Tears of fear disappear, dries.
Sight is found not just in eyes.

Hard to avoid my personal bias that this fall will be a time of general growth for mankind. I'm no more a prophet than anyone else. Whenever I attempt to write in the style of revelation, mostly positive stuff seems to come out.

Feedback and interpretations appreciated.


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